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Yeah, pregnancy can be pretty uncomfortable no matter what trimester you’re in. I took LOTS of showers… the shower was the only place I could relax. I would sit in there until the water ran out, sometimes several times a day. I hope you start to feel better soon!

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I don’t have anything really special to reccomend.  Tylenol and caffeiene are what I use to combat headaches… The only assurance I can give is that my sickness disappeared right around that time.  Good luck!

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My morning sickness didn’t go away until around 18 or 19 weeks.  My Mother-In-Law kept telling me it would go away by the time I felt baby move and low and behold, she was right.  I started feeling baby move around 19 to 20 weeks and morning sickness went away for the most part.  I hope yours alleviates soon!  Now I contend with having my appetite back, which is exciting, but feeling full for hours later.  Luckily no heartburn or reflux but we’ll see how long that remains.

In regard to the headache, I finally asked my OB for something stronger than extra strength tylenol.  I now have Tylenol 3 that I use sparingly but it gets the job done when really necessary.

I definitely feel better during the day now, but nights get a bit harder to get comfortable and since my abdominal muscles are starting to stretch, my belly aches a lot.  I think for me, it’s one trade off for another.  I do prefer to aching belly to morning sickness any day though.

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Yeah, I’m still waiting for the second trimester to get good (I’m at 16 weeks). Still feel gross, still have headaches (I take Fiorocet for mine), and still feel tired and cranky. (I am a total joy to be around these days)

I find it restorative to take one day per weekend, if possible, and spend more or less all of it in bed. I sleep till I don’t feel like sleeping any more, I take a bath, I have a snack, I go back to sleep… maybe read in bed a little, check my email, but seriously take the entire day to just recharge.

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I just had my baby almost 5 months ago and I tell you, I’m glad it’s over. Most people say the miss being pregnant but the only thing I really miss about it was having people do things for me. lol. When the baby kicked it hurt and standing or walking for more than a half hour I started having contractions when I hit 30 weeks. I was lucky though because I never had morning sickness, just a little nausia for the first few weeks, and I didn’t have any of the swelling/heartburn/indiguestion, etc. I will tell you though, giving birth isn’t what everyone says it is. Everyone told me that it was painful and they have never hurt that much before but I didn’t feel a thing. I got the epidurl and I wanted to sleep instead of push! lol. I didn’t feel the contractions and all I felt actually having him was…it’s hard to explain, the feeling you get when your foot goes to sleep and you poke it it’s kind of like poking a balloon well it was how the foot felt having him but before it starts to tingle and hurt. I’d rather just give birth than go threw the whole pregnancy. lol. After I went home from the hospital I hurt more than the actual birth so don’t be afraid of it. Once you go threw it, even if it DOES hurt, you will have a precious baby all your own that you can love and hold.

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By the time I got the headaches, the nausea stopped and I had it bad! But I only had the headaches for a couple of weeks and then I settling into a quaint quiet feeling before the baby started kicking a lot and moving. Now she hasnt stopped letting me know she is there.

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