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Honey bee
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@roleswitch:  Did you not discuss finances and goals before marriage? did you not split bills equally before you were married but living together?

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Busy bee
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No, every marriage is not like this.  At least mine isn’t.  This financial deal you guys have going on would be a HUGE issue for me.  I am extremely responsible when it comes to fiscal matters, and me paying everything would simply not work.  I suggest you guys have a serious conversation about your finances and how you plan to do things moving forward.  

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Helper bee
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So you’ve hit your first bump in the road of marriage and your already throwing in the towel. Throwing out the word divorce is no joke. I’m sure you said some sort of vows to each other along the lines of for better or worse, sickness in health, richer or poorer. Does what you vowed have no merit to you? 

You two need to talk. Go seek some sort of marriage/finacial counselling. Not every couple has their shit together right off the bat. I would find out why she’s not trusting you with money. Something just seems off.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Are you guys in couple’s couseling? This sounds like an emergency that requires one!

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Helper bee
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No this isn’t normal, marriage should be 50/50 and it sounds like she wants it to be 85/15 – with you carrying 85.

You need to have a in-depth conversation about expectations and finances. A equal prcentage of each of your incomes (like 70%) should go towards household bills, leaving each of you with 30 percent for personal expenses. 

It seems you went into this marriage expecting an equal partnership and she expected a husband to take care of her to a unknown degree. You need to have a frank discussion about those expectations and responsibilities. It seems only the threat of divorce made her take your pleadings seriously, which is sad. 

Maybe draw up an agreement for you both to abide by, concerning bills, chores, savings, and see if it helps the tensions because if you don’t figure out a way to resolve this it will end in divorce – finances are the number 1 cause of martial strife so it’s best to take the bull by the horns and work out a plan and agreement now.

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Buzzing bee
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A few things.

Why doesn’t she want to put more into the savings fund? What does she “need” the extra money for?

Also, everyone does chores their own way. It’s a little ridiculous to me that you require her to do them at the same time as you. She should be helping, yes, but if her way to spend a Saturday morning is to get extra sleep and spend time relaxing before doing things for the day, then let her! Not everyone is the same as you.

Lastly, you need to be okay with her taking a lower paying job that would mean less stress for her while she’s in school. Schoolwork and homework (at least for me, when I was in school) is no joke. It takes a lot of time and is incredibly stressful if you’re a perfectionist like myself. While I took on a full-time job, I understand that a lot of people can’t – and there’s nothing wrong with that. She’s watching out for her health, and you should be okay with that.

Good luck discussing finances with her – it seems like you guys need counseling. You’re on completely different pages here.

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Bumble bee

They say money is the #1 reason why couples fight, and it seems both of you have different expectations around your finances.  Those “talks” you both had before didn’t have clear boundaries and goals around how you will manage money as a couple (i.e. clearly laying out what each of your expectations are, why you both are contributing what you are to your expenses etc., and as a couple having a shared goal and future timeline of where you want to be/do the next 5 to 10 years down the road, etc.)

Having the “money” talk is not a fun topic to have, esp if one of you hates to budget & place restrictions on what you spend.  But I would STRONGLY encourage you to have this serious talk ASAP, because even though money isn’t everything, you absolutely need it in order to have the kind of life (and lifestyle) you truly want.  No one should have to suffer like you and feel 100% of the financial burden to support your marriage, and if you continue on the way you are now then divorce is absolutely inevitable.  For the sake of your sanity and your marriage, do whatever it takes to get your finances in order.  There are a lot of great resources and financial advisors out there for people in your exact situation and it’s helped thousands of couples completely turn their bank accounts and marriages around.  Good-luck and let us know how it goes!

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Busy bee
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First of all, do not threaten divorce unless you really mean it. That is a recipe for disaster. I suggest you mix the finances up. We split everything and if you as a couple can’t afford savings that month then it will help you both that one of u is not being blamed for it. My fiancé doesn’t clean when I want him to and I don’t when he wants me too but be happy with the love of your life on Saturdays and assign things to her ( like my fiancé always does trash and litter and I always do the bathroom etc…) – that might help. No d word though! That’s a messy thing to start.

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Buzzing bee

@love108:  +1!  My SO and I have talked about this stuff already.  We split the chores, pick up eachother’s slack as needed due to stressful job and work situations.  We also split the bills, I make more so I pick up the slack because of this but this will be different after he gets a job.  

I am sorry to hear of your situation…hang in there and it will get better.  You could honestly approach your wife with: we should have talked about these things earlier, I was smitten so we didn’t but I need us to be a team. 

PS-I don’t think chores HAVE to be done on Saturdays.  If she’d rather do her part on fri night (like me so I can watch college ball on sat haha), then that’s fine.  

Good Luck!







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Blushing bee
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@roleswitch:  I like to discuss how much I’d like to have saved up by a certain time with FH, and he agrees usually. So we work together to make that happen. If I have to coupon really hard, cut out junk food that month, or make sure we turn off all the lights when we leave the room, we work together to make it happen. It doesn’t seem like she wants to settle into the joint account thing though.

I feel bad that you are in this situation because I knew someone similar to your wife before and she was always that same way, she never changed; she has been married 3 times now and is younger than I am. 

I hope she will be open to counseling and helping out around the house more. Being the breadwinner and the one who does all the housework cannot be fun! When I am feeling overwhelmed, we tag team the dishes or any other thing that I am dreading doing alone- this could be something you could try out. 

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Bee Keeper
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@StephieBee:  This.

I see both sides to this. You need to sit down together and talk openly about you feelings and expectations, and also work out how to split the chores. If she is working AND studying, then it is possible she is doing more hours than you; in which case, IMO, you should be doing more of the housework. I only work 18-25 hours a week, and earn 50% of what my OH does, however, I study 40 hours a week; meaning, although my OH works full-time, I work considerably longer hours all things considered, and I would expect to do proportionally less of the housework as a result.

As far as saving goes, she needs to be honest about what she is spending money on. If she is wasting money on luxuries like clothing, then that’s obviously not fair; but she may be spending it on resources for her studies, etc. She may also have debts; this is something you need to discuss, and she needs to be honest about what she can save each month, and stick to it. It may also be better if she is responsible for one of your outgoings eg my contribution will be minimal when OH and I live together, but we plan for me to cover the cost of the food; could you do something similar?

With regards to her doing housework on a set day; frankly I find that ridiculous. Provided it gets done, I see no reason why it has to be on a day that suits you.

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Blushing bee
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Go see a counselor- as in a financial counselor first. It is hard to go from buying whatever you want with your own money to suddenly having to put it away. I am in the process of moving in with my SO right now and he is a major saver and I have always lived paycheck to paycheck (I am also a NYS teacher though-so I have all kinds of stuff set up through the school for my retirement, etc).

The difference is that I am older and I realize that the way I was running my life (buying whatever I wanted ie omg target has shirts on sale for $3! I need to buy 5 even though I already have 5 exactly like it) is NOT the way to go if you want to be happy later on. I am so thankful that I met someone who is good with money and investments and I am not *that* upset about giving up my random purchases. This is a maturity thing though- when I was in my early 20s (which is sounds like you are) I would have done the exact same thing she is doing.

As far as chores go if you are literally putting in 95% of the household bills and she is not putting her money into savings she NEEDS to be doing most of the housework in my opinion. My SO is going to maintain 100% of the household bills (he also makes twice what I make) but you better believe I am going to “earn my keep” by cooking, cleaning, *not laundry, I hate laundry* and just general care of the house.

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