30 Weeks Pregnant and Admitted Indefinitely…ENTERTAIN ME!

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Blushing bee

I think my priorities are out of line because this actually sounds awesome to me (except for the stress of wanting the baby to be healthy and being away from my dog!).  You could watch so much Netflix, read a long book series, learn a new language!  Super jealous.  I am in rainy New York with a dog that wants to go on a walk.  Tell us about your dog!

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Oh man, I hope she stays cooking awhile longer!

Are there any hobbies you’ve been wanting to pick up? I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, so if I had a bunch of time on my hands, I’d pull up some Youtube tutorials and try learning. Any books you’ve been meaning to read?

Above all though, just try to rest and enjoy the (relative) peace and quiet before your newborn comes kicking and screaming into the world! Once she’s here, everything will change in the blink of an eye.

Here’s my little guy to say that we both wish you and baby girl the best! πŸ’›

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PrincessPeach13 :  unfortunately, as someone who does studies, you don’t make more than your salary off of it.. even when an interested party is funding the research (like big pharma). In this case, big doggie doesn’t fund much. That said I totally agree outcomes would probably be beffer if we had our pets with us.. as long as we didn’t have open wounds or whatever.

Not sure what we’re gonna do this weekend. Probably continue to do a bit to set up the nursery.. I have all these folded cranes I want to hang as a sort of mobile over baby’s bed.. but then I know some ppl swear by actual mobiles that play a lullaby and I’m wondering if it’d be too much to have both…

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Bumble bee

I was also put on bed rest for the last few weeks of my second pregnancy ( won’t go into details) but as an active person it was tough. I just had to stay put at home though. One day my amazing mum gave me a pair of binoculars and a book on birds as we have lots of trees on our property. She also put out a bird feeder.  I really got into it. I had always been a knitter so that kept me occupied and I also gave crochet a try. Many crosswords were completed and I re read a few Jane Austen books. 

You could try a big puzzle, origami, listen to an audiobook, clean out your email, write a journal. Do all those things that you will have no time to do once you become a new mum!

Glad to hear you are taking good care of yourself and your little girl and I wish you both the absolute best. Rest up and keep well. 


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Helper bee
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Sending positive vibes your way bee! I’m in sunny north Florida fighting a summer cold. It’s been raining non stop all week and today it’s beautiful, hotter than hell, but beautiful. I’ve been sitting on the couch while hubbys beeb doing little chores around the house. He fixed one of my bird feeders, set up a couple of fishing poles for us, and now he’s going through the movie guides to find something for us to watch.

Rest up! Before you know it that bundle of joy will be sleeping in your arms and these days of bed rest will be so worth it!

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Buzzing bee
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PrincessPeach13 :  The hospital CHARGES FOR TV?!?? That’s freaking ridiculous. I work for a health system and that’s unheard of. I prefer Netflix and Prime video just to avoid commercials… Have you downloaded TLC to go? If you have cable at home you can sign in with your info and stream episodes. E! Might have something similar. 

When I was in the hospital for 12 days, I did a lot of coloring. I was on pain meds so concentrating wasn’t easy, so crosswords were out. Coloring was the perfect distraction that didn’t take much focus. 

Most people don’t make money from studies πŸ˜‰ but there is actually a lot of evidence that patients in long term care do better when they have a service animal come visit. Unfortunately bringing a pet into a hospital includes a lot of potential risks and liability, so that’s pretty unlikely. Maybe your mom could Skype you with the dog so you could at least say hello and let her hear your voice. 

It’s a tough spot you’re in; you want baby to stay put and cook, but being stuck in the hospital sucks. Having lots of visitors can really help break it up. Plus they usually come with presents 😊

Hang in there!

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Sugar bee

So sorry to hear that, bee!!! Will everything be ok with your work while you’re out? Maybe someone can bring you books, magazines, word finds, small puzzles, etc. And I’d binge on TV once or twice a week!!!

This will probably make you laugh: I read the title as “30 weeks pregnant and admitted infidelity”! I was expecting to read something horrific your husband did!!! By the time I got to the end of the post I thought: where’s the infidelity?!!? LOL Re-read the title & figured it out!

Nothing interesting over on the west coast…. except it’s soooo hot!!!!! We get monsoons too with dust storms.  I’m thinking about going to see a movie this afternoon. Debating between regular movies or the cheaper second-run theater. Any suggestions on a good movie out now? And then I have to keep packing. I’m moving to a new place just a few minutes away over Labor Day weekend.

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Bumble bee
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My 24 yo male patient came in with a mango up his rectum.  Story he told is that he was walking down the stairs, tripped and it slid in.  

Another patient came in high of crack cocaine.  His story was he had a break in, was convinced someone had planted drugs in his apartment, so he rummaged through his couch and found crack rocks scattered everywhere on it, and became high while trying to clean it up.  He’s not sure how baggies of crack made it up his rectum.

Mostly it’s men who have these bizarre stories, they’re typically horrible fibbers (women only fall for their fibs because they want to, studies have shown men can’t compartmentalise as well as women so their fibs don’t match up or they have obvious tells) and do things women would not, but I do have one female story.

 She came in with chest pain.  We automatically test for drugs because cocaine messes with your heart.  She was positive for cocaine, so during my initial nursing evaluation I asked her what drugs she did (instead of asking her if she did drugs).  She said she didn’t do any drugs.

Now we don’t care what a patient does because we’re not turning anyone in or treating them differently so I stressed this to her, told her she came up positive for coke and that probably caused her chest pain.  She claims she hadn’t done cocaine in 3 months and didn’t know it stayed in your system that long.  I said it doesn’t, only stays 24-48 hours, and again, we don’t care what she does we’re just here to help her.  She then claims it must have come up positive because she used her sister’s hairbrush and her sister does a LOT of drugs.  Sigh…, I made one final effort and told her we tested her urine, that she had to have metabolized it, we don’t test hair samples, and again we DON’T care or judge we just want to treat her effectively. 

I didn’t give any PHI so I didn’t violate HIPAA.  Enjoy!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I would kill for your gloomy gross grey sky view!!

Hope baby stays put a bit longer! I couldn’t even handle the two days after labor so I feel for you.

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