(Closed) 30-something brides, what were you doing 10 years ago??

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@ bRooklynRocks – you were a 2L when you were 22? wow, baby genius!! 🙂

Love this topic! Just reminded me of how far we’ve all come! 10 years ago (actually, 9 years and 362 days ago exactly!), I was graduating from college after almost failing out (apparently, SOMEONE did not know when to put DOWN the shot glass and pick UP the textbooks), coming off my senior year where I took a double course load boh semesters and sweated out to the last second whether I’d get my GPA up enough to graduate and get into a decent law school, and about to get engaged to and move in with my college boyfriend (who, SPOILER ALERT, turned out to be gay. Or “gay adjacent,” as one of my good friends puts it. Good times!), and was extremely, unhealthily overweight (comfort eating from my year of ridiculous, self-imposed stress!).

Fast forward to today – am a lawyer who loves my job – not in the least because it’s where I met my adorable, wonderful, funny, TALL (as a 5’8″ lover of 4″ heels, this is very very important!) fiancé – and is healthy again (even finished the NYC marathon – JUST. not FAST, but I finished!)

Thank god for those ten years! 🙂

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Just a side note, it’s so crazy how most of us were with losers early on!  How lucky we all were to find our loves!

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10 years ago today I was 21 and had just graduated from college (a year early) a few days prior.  I was very single and enjoying the bar scene.  I remember that summer my friend who was still in school had an apartment within walking distance of all the bars, and we went out like 5 nights a week.  I definitely can’t party like that anymore!

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10 years ago I was 25 living with my bestfriend in a 2 bedroom apt. working as a customer service rep wishing I was a manager…and dating my very first boyfriend who was sooo wrong for me….

Now 10 years later, several moves ago and a great new job I am marrying my Fiance in Jan…life is great!

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i’ll be 30 when we get married, so i’ll join the fun:)

actually, my story isn’t very fun at all Foot in mouth. i was 2 years in to my 1st marriage, living in CA and TX. i dabbled in a few community college classes and worked mostly full time at retail jobs. 


needless to say, i am happy to be where i am now! 

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Ten years ago…I was 21  just had finished my BS. degree, was not working yet, living with my parents and was in the 2nd yr of my 8yrs relationship with my first ex-bf..Yes…my first relationship lasted for 8yrs. It shouldnt have lasted that long b/c i didnt have the thought of marrying him. But I was still young and naive to break his heart and devastate him. (which eventually I did, fast-forward @ 27) When I went abroad to work, I met someone that became the reason of our break-up. But he is not my Fiance.FI was not in the picture yet. I had 2 other bf after the first. The 2nd bf was a colleague and the 3rd was social network love affair which lasted for 2yrs. 2yrs of lies and deceit. That guy really suck!! He lied to me the whole time we were “on”. But anyways, it doesn’t matter for everything worked well for my good. My loving Fiance came into the picture when I broke up with that liar and pretentious guy 3rd ex… And FI is completely different, the man that I was praying for. The man that has the fear of God and patient, loving and responsible…All i can say is that it is worth the wait..

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i was 21 and had a 2 year old and about to finish my BA. going to a state college and the community college so I could take 25 units a semester. And working as a corona girl/bud girl at night. 🙂

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I was living in NY and in a difficult relationship, and just graduated with my BFA.  I got a summer job as a teaching assistant for a group of high schoolers in London.

Great memories of being in and experiencing the UK! 

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10 years ago I was 20, living in my first apartment, with my first husban – at the time we were engaged and planning our wedding.  I was 2.5 hours away from my parents for the first time, and working on my bachelors degree.

10 years, 2 husbands, 6 apartments, a house, a dog, and 2 degrees later – I am a MUCH happier woman!!

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I love this question.

10 years ago I was almost 20…if I remember correctly, I was starting my second year at community college and still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I was living at home and desperate to fall in love (really, not too desperate; I had never had a boyfriend at this point in my life and never thought I would have one). 

It is weird to think that towards the end of my 20th year, I was living in Cambridge, England for a study abroad and loving every minute of it.  The next year, I met my ex and we had a LDR for two and a half years before it ended (thank goodness).  Six months later, I met my Fiance and I coudn’t be happier with him!!

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I was 27, I had just graduated the police Academy, my daughter was three and her father had recently passed away. Now I have the same job, my daughter volunteers at the San Francisco zoo, I’m engaged to A man 11 years younger than me, and I’m on my way to the Big Sur half marathon. Life is good. 

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Ten years ago i was with my current Fiance for three years. We had a two year old baby and i was very young and had no idea really who i was, although i thought i did. I think something happens in your late twenties into your early thirties where you just kinda find yourself.  Ive been in love with the same man for fourteen years and we are getting married in 9 months. i concider myself very lucky to have gone down all the roads i have, and feel very blessed knowing that rocky or smooth they have always lead me back to where i am. I’m a very strong independent women that have two of the greatest men in my life, my son and my soon to be husband, And i know that what i’ve learned through my experiences over the past ten years has made me realalize that they are the wind that keeps my sail blowing and together we get to our destinations through life.

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I was 22, had a 3 year old son, and was married to my ex-husband… I cannot even believe when I think back how different my life was then compared to now ! lol… good post 😉

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@dynamic_duo: 10 years ago I was 21, I had just crossed AKA and I thought I was the best thing since sliced bread on campus! lol…I was living in the dorm. I had a cocktail for the first time; I still remember I ordered a Lemondrop. 

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