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I would definately take him back in. They could give some good tips to make sure her is getting enough nutition and offer some guidance on the bahavioral issues as well. Would he be willing to take a gummy multi-vitamin until you can get him in?

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Going to your doctor sounds like a good idea. I think with kids, particularly around that age, it’s a slippery slope with picky eaters. I know my stepson went through a picky eating phase around that age, although it doesn’t sound as extreme as your sons. I find with a lot of kids, if they find out that if they refuse to eat x,y, or z, and you’ll give them something that will make them happy like McDonald’s or chips, of course they’re going to keep insisting on the McDonalds. I mean, let’s be honest, would you rather have chicken nuggets or broccoli?! We have a friend of the family whose kids did exactly that, they would only eat McNuggets, chips or likewise, nothing remotely healthy. It was terrible. Eventually somehow they outgrew it, but for a while, it was pretty bad.

With my stepson at that age, he would get a choice; we can have a or b for dinner. He would choose. When the food hit the table if he pitched a fit and wanted B or C instead, that was too bad, this isn’t a restaurant, you can eat it or go to bed. I think he only went to bed without dinner once 😉 There are certain textures he still doesn’t like (tomatoes, eggs) and that’s fine and easy enough to work around, it’s not the end of the world. He’s much better about eating now. Last night we had split pea with ham soup which I’ll admit is not appetizing to look at, but he ate it even though he didn’t love it.

Definitely see your doctor to see what you can do or see if there’s some other cause for your son not eating. Maybe an allergy that makes his tummy feel bad but he doesn’t have the verbal skills to express it?

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I would also keep with going to the doctor but you might try pediasure or another product like that instead of milk.  He prob will not know the difference and it is made for that type of situation.  I don’t envy you, I remember the picky food stages. 

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Is he losing weight? Does he associate food with something bad that happened,like something making him sick or he vomited?

Kids are funny creatures. Maybe not mention anything at all and wait for him to ask you for something to eat. Sit down for your meals and ignore him and see what happens. He won’t starve, but maybe if he does it on his own terms,he’ll come around.

 I wouldn’t let it go on for more than a day or two before seeing the Dr.

Can you backtrack and try and remember what foods he has always liked and offer them to him? Forget variety at this point. He needs food for his growth and development.



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If this has been ongoing, I can’t believe his Dr. hasn’t offered any better solutions for you. I found a few links that might be of some help, and i’d defintely pursue this if he’s losing weight.

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As the parent of a child who considers the feeding clinic at the pediatric hospital home I feel you pain. Demand to see a specialist. Yes there are doctors whose sole job is to make fussy eaters eat. In the meantime try mixing carnation instant breakfast in with his milk. Use only whole milk and even add a dash of heavy cream.  Make the most of every bite. Vanilla CIB is a big hit at our house but some kids prefer chocolate. We also like enlive apple but that will require a script. Bake your own cookies. I have lots of high calorie recipes. You need to pack as many calories into a bite as you can. You also need to sneak as much fat in his diet as possible since it is essential for brain development. It sucks but with intervention it does get better. You don’t want him to end up with a g-tube which is where he will end up if he continues to refuse to eat. If you ever want to talk just pm me.

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How much milk is he drinking per day? Whole milk or 1%, 2% etc? Could he be filling up on milk making him not hungry for anything else? What does he say when you ask him what he wants to eat? Does he just say he’s not hungry? Maybe let him feel more in control of the choices? My daughter is 2.5 and a pretty picky eater. We’ve given up on meals, she snacks all day long and always chooses her own food. I just don’t keep anything unhealthy in the house. She pretty much lives on the kid basics: pb&j, grilled cheese, Mac n cheese, yogurt, milk, juice, fruit snacks, goldfish, Cheerios. She does love fruit and will always eat apples, bananas, grapes, oranges. I just make sure all the bread, crackers and waffles are whole grain and it’s 100% juice. She is tiny for her age and if I made her sit at the table and eat the family dinner she’d be having none of that. I’m just happy she is eating.

From the extreme food behavior you’ve described I’d definitely see a specialist or a behavior therapist. Is he underweight for his age? I can’t believe the doctor brushed it off as typical tantrums.

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