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You might have to up your calories. By eating too few you put your body in starvation mode which makes it very difficult to lose weight. Some doctors recomend only 1200 but upping to atleast 1500 might make it easier for you? Good luck!

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I’m starting next Monday! My situation is almost identical… Height, weight, eating 1200 calories per day & not losing. Super interested in what others have to say.

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Hey guys…

I used to starve myself all the time… worked like a charm.  Lost 25 lbs (got down to a BMI of about 20) and actually maintained for a couple years in college (while mostly starving myself and working out every day..)

Anyway… I quit my job at one point and wasnt paying attention to waht I was eating (my job had been very physically demanding and was like working out).. I went back up to my start weight (i.e. I gained 20 lbs) in one month, I kid you not.  

I tried several times to starve myself to lose it again, but nothing worked.  The only thing that worked for me was lots of exercise–I never got back down to my college weight, but I did get down to a very healthy weight by eating well (nowhere near starvation–I ate ~1800 to 2000 calories per day) and doing lots of exercise. 

I did talk to some trainers and nutritionists about my inability to lose weight from dieting, and they all agreed–it’s metabolic shutdown.  The only way for me to lose weight is to bring my metabolism back up via exercise.

I dont know if you’re in the same boat, but just sayin’

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Your body needs calories to burn to lose. That’s why 2000 is recommended, 1500 is the minimum. Maybe talk to a trained nutritionist. I’m not an expert, this is just what I read when I started to exercise and diet. I’m 5’4 and 120 if it helps, I lost 5 lbs this month. Mostly from stress though, not strict diet.

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bumutoni:  amanda1988:  what does starving yourself mean? Never eating lol? Only eating salads and still being hungry? Only eating once a day? Stupid question but I was jw

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If you don’t eat enough your metabolism says ‘f*ck it’ and goes to hell. Eat more (the 1200-1500 bracket for the fix to start) and power through the workouts. 

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bumutoni:  I have been doing this program for the last couple of months (not following 100%, I will say). It’s great in terms of portion sizes, and some days… I feel like I’m eating too much. BUT, many people say that is OK. I’m the bottom calorie category, too.

I do my own exercise program since I was already atcive at the gym, but do incoporate some of the videos some days (mainly upper fix, pilates and on a rare occasion, Dirty 30). I do cardio and strength at the gym 3-4 days a week.

I haven’t lost any weight, and have actually gained according to the scale. However, a lot of people may not see results on the scale right away but will see it in inches – which I would rather have. A number is a number, but if my pants are feeling better – I call that a win. My pants do fit a little better now, but I know they could fit better if I just focused more on the diet and exercise – it does work when I see before and after pictures of people of many sizes.

I am usually a clean eater during the week and let myself pslurge on the weekends, but am still nor horrible. Next week, I am devoted to following it by plan as a lifestyle change and getting my workouts in since I don’t have much going on (which also helps).

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Putting in my two cents. I am 5’2″, 118 lbs. When I started this fitness thing, I was 134. I’ve never done the 21 day fix, not even sure what it is. I do 30 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning before breakfast and I lift weights in the evenings. I’m training for a bikini competition right now so my calories are fairly restricted for the time being, but normally I’m around 1500. I know I’m not in the same pose in both pictures, but I think there is still a pretty good representation of what a difference eating the right food has made. One year difference between photos.


Eating 1-3 (not healthy) times a day:


Eating six times a day:

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bumutoni:  You will be eating “more” but the types of food will likely be different, and more conducive to weight loss and muscle gain. 

I like the 21 day fix, though I get really tired of the videos. The eating plan, while a little challenging if you have a busy social weekend or something, does work. The portion control and especially the condiment/dressing limitations really make food much more healthy. Good luck with it! 

Also, just want to say, s2bmrscook, girl you are killing it! Awesome work! 

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