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@peachykeener:  I think you have to trust your instincts, and ‘listen’ to your body. If your gut says go see a doctor, go see one. If you think you ought to wait a bit, then wait a few days. 

I know you are worried, but I don’t think you should assume anything is wrong. I tend to find that our body reacts and responds to many different factors happening in our lives. For example, I used to be very regular (I could track my period to the day) and then I gained some weight and that threw my system for a loop.

As another example: In my first year of law school, I went an entire 8 months without a period. All my girlfriends were telling me to see a doctor, and panicking for me, and I didn’t think it was a big deal, because I thought it was stress-related. Final exams came along in April and BAM! Period showed up a couple days later! My body was under intense internal stress from September-April, and once I calmed down, things went back to normal. I’ve had my period change from very heavy to very light depending on a number of factors (stress, weight, etc.)

Of course, I’m not advocacting ignoring a missing period for 8 months 🙂 I am merely saying, being a few days late doesn’t necessarily give rise to concern. Talk to a doctor, and I am sure they can give you some advice to better regulate your period. 

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@peachykeener:  My cycles are long too, I asked my doctor and she said 28-35 days is normal. 

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I have a range similar to that.  I think my longest was 39/40- during which I left the country for vacation, so that probably messed things up a bit.  My shortest was 26.  I was pissed because I had no warnings- just woke up in blood (tmi, sorry!).

My average used to be around 32/33 in high school.  About three years ago (in college) it switched to 28.  Now I’m drifted up again to 30/31.

Usually my periods last 5 days, but I’ve had them anywhere between 3 and 7.

So you sound normal to me! 🙂

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If nothing has changed, I’d say it’s fine and don’t worry.  Every woman is different.  I’m 37 and have been tracking my period since I started at 11, I used to X out the days on my checkbook calendar.  Now I use the same app you’re using for the same reason :).  I like the reminder.

I tell the app I have a 28 day cycle, so I get the reminder, but it’s usually a few days after that sometimes up to a week (I’ve been using it a couple years).  But my periods have always been like that and they last about a week… so totally normal for me.  It’s been that way 20 some years, if something changed I might worry and then talk to a doc.  But if it’s normal for you I wouldn’t worry about it at all.  Even small changes aren’t usually a big deal, or sometimes even big ones if you’re stressed, etc.

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Another Older Bee here (over 50)

IMO wise advise from @MrsTangerine:  our Periods change over time… what is norm for one person would be vastly different for another person

I too learned to track from Day One (still track 40+ years later)

A so-called normal cycle is anywhere from 21 to 35 Days… with 28 being about the average (so 3 weeks to 5)

And a period can last anywhere from 2 to 7 Days… with 3 to 5 being the average (altho life events can certainly ramp that number up higher as well)

It is a good thing to check in with your Doctor at some point in time (yearly exam) to tell them what is happening with your body.

BUT for the most part, they say there is usually no concern until you’ve gone 90 Days (3 Months) without if you are a young & healthy woman

Perimenopause, which is often marked by irregular periods starts for many women in their late 30s and beyond.

That should also be discussed with one’s Doctor.

Based on what you’ve said here… I don’t think there is a significant issue.  I was far more concerned reading the post by @MsYouandMe:  and how she skipped periods for 8 Months while in Law School…

BUT then as she said BAM they returned… so it more than likely was the stress !!

Our bodies are funny things… they definitely have a life of their own in this department…

(She says as one going thru perimenopause and has seen it ALL and then some in the last 5 years… )


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@peachykeener:  My average cycle length is 32 days.  Anywhere between 21 and 35 days is considered normal. 

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My average cycle length is 34 days. My gynecologist said that it’s nbd until it’s a cycle over 40 days, then she wants to know about it.

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@peachykeener:  First of all, I *think* what you’ve described is considered “normal”.  

My period was exactly the same as your describing- and I didn’t see an issue with it.  But- I ended up going to the DR for something else, and ended up getting diagnosed with PCOS, which can affect your cycle.  And it’s super common- and you don’t always have all the symptoms that go along with it.

You’re getting your period- how old are you?

My period was like clockwork when I was younger, then it changed after I had my son- it became lighter, and mostly like clockwork, but always between 1-5 days “off”, but still normal.


I honestly don’t think if you present with what you’ve described that your DR is going to be concerned, but you could get tested for PCOS since it’s so common.

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To @peachykeener:  Glad to hear everything is A-OK.  You must have a sense of relief.

TIP – Be aware if your periods are in flux, your Ovulation cycles can be going thru upheaval as well… (not necessarily constant, but be going anywhere from short to long for example)… so if you don’t want to get pregnant, be very diligant with the BC.


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@peachykeener:  30-35 days is actually normal.  Doctors say that a cycle anywhere between 22-35 days is considered “regular”. My periods were 24-32 days until recently.  I am like you and track my periods because they will come early one month and late the next month.  I didn’t want to be surprised by AF, especially in nursing when our scrub pants are so thin, an accident is not fun.  It is good to keep track that way when something is off on your monthly cycle you can catch it right away.  I’m so scatterbrained that if I didn’t keep track I wouldn’t remember when my last AF was.  But because I keep track I was able to tell my doctor when I skipped a period last month and it helped diagnose me with early menopause…or premature ovarian failure as they call it sometimes.

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OP, your cycle sounds within normal limits to me as well. Glad your doctor agrees. Sometimes I feel like we’re supposed to flip out if we’re not “by the book”- every 28 days like clockwork. 

Our cycles seem pretty similar actually. Mine tends to alternate shorter and longer cycles though- one cycle will be shorter (29-31 days) and the following one will be longer (32-34). Who knows what that’s about. The longest I’ve had has been 42 days as well (in the middle of a cross-country move- that would explain it I think!)

I’ve kept track of cycle length for several years now, but I’m thinking of adding temping in there too to see what’s going on with ovulation patterns (that’s assuming I ovulate- I have no idea!!)

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My average cycle is 34 days and according to my doctor yesterday that is completely normal.

It does muck up a few things when calculating ovulation, pregnancy (I thought I was 7 weeks, apparently I am only 6) etc. However, it is relatively normal to have some fluctation. I think my longest cycle was about 44 days or there abouts.

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