(Closed) 1st ultrasound today! I'm a little freaked out…

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Christy42213:  It’s a really awesome feeling- even more so after the baby is born. You can’t imagine that the baby was ever inside of you.

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I’m less than 2 weeks away from giving birth and it STILL freaks me out. Like a scene from a. Sci if movie. There is a thing inside me growing. Until about 5-6 months in, we called the baby “the alien”. 

We we planned this baby, I love this baby more than anything and can’t wait to meet him/her. But when you think about it, it’s rwally really weird!!!

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Christy42213:  Seeing baby move around inside wasn’t freaky to me. It got freaky when I felt that first baby kick.  OMG HUMAN. IN MY ABDOMEN.  


Congrats on what sounds like a wonderful ultrasound and a healthy, squirmy baby! 🙂

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Christy42213:  I had my 12 week scan last week and it was amazing! He was moving around so much as well, although I get what you mean, he was just so active and seemed like a little person, it freaked me out a bit- it’s a weird feeling having this little person inside you and knowing you have to wait 6 months to meet him

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Never been pregnant but just had to say this post and comments made me smile!  I’ve never really thought of it before, but it is pretty weird!  Lol. Best of luck with the cute lil “alien” inside you. 

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Christy42213:  I totally get where you are coming from! I had my first scan (at 12+4 weeks) on Tuesday and it’s so surreal! Our baby was also moving around like crazy and did not want to pose at all. It seemed mostly annoyed that it was being poked lol! To me it was the point when it still feels unreal but starts to get more real if that makes sense? So weird to think about this little ailien looking thing moving around in there, literally pushing on my tummy from the inside…

I have to say though that it has helped my Darling Husband understand how I am feeling a bit more as last night he said “No wonder you are feeling nauseaus – I would too if I had something moving around like that inside of me” lol! So cute!


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Christy42213:  Enjoy that feeling. It’s even more surreal on the outside, but I did kind of miss the little movements inside. When your baby is born, you won’t believe that they were ever inside you. I will say I do enjoy my son’s kick MUCH more on the outside than inside though, lol.

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After my ultrasounds, I feel more excited and attached to the baby. It does make the whole thing more real.

Darling Husband kinda gets weirded out. He would say things like, “I can’t believe there is something alive, growing in you!”

It’s even more weird/amazing when baby is born and you’re like, “Oh, hello, so it’s you that’s been in there the past 9 months!”

I still find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I grew my daughter from egg/sperm to human. It’s just something so odd to think, “hey! I created this person!”

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Christy42213: 35 weeks pregnant now and i’m still weirded out by some of the things that happen. at my first ultrasound, i was not the typical mom-to-be “ACTING” like the blob on the screen was the cutest thing i’d ever seen in my life. i just said “ooooh okay”. 

and even now, the rolling and weird handstrokes on my pelvis freak me out when she gets overly active. it took a while to adjust to it and it used to scare me when i was sitting alone and feeling someone else touching me. lol it doesn’t mean i love my baby any less. it means i’m gonna love her so much more when i can see her nad see what she’s doing. that’s the part that i’m curious about right now. when she rolls and packs herself on one side, i want to know what she’s doing, and what her face looks like.

pregnancy is an odd thing. but my husband totally loves everything and finds her hiccups adorable and everything in between. he kisses her/my belly all the time (i think he’s kissing her butt) and talks to her a lot. it makes me happy to see him enjoying her.

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urchin:  “I still find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I grew my daughter from egg/sperm to human. It’s just something so odd to think, “hey! I created this person!””

^^ this part is still amazing to me. there’s a half dozen people in my social circle who are all pregnant and i think back to us a year ago, at my wedding, without babies and now they are having their babies (we all got pregnant like 2-4 weeks apart from each other). and i’m seeing these little peanut sized babies…and i’m like “YOU WEREN’T HERE A YEAR AGO!!” and even with me, i’m humbled by the idea that the baby that’s moving inside of me and in 6 weeks tops will be outside of my body came from a ball of cells… A BALL OF CELLS!!! it’s miraculous!

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Christy42213:  Oh it freaks the hell outta me too….Right now mines still a blueberry so there’s not much going on, but when it starts getting bigger I’m gonna be like WHAT THE HELL….. theres a “human in there?” lol. I’m pretty sure I’ll be refering to it as an alien too. I have no isses with being a mom but the concept of pregnancy and birth just wigs me out.

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Christy42213:  My little boy is 2 weeks old now and I still look at him and think, holy sh*t…you were inside of me. I was someone who was always freaked out by pregnancy and I had a lot of emotions at my first ultrasound (I had to get one at my 10 week because they could not find his heart beat).

The wierdest part was when they put him on me after he was born and he kicked a little. It was like, omg that kick just felt the same but it was on the outside instead of the inside!

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I had my first u/s yesterday at 8w+3 and I’ll tell you, seeing the heartbeat was both the most beautiful/amazing and weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I turned to Darling Husband and was all “there’s something alive inside of me!”

Of course, he replied with “There are lots of things alive inside of you. Like bacteria colonies.” *eyeroll* Men.

Thinking of it now, it’s so weird. There’s another thing with a heartbeat growing inside of me. And then it’s going to come out and be a whole entire human being. I keep staring at my coworkers and thinking “oh my, I’m growing one of you!”

Hopefully not one of them specifically. I have semi-annoying co-workers. 😉

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