2 job offers – what would you do?

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working from home is my dream. I would choose the work from home job. You don’t need as many vacation or sick days when you work from home. I know you have some experience doing it so I wouldn’t be too worried, but just make sure that’s something you’re really comfortable with. It’s definitely a different experience, and can make you feel closed-in, especially if you are prone to depression or anxiety. If, after all those considerations, you’re still attracted to the work from home option, that’s the one I would choose. 

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Work from home! Absolutely. If you’re organized and can manage your time not being in an office environment you can’t beat it. 

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Have you worked from home for a long amount of time before? I like doing it one or two days a week but not more than that. After a long stretch of working at home I find it harder to stay motivated and miss getting out of the house and basic interacting with co-workers. Another thing to consider is if networking is important in your industry. If you work from home full time your networking opportunities will decrease drastically. I’d choose the first situation since that is my preferred work situation. Also, you already know that you would be a good fit in the team if you tranferred departments and that there are growth opportunities at your current company. That is always a roll of the dice at a new company. Good luck with your decision!

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Busy bee

Number 1. I don’t think I could handle working from home all the time. It would be nice a day or 2 a week but I would miss seeing other adults throughout the day.

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Worker bee

I would choose the work from home job but be very careful to keep your side business separate from your work from home job. The new company would probably not take too kindly to it if they find out, especially if they think it is interfering with your job. 

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Buzzing bee

I think both jobs sound great and it’s a personal preference. I work in a job where I work up to 5 days a week at home, just depending on the week. It is great and has its perks, for sure. There are downsides- it can get lonely, hard to ‘stop’ working since you’re basically always at work, get cabin fever, and sometimes I just miss the random interactions with other people in the office. 

It is nice to wake up, get dressed and physically go to work sometimes, too. Otherwise, I start to feel like a hermit and be a little cranky 🙂 

i think you should also evaluate what you know about the cultures at both companies. In my experiences corporate culture has played a big role in job satisfaction, regardless of the specific role and team I work on. 

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Bumble bee

#2. Working from home is the BEST.

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I am also in IT (software developer) I recently worked from home full time for a year and HATED it. And I like my alone time but getting ready and getting out of the house is something I missed and even though I am now in an office I’m alone in my cubicle majority of the day. 

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kw617 :  As someone who works from home, obviously I vote for #2. 🙂 I’m in a little different situation because I am self employeed, so I really only answer to myself. I cannot imagine having to go back to answering to anyone else or being in an office everyday. Again, for me it’s a bit different because I am my own boss – so if I want to book out and take a trip I do so. If I want to meet friends for lunch or take the afternoon off I can just work in my office in the evening.

I think personally the benefits outweigh everything else. Sure you might take a slight paycut for job #2 but the amount of money you save in commuting and car expenses from not doing all that driving everyday. Additionally, yeah you only get 18 vacation days right now, and sick days come from that – but working from home if you’re sick is A LOT different than having to get up and go into an office feeling like crap. You can realistically keep working. I know personally if I have a cold, I might spend a day in bed resting but I still sit in my home office and work even if I’m sick.

I make a huge effort to make sure I get out of the house – usually it’s meeting my Stay-At-Home Mom friends for lunch or other friends in the same profession as me because we obviously have similar work life. It’s easy to be a hermit, but if you make an active point to make plans with friends it’s honestly no different than not seeing them all day while you’re at work.

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