(Closed) 1st time bride going to try on gowns, what to expect?

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Blushing bee
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it depends on the place but I remember about 1-2 hours per apointment. It is a good idea to wear shoes in the height you would be wearing on your wedding. Some places can be pushy about not buying the same day but just ignore them and buy when your ready. Its all going to depend on the store but just relax and have fun 🙂

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Busy bee
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Relax, have fun.. wear a strapless… take pics if u can to remember the dress… to look back on if u dont choose a dress that do… then u might see more what u dont and dont like about cert dresses

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Helper bee
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I wore my spanx and a nude bra (didn’t bother with strapless bra).  Yes, the consultant should stay with you the whole time, ask about your wedding date/location/time of day, and she’ll ask if you have pictures of dresses you like.  Have one or two things you KNOW you want, but let her pull a few things that you may not have thought of/considered.  After I hated the dress I thought I wanted, I let my consultant basically pull whatever she wanted.  I loved the 1st dress she showed me, and bought the 2nd dress she showed me.  Took 40 minutes from start to finish.  They will usually book you for 90 minutes.  And don’t forget, a LOT of dresses can be altered to add straps/remove straps, or add a sweetheart.  It’s the shape you’re really looking for.  How does your body look in it?  Don’t get hung up on details that can be easily changed.  Good luck, I had so much fun, I almost wish I didn’t decide so quickly!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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expect to be surprised at what you like!

I would plan to be there about 1.5-2 hours and yes, the consultant will be with you the entire time. I found I didn’t really need to have a specific bra. Most salons put me in a longline first thing.

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Sugar bee
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Will it be for an hour, two hours, four hours, or what?

1 hour is typical, they usually book appts in 1 hr slots, so if you plan for longer you’ll want to let them know. 

Will it be like on ‘say yes to the dress’ where the consultant follows me around and is constantly talking with me and my party?

Maybe– this depends on the shop and how attentive they are and how busy the day is.  When I looked for mine the first 1/2 the woman tried to follow me around and I had to tell her to give me some room (I wasn’t a “typical” bride) and for the 2nd 1/2 she had a double book, so she was between me and another bride which honestly was more comfortable for me. 

Will they act rude if i do not intend to make my purchase that day?

If they do you should walk out immediately and blast them on Yelp and any other source you can find.  It is common for brides to want multiple trips, you’re spending a lot of money and they should be patient and helpful the ENTIRE time; if they’re not, they don’t deserve your business. 

Do i just wear bra and panties under the dresses?

It depends on the dress, but yes, usually– if it’s a strapless or if the cups are built in, then you’ll skip the bra, but this is just like trying on regular clothes. 

A few more bits of advice:

1. Keep in mind that YTTD is a very high end salon, more than likely your consultant will be working a lot harder and not have nearly as much time to dedicate to you if she has another bride at the same time; so be polite and be nice– not to say they have a right to be rude or impatient, but just remember they deal with bridezillas all day long, and people are always more accomodating when you are nice first. 

2. Even if you know the style you’re looking for, try on a few different style dresses– by mixing things up a bit (i.e. if you think you want a lace dress start there, then try on a ball gown, then a sheath, then an A-frame, then another lace one) This will help you keep them seperate in your head, otherwise they’ll all start to look the same. And you might just find yourself liking something you hadn’t considered before.

3. Bring a small peanut gallery. Smile You don’t want too many cooks as they say. 

4. Remember to enjoy yourself! This is supposed to be fun, don’t get stressed if you’re not liking what you see, you’ve got plenty of time to find the perfect dress!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: July 2012 - The Gables Inn, Santa Rosa, CA

@rurahrah:  Good point! Alterations are easy, and many shops include some if not all of them in the cost of the dress. 

Just to give you an idea– this is the progression of my dress:

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Sugar Beekeeper
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will it be for an hour, two hours, four hours, or what? An hour to two hours is the norm, I think. I don’t remember exactly how long mine was, but I think 1.5 hours.

will it be like on ‘say yes to the dress’ where the consultant follows me around and is constantly talking with me and my party? (trust me i intend to only take a couple of ppl with me and im not doing a bridal party at all) I’m not sure what you mean by “follows [you] around,” but yeah, they should be with you. We sat down and I introduced who I had with me, and he asked about where the wedding was going to be and what kind of theme I was going for. Also asked about the kinds of dresses I liked and what I didn’t like. My shop, however, doesn’t pick out the dresses for you–you go through their racks and mark the dresses you want to try on with a ribbon, and they put them in your room.

will they act rude if i do not intend to make my purchase that day? It depends on the shop, honestly.

do i just wear bra and panties under the dresses? My shop gives you a longline bra and slip to wear under the dresses, so I’d wear someting close to your skin tone as far as underwear goes.

what advice do you ladies have and what should i look to have happen? Relax and have fun! Remember that dresses may or may not look good on you, and that that might look different on the hanger. Try to have an open mind as far as silhouettes go, as well.

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Helper bee
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My best advice for you is to take pictures of every dress you try on even if you think it is just eh okay.  

I made two appointments in one day and we went out to lunch in between them.  I liked this because it really gave me a chance to compare the places and dresses they had. Don’t let your experience with the bridal salon make you over look a dress!

I brought best friend, Future Mother-In-Law and Future Sister-In-Law so it was a small group and I wore a stapless bra and full coverage underwear.  The consultant is in the dressing room with you helping you get inside these layered dresses. It is the one time to break out your granny panties since you dont want her to see everything!

The first place I went to was awful, they were over booked and the sales rep made me feel fat so all the dresses I tried on made me feel horrible.  thankfully my Future Mother-In-Law took pictures of me in every dress. Dont let this discourage you! 

Second place I went to, I loved.  They made me feel so amazing and made it FUN which it should be! Its a big big purchase buying a wedding dress! I really liked this one dress and thought I was sold on it. Until…

That night my Future Mother-In-Law sent me all the pictures from the day…I saw myself in a Paloma Blanca dress I tried on the first store (that i totally overlooked since I was miserable) and was in shock!  I went right back to that amazing salon, they had the same dress there…I tried it on and was sold :). 

Be open minded to any shape/size and fabric….I wanted something with lace and some bling and ended up with a dupioni silk very simple ballgown lol!

Have fun 🙂




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Sugar bee
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My advice is try on something you think you don’t want (example lace, mermaid, ballgown, sash or whatever).  You’ll be surprised that you think its something you don’t want to wear on your wedding and end up loving it.  I said over and over I didn’t want mermaid or fit and flare and I didn’t want lace.  The dress I ended up LOVING (I dream about it at night) is a lace mermaid.

Know when to to stop trying on dresses.  Sometimes shops just want to sell you a dress and will keep you in the store for hours.  Eventually you don’t remember which dresses you liked or hated and your overwhelmed (my first shopping experience I think I tried on 30 dresses at this store because the girl wanted to keep me there hoping I’d buy).

Also if you find the dress, STOP looking at dresses.  I bought a dress I loved.  And one night got bored, started looking at lace dresses (something I said I didn’t want, the dress I bought is taffeta) and fell in love with a lace dress by the same designer.  If you find a dress that’s “The One” don’t torture yourself by allowing yourself to second guess.

Don’t allow bridal party/ people at your dress shopping talk you out of a dress you love.  It’s your day, you must wear it, buy what you love.  And just the same don’t allow them to talk you into buying a dress you don’t love.

Last have fun!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Yes you’ll pretty much be in your underwear in between gowns. Every consultant I had was very professional about it though. The only thing I found sort of annoying is some of the places I went, they were basically set up to have your whole party in the dressing room with you. I went with my mom so it wasn’t a huge deal, but if you were shy or had other people with you it might be a bit awkward.

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Honey bee
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Also, I did not know this going in, but street size does not equal dress size. Dress sizes are about 2 sizes numerically more than your street size. Don’t be alarmed by that. 

If you are more than a street size 12, it may be difficult for you to find gowns that fit well. Don’t be discouraged. 

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