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Sorry to hear about your situation. I am also 24 (this Saturday!) with a bachelor’s degree. I do have a job, but like you I really, really, really don’t like it but in this economy quitting is not a smart choice without having something else lined up. I hate to say it, but that was not a very wise decision. Too bad you don’t like staying home, I’d kill to do that when I have child. Anyways, again I’m sorry about your situation and I don’t really have any advise other than to apply like crazy : Good luck!

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@sruan:  You don’t sound like you were slacking at allll. Congrats on getting the degree done with a baby… wow. And your family sounds mean but I’m glad you seem to be ok with it now (for your own sanity!).

I don’t think it’s a good idea to hide the fact you have a 1.5 year old, but maybe don’t advertise it at the interview. It’s normal to have kids. It shouldn’t prevent you from getting a job.

I would plug away at applying for anything and everything at this point. The economy is still shitty so unless you’re really lucky, it’s more of a take what you can get situation – especially for new grads with little work experience. Hopefully you can find something you enjoy.

Not much good advice to offer… sorry. I just wanted to say keep at it and don’t let your family get you down!

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Don’t get down on yourself – the job market SUCKS right now and is super hard for people with 10+ years experienec to find jobs, let alone new grads.

Yes, gaps are not preferable, but honestly your counselor is over-emphasizing it.  It’s not the end of the world!  Especially in this economy with people getting laid off left and right, gaps are pretty typical.  A few months of gaps isn’t going to be a big deal.

I don’t like to bring anything personal into job interviews, so I wouldn’t discuss your daughter.  I’d persoanlly be afraid to say I left my last job to care for my daughter, because they might be concerend you will leave them eventually too for that reason.

Job hunting is a full time job and it’s super frustrating – you put in tons of applications and maybe hear back from 1 or 2.  We’ve all been there at some point.  It really is a numbers game though – the more applications in, the more chances you have for a call back and a potential job offer.

Also, don’t be afraid to hunt people down to get your application in.  Don’t be satisfied with just submitting it online – I used to work in HR and we get thousandssssss of applications to look through online.  Typically, I’d start looking with the most recent ones – and I wasn’t necessarily looking every day.  So, if you applied 3 days ago and I sign on today, I’m starting with the most recent ones and may never even open your application.  It really is pure luck sometimes that your application gets seen on an online tool.

I always try and find out the hiring manager for a job or someone in the HR/recruiting department to send my application directly or to send a message to let them know I applied and to please look for my application.  LinkedIn can help you hunt people down. Even just finding an employee to contact and put your information in for you can help.  I once applied for a position at a large doctor’s office and couldn’t find any information for HR but did find a Doctor’s information so I just e-mailed him and he put me in touch with HR.  I’ve had tons of people send me messages on linkedin asking to check on the status of their application or to get in touch with HR.  I’m always happy to help them out.  

“bugging” someone by following up after you apply or interview won’t hurt you!  Trust me!  If a company wants you, they’ll hire you, even if you called 1x/week to check in.  It can only help!  It won’t be the reason you aren’t hired.

Good luck!  Try not to get frustrated. It’s tough but you’ll get something eventually!


And definitely apply for anything and everything.  While you don’t want to be miserable, if it’s a company you think you’d lke to work for long term, any job you can get is a foot in the door and will be worth it in the long run! 

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@sruan:  *HUGS*  I don’t really have any advice, just sympathy (my parents are Chinese aka disappointed lol).

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I wouldn’t worry too much about the gaps. If I have your timeline correct, you started your job in Feb 2012, quit in Oct 2012, stayed home with your daughter and worked on finishing your degree until Jan 2013. Caring for your child and completing your degree is work enough for anyone.

If you want to work outside the home, you do realize you have to apply at many many places?

This is the phrase that concerns me  Ugh I just haven’t had any luck with jobs lately.

It’s not that you haven’t had any luck- you need to give yourself a reality check and get out the door with resume in hand. Your next employer is not going to come knocking on your door with a job offer.

Talk to everyone you know- let them all know that you are looking for work and to pass on any job leads to you.

If you know a company where you would love to work, set up an appointment with HR. Tell them you are willing to take on any opening until the job you want is available. Be sure that you are realistic with yourself, however, about what exactly a bachelor’s degree qualifies you to do.

You can find volunteeer work that will allow you to bring your daughter. Many churches, NGO’s, YWCA’s etc have mother and child programs where they need childcare volunteers. You can take your daughter with you.

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I just turned 24, also. I was having trouble finding work that wasn’t fast food (where I was for the 2 years since I’ve graduated with my undergrad). I began going back for my graduate degree, and I ended up taking the civil service clerk 4 test to be a secretary. It may not be what you really want to do, but you get a paycheck, benefits, etc. Something to look into. I see you’re in NY, so just Google {whatever county that you’re in} civil service exams. It may take a little while for someone to hire you (took me almost 2 years), but a good thing to look into.

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@sruan:  There’s a huge difference between NYC and the rest of the state. I mean, the whole state is struggling and what-not, but don’t think that NYC is the same as the rest. It’s a different environment when you leave NYC.

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I have no advice, just want to say I sympathize. I got pregnant halfway through my junior year of college. I finished the school year, took a year off to have my baby, then went back and finished up my last year, working during the day and taking night classes. I was a waitress. I made barely enough money to put baby girl in daycare each week. It sucked, it was hard. Props to you for finishing school with a kid, I know firsthand how difficult it can be.

Now I have a bachelor’s and no job. I had to quit waitressing because we were getting no business and it was actually costing me money to go to work because of the daycare costs. I’ve had odd jobs here and there but they only last a few months because even though they start out giving me a reasonable schedule, suddenly my shifts are all over the place and changing from week to week and it is just impossible to work like that with a kid. It’s hard to find reliable childcare for a schedule that varies from week to week. Daycares close at 6 pm. I ask family/friends but they’re all working varied shifts, too, making a reliable babysitting schedule impossible.

So I’m also sitting at home right now, trying to find a job that will give me a regular daylight schedule with enough pay so I can afford to put baby girl in daycare AND pay my bills. It’s next to impossible to do.

I guess all we can do is just keep applying and keep applying and hope like hell someone hires us soon!

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first i sympathize with the whole family issue!  i’m chinese too, but a few years ago my mom told me you should have a child before you get too old and it’s okay to have one out of wedlock!  LOL!!!  i almost died…such a wtf moment!  BTW I’m quite a few years older than you and just getting married this year…and no i do not have any children.  

though i think my mom would have kicked my ass if i had gotten pregnant in college.

i agree you do not want to have any gaps!  my fi was like you he hated his job, quit and was unemployed for about 2 years!!  he finally got an interview for a lower status/paying job than he’s used to, but i told him if he didn’t take it im breaking up w/ him, this is before we got engaged.

though i sympathize with you, you really need to get a move on the job search.  at this point i’d be looking at anything!  and post your resume on all the job sites!!  i was layed off last year and the new job i got was through a recruiter that contacted  me!  and if you’re not on linkedin get on it.

Sorry to pour cold water on your situation but i agree that you have no one to blame but yourself.  you probably shouldnt have quite before you got another job.

and crying about it on this forum isnt going to do you any good when you should be out job hunting!  just my opinion. 

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Well, considering I graduated with my BBA at 25 almost 26…?

I went through two lay offs before I graduated. I joined a professional group at school, but all of the little 20 year old were appalled when I said I’d never had an internship. Uh, well, considering I worked 30+ hours a week on top of full time classes, homework, presentations, a relationship, sleep, etc.? Anyway, I applied to around 500 jobs (five. hundred.) between the previous fall after I was laid off and when I graduated. NOTHING. Not even from the part time retail positions. I applied with staffing agencies, and only one bothered to try to find me anything. That lasted nine months–and that was after they kept promising to hire me in, before finally laying me off (they went out of business). My recruiter tried really hard to find me something, but no one wanted me. She finally got me a last-minute fill in position as a receptionist, and they ended up hiring me in. I make crappy money (so little that my student loans don’t have to be paid because I don’t make enough) and get no benefits. It sucks. 

Anyway. Gaps aren’t horrid (especially for finishing your degree/raising your daughter). Things happen, especially in this economy. Get your butt on sites like glassdoor.com, indeed.com, and start APPLYING FOR EVERYTHING. Get your resume to staffing agencies, talk with the recruiters, and let them work for you. See what they find. A lot of those places have temp-to-hire situations, so you can go in at a low level and impress people. I know Volt Staffing has an office in NYC (I believe it’s Volt Technical Resources?). 

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