(Closed) 2.5 week old baby not sleeping enough?

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Yes, this sounds normal.  Your baby is newbie newborn, less than 3 weeks old and they’re all different in how much sleep/food, etc., they require.

Losing sleep, and lots of it, is a normal new-Mom thing to go through.  Let your baby be your lead and take naps when she naps.  Babies usually don’t start sleeping through the night until much later than this, probably a couple of months at least. 

She might have a touch of colic, which is normal and she’ll outgrow.  Also, she might just be very hungry, my baby certainly was.  It sounds like you’re doing everything right, just keep doing what you’re doing.

If you have concerns, please call your pediatrician.  And by all means get someone to help you take care of the baby so you can get some rest if it gets to be too much to handle.

Congratulations on your new baby!  ๐Ÿ™‚

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The only way I could get DS to sleep was in my arms or in his vibrating bouncy seat. I am not too proud to say that we went through a whole lot of batteries when he was small. Even so, he slept maybe 12 hours total per day as a newborn. It was my first sign that he was going to be a high maintenance child. LOL Just figure out what works and do it. Newborns are exhausting.

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6 hours in 24 hours? That doesn’t sound normal to me – I’m no expert, but that sounds REALLY low. Not sure why the other posters feel it is normal. Are you sure you’re estimating right? Including all the short little naps?

The average newborn sleeps more like 16 hours. Anything under 12 would be something I’d be discussing with a pediatrician. I’d probably be apt to set a timer on my phone to make sure I wasn’t estimating incorrectly… I’m sure it feels like less than it is because of how broken up it is.

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Have you tried different sleeping locations, like maybe a swing? I’ve heard of babies that absolutely refused to nap, but then their parents desperately tried a swing or a bouncy seat or a Rock n Play sleeper and lo and behold, baby would sleep!! In preparation for arrival of my LO, I’ve definitely bought one of each, just in case! Hopefully you can figure out how to get a little more sleep going so you can get yourself feeling a little better Smile

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I find this blog post about baby sleep timelines really helpful. The pattern sounds about right but 6hrs a day is definitely not enough sleep.

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It sounds almost like she’s cold if the warmth of your body is more soothing to her. Is she being swaddled or wrapped in a blanket when you put her down to sleep? New babies usually do sleep a lot, as the business of being born exhausts them for awhile. Is she eating a good amount at every feeding?

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No, that doesn’t sound normal, but it does sound like my guy. This is by far my favorite sleep blog.


There is tons of advice that really helped us (all) get more sleep.

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I’m not a mom, but I’m expecting. I’d suggest you try swaddling her in a blanket. If she wakes up when you lay her down, you might be activating her startle reflex (basically when you lay a baby on her back, her arms flail out and she feels like he’s falling). Swaddling her helps to keep her arms close to her body, and mimics how cozy she was in the womb.

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2.5 weeks is still an imporant age for bonding, she needs you there and needs to feel that trust that you will take care of her.  I would recommend swaddeling her, they often have automatic reflexes that can and will scare them since they don’t have much control over their arms or legs.  I can’t remember when but at some point in their age they should be put in the crib/bassinet awake so they can start falling asleep on their own, but at this early in her life I think it’s normal.

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I’m in nursing school and the books say that newborns should sleep 18-22 hours a day. If you’re baby doesn’t like to sleep apart then maybe you could try letting her sleep in your bed with you. Also, have you tried swaddling?

Maybe with something like this?

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My LO is turning 3 months tomorrow. She used to be like yours, wakes up every time you set her dowN. I have to sleep beside her all the time or else she’d be screaming. Now she’s getting better, she started to sleep on her own now. If you are breastfeeding, try to pump and if your husband or anyone who can help you can take care of the baby while you get some sleep. Hang in there it will get better. ๐Ÿ™‚

Try swaddling too! It works for my LO.

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