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Welcome! Taking BC pills will not “jumpstart” anything, so I think you are right to be a little skeptical. If you have an underlying hormonal disorder that is causing your irregular cycles, BC will only mask the problem, not fix it. I have a history of very irregular cycles and was diagnosed with PCOS. It was a suprise, as I’m underweight and don’t have the hair and skin problems that are common to PCOS. I was diagnosed based on my lack of regular cycles and an ultrasound which showed polycystic ovaries. My doctor did a full hormonal workup, including estrogen, progesteronie, testosterone, FSH, AMH, and LH. Elevated androgens and a skewed FSH/LH ratio might point to PCOS. At the very least, you’ll get a fuller picture with additional hormone testing. 

Unfortunately there’s no real cure for PCOS but there are methods of inducing ovulation for TTC. There are also certain lifestyle factors that can help. Given that it’s been over a year, you may want to consider getting a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist. They are more specialized in hormonal issues than PCPs and ob/gyns. When you’re off of birth control, I recommend you start tracking your basal body temperature. This will tell you if you’re ovulating or not. You’ll also be able to pinpoint the length of your follicular and luteal phase cycle. 

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That’s really strange – BC does nothing but suppress your cycle by basically putting your hormones “to sleep.”  I’d definitely try to let your body do its thing naturally as quickly as possible so you can even out.  Good luck!

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I would read Taking Charge of Your Fertility to help understand your cycles. Information is power! That information can also help your doctor 

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@charlied20:  your doctor is misinformed.  The bcp was the problem first…. true amenorrhea is extremely rare (and it would have likely started with lack of cycling before even starting on the pill).  You need to stop the bcp and give your body a rest.  No hormones, let you body restart on its own.  Some people take 6-12 months to cycle normally after stopping the bcp. It sounded like it was getting there before the doctor got involved…

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I was having irregular and very long cycles after coming off The Nuvaring. And after 5 months of TTC, my doctor prescribed the same, 3 months of birth control pills to help “regulate.” I was skeptical, but took them anyways. I got pregnant the first month after stopping the pill, not even a period in between. So even though it doesn’t sound right, I think doctors know what’s best, most of the time. 

ETA: it worked for me, but everyone is different, you have gotten great advice by PP, tracking your cycles and taking your bbt is a great way to know if you are ovulating and when. 

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@charlied20:  All BC will do is delay your TTC journey. It can’t jumpstart your cycles or fix irregular cycles. It’s a temporary mask. Definitely don’t continue on it if you’re ready to TTC. 

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I think you are right to be questioning your doctor’s advice. It might be a good idea to just let your body do its thing naturally. When I came off the pill I ended it in January and after the first withdrawal bleed I didn’t have a period again until 10 months later in October. Then it was irregular for another couple months before settling in like clockwork. I never had any difficulty conceiving once my period returned. I think some people are just very sensitive to the hormones. Now that I think of it my period didn’t come back until 15 months postpartum after each of my kids (EBFing) so maybe it’s a similar response to the hormones. Definitely get a second opinion from another doctor because I suspect the birth control is setting you back instead of jumpstarting anything.

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