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I got my dress at David’s Bridal as well and am a few sizes bigger than you (22) and they had plenty to choose from. I went with my stepmother while I was visiting my dad last year and hadn’t planned on getting a dress either since it was my first time. I didn’t have any idea what I was looking for and I sat with a consultant for a bit and went over some dresses in the magazines they had, I think it helped that my consultant was thicker as well. She pulled three dresses. Two that were within the style I had described to her and one that she just thought I would like. The two within my style range were mediocre but nothing to brag home about. But her selection for me brought me to tears. I didn’t want to take it off! She nailed it on the head without even knowing what I wanted! Maybe I just got lucky with a consultant but if they are all like that you won’t have ANY problem finding a dress there! Just have fun with it and don’t be discouraged by the size they pick out! I made it a priority to not look at the size at all because that shouldn’t sway your decision. And remember to be open to all different looks, because you may be surprised! Good luck!

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Get fitted for a long-line backless or low-back bra. If you’ve not had a professional bra fitting in a while, you may be wearing the wrong size, and a dress will hang so much better if you’ve got a proper bra under it.

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I would trust the attendant to pick out something SHE thinks will look good on you for your first dress. If you’re sensitive about your body, then you don’t want the first dress you try on to be on that looks awful. The attendant has dressed so many brides and so many body types she’ll probably have a good idea of what will and won’t look good on you. Once you gain some confidence, then you could start taking the reigns. My advice, at least. Good luck and have fun! Also, I’ve learned from experience that it doesnt help if you don’t do your hair or put on makeup, bc then you won’t feel like anything looks good! 😉

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I absolutely concur with Jilliebean.  Last week my mom was in town (she visits me once a year, lives on the other side of the country) and we went with my Maid/Matron of Honor to try on dresses.  I had very definite ideas and took pictures.  

The dresses I liked most looked nothing like what I envisioned.  the dress I bought was selected by my consulatant and is simply stunning on me.

These would be my tips:

– keep an open mind and be flexible.  An experienced consultant will know what looks good on your body shape, and will have a good idea based on your answers to the questions they ask on what will work for you

– don’t bring an entourage or people who will be critical of you. My mom and Maid/Matron of Honor gave me feedback, but neither would tell me which dress was their favourite because they didn’t want to influnece my decision (because…)

– screw what other people think–your wedding is YOUR day and you should buy a dress that YOU love and YOU feel good in. Regardless of what dress you wear, your guests will see a radiant bride and be happy to celebrate with you. No one is going to leave your wedding thinking “God, why didn’t she buy the other dress?”

– Most dresses can be adjusted in different ways (i.e. straps or sleeves added, decorative fourishes removed, etc) so don’t completely discount a dress because you don’t like some part of it that could be changed

– DO NOT TRY ON A DRESS THAT’S NOT IN YOUR BUDGET. I had the luxury of not having a budget for my wedding dress, but if I was the one paying for it, my dress would have been beyond it, and I would have likely been disappointed with whatever I bought because it wasn’t the one I preferred.

– You don’t have to decide that day.  Take some pictures. Think it over. Don’t let anyone pressure you into buying RIGHT NOW. (The exception would be if you’re buying off the rack and that dress might be gone tomorrow).

– Be courteous to the consultant. Don’t go in there with an attitude.  They deal with hundreds of brides who all think the world revolves around them. Set yourself apart by being humble, appreciative and respectful.  (When I went back to the shop 4 days after I tried on my dresses to tell them I’d decided, I took my consultant a thank you gift. She gave me a big hug and thank you, and I have little doubt that going forward she’ll return my calls and I’ll get great service from her. Probably the best $20 i’ll spend in my wedding planning. Oh, and she knocked $100 off my final price)

– Once you find it, STOP LOOKING. You’re only setting yourself up to second guess yourself and disappointment. Why do that to yourself?

– Don’t go on a weekend. I won’t grocery shop on a Saturday because it’s so crowed with other people, so why would I shop for the most important dress I’ll ever wear on a Saturday? I went on a monday afternoon and we were the only people there and the service was excellent.  Expect the bridal salon to be far busier on a Saturday, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait, or if the staff are busier. (My salon doesn’t take appointments. If your salon makes appointments, this may not apply).

– Just because you don’t break out bawling does not mean it’s not THE dress for you.

– Make sure your underwear is on right-side out.Laughing (Yes, I accidentally put my underwear on inside out the day I went dress shopping. LOL)


Take this all with a grain of salt. I’m no “expert”–this is my first go at this.

Good luck and I hope your dress shopping experience is wonderful. 🙂



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If you’re modest, get over it. The idea of having someone help me dress bugged me, but those dresses are almost impossible alone.


Ditto on being open minded. The ones I thought I liked weren’t right for me.


Listen to the consultant, she’s been doing this enough to know what should look good.


Have fun! I’m quite a bit bigger than you and went with the expectation that nothing would fit, so having them actually fit made it enjoyable.

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My DB consultant was very good at preserving my modesty.

DB will put you in a longline bra from the store (I brought one but they insisted on theirs on my first trip – they want to sell it to you along with the dress).  They also put me in a full-length slip with crinoline at the bottom, to make the dresses fuller, and to protect modesty since with the longline bra and the long slip I’d be pretty much fully clothed between trying on dresses.  I also wore spanx to help smooth things and also to feel more “dressed” when trying on things with another person in the room.

Try on stuff you wouldn’t think of.  The dress I liked the best was one that I’d never have tried except my mother liked a certain dress (that was on a mannequin and didn’t come in my size) and the consultant found a similar style in my size.  I loved it, and it may be my dress.

Take photos.  I can’t believe how many dresses I liked and then later looked at photos and was like, “what was I thinking???” 

Similarly, I would never buy at the first visit, even if you love the dress.  I liked several of the dresses but after looking at photos and after coming back in and trying on, I was surprised by how different I felt about some of the dresses.

They like to try you in veils right away if you act like you like a dress.  I think it’s because they think if you like a dress that you’ll buy it once you get that wedding feeling with a veil.  If you don’t want to try on veils just say no. 

Have fun!  I hope you get a great consultant and the store isn’t super busy.  I’ve had great experiences at DB, but my consultant was nice and I always went when the store was slow.  I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews though.

One more thing – be sure you tell them not to give your info out – they do it by default, and I think sometimes unethically even if you say not to.  I’ve had tons of vendors call me at home after my DB shopping.  I think it might even be a good idea to give them a fake name and phone until or unless you get to the point of wanting to buy.  That’s my one sour point of the DB experience.





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I like them both on you.  I tried on your dress #2 myself and thought I liked it and then when I tried it on later I didn’t like it so much.  For me the halter top emphasized my size more than I liked.  It looks better on you than me, though.

I do like the sweetheart neckline on you a bit better than the halter.

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Both look great on you, I’m leaning towards the first one though!! However, I think for a beach wedding the second one is more functional. Decisions!

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Sugar bee
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LOVE the strapless!!

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I love the first one on you, but I do think the second is more “beachy”.  Would it be possible to do the second one with a sweetheart neckline?  they are both beautiful either way!

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YES! I love the newest one. As I scrolled down I saw the DB one and thought, I like it, but it could get better… This latest one is great and flatters you well!

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