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posted 8 years ago in August 2010
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Here are some (hopefully) helpful hints:

1. BREATHE!!!  Take nice slow breaths whenever you are getting overwhelmed, and focus on just meeting each new in-law family member at a time.  Remember to drink plenty of fluids, including alcohol, lol 😉  and eat well, try not to eat  junkfood with having the kids present.

2.  Tell your Best Friend that you need to get your beauty sleep! example: I’ve noticed my skin is breaking out, I think I really need to get more rest.  Let’s work on  such and such tonight until  something o’clock and then wind down with a movie with the kids, I know they must be getting overtired too. 

How old are those kids!!!  Can you go to the dollar store and get some cheap fun stuff for them to do (hopefully) outside? Plastic ball games, jump ropes, bubbles, puzzles, markers and coloring books, pick up an evening movie at the dollar rental box and make popcorn, and have a wind-down time for the kids!!!

DO NOT STRESS about the house, let Brian worry about finishing that.

Prioritize which wedding diy you can’t live without, and which ones you could let go if you had to. 

DO NOT WORRY about whether or not they like you.  They either do or they don’t.  Luckily you do not have to live with them, and they live far away!!!  Hip Hip Hooray for LDR with in-laws!!!

As far as food is concerned, figure out how many meals you have to provide for how many out of state guests.  If you have a Costco store nearby that would be really helpful.  Maybe get those cute rolled up mini sandwich trays, or rolls of cold cuts and cheeses for lunch, and a veggie tray.  And it would be very easy to have a fruit platter too.  Costco has packages of frozen appetizers and even small desserts.  -For example, they have frozen packages of 110 cream puffs.   You could make meat skewers with chicken, and a peanut sauce, (that is if no one is allergic to nuts!)  Maybe you could make a large pot of white rice for several days.  (My mom told me that Brown rice should not be kept even in the fridge overnight),  Or, if you have a grill, maybe the guys could do BBQ with salads. You could serve french toast sticks with fruit for breakfast.  You can make oatmeal in a slow cooker, with raisins and cinnamon.  (Also, think PRESENTATION- paper doilies from the dollar store, do you have or can borrow nice tablecloths, and either use new wedding gift trays, or borrow from family.)  A little swirl of chocolate syrup on a  small plate with a couple of creampuffs, or a fanned strawberry near the french toast sticks, etc, A fresh sprig of parsley and a few grapes on the side of a dinner of rice, skewered meat and a simple salad with vinegar and olive oil and a fresh loaf of bread.  Maybe serve some iced tea and lemonade garnished with a strawberry, or lemon slice in the afternoon with slices of quickbread.   🙂  Best Wishes!! Send out another SOS if you need more ideas!  🙂

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