30 Weeks Pregnant and Admitted Indefinitely…ENTERTAIN ME!

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PrincessPeach13 :  

I was submitted to the hospital at 30 Weeks in June due to severe IUGR baby (2.3% percentile), reduced fetal movements and contractions on the CTG.

Diagnosis: placental insufficiency

Moved to another hospital as high risk with a NICU as i was told bub will be delivered 32-34 GA. I was devastated! 

3 days later i was out of hospital as all ctgs were fine, had to be monitored 2-3 a week, with regular growth scans.

35+5 growth scan showed she was 5% at 2.1 kg  and still frank breech so my C section was booked in for 37+0. My healthy baby girl was delivered 2nd Aug weighing 2470 g !

Sooo doctors can get it wrong!i hope it will be the same for you.

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PrincessPeach13 :  

We arrived home 6 hours ago ๐Ÿ˜ bubs was cleared yesterday but i had to stay another night due to having had a C section. Bub was bigger than they expected (ultrasounds can be off by 15%), no NICU required. She needed to be monitored for low blood sugar for 36 hours as she was below 2.5 Kg. I had a good supply of colostrum and fed her with this liquid gold. Day 3 my milk started to come in and bubs has been feeding 8x in 24 hours. My boobs are ON FIRE ๐Ÿ˜‚

I know how you feel, i was a crying mess at 30 Weeks in hospital as i loved being pregnant and wanted her to cook for much longer (which she did). Just know you are in good care and if they think bub is in distress they can deliver her asap! 



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Ps: i also googled for premmie clothes while in hospital! I really hope you can go home soon and enjoy your pregnancy until 37 weeks

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mrsaime :  I read it the same way  I got confused with no infidelity in the post.



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Do you like audio books?  You can get a trial subscription of audible and kill some time that way!

eta: Learning to knit, crochet, or hand-sew some clothes/toys/hats/blankets for your baby could be a productive and useful way to spend some time too.

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PrincessPeach13 :  Thanks for explaining! Wow I am glad they caught it and I do hope you can go home and be monitored outpatient! Glad you at least have the bee to help entertain you!!!

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PrincessPeach13 :  “They should really let you have your pet during long hospital stays.  I’m sure any studies done on the topic would show elevated mood resulting in less depression, anxiety, and decreased overall time spent in admission.”

Not only do I agree, but I also think having pets on the wards would result in less depression and anxiety in junior doctors.  So I’m 100% in favour of this!

Also, this seems relevant:

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Hey bee! How are you holding up, I hope we can keep this thread going the entire time you are in hospital! Hmmmmm what to tell you, nothing exciting. It is Monday lunchtime where I am, it’s not going too bad as far as Monday’s go, yesterday I spent a great deal snuggling with my cats (we recently got a kitten so we now have 3 – yes we are mad)and generally just enjoying them getting along better, oh and getting some last minute holiday bits for our upcoming trip to Slovenia and Venice for my FH 40th birthday. 


I know you are a dog lover but kitty pictures included for smiles ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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PrincessPeach13 :  I hope you and baby are still doing well! 30 weeks is a great milestone to get to even if she does end up being a preemie. Here’s hoping you can make it to at least 37 weeks though. We thought DS was coming at 24 weeks so I also had an amazon cart full of preemie clothes, but thankfully he held off until 36/37 weeks so we didn’t need them.


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Hi there! I hope these next few weeks go as smoothly as possible and you have a healthy baby girl! 

I just wanted to share this news with you, even thought you’re a complete stranger:

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Our stories sound very similar! I was diagnosed with marginal cord insertion at my 20 week appointment and the OB predicted that my daughter would have trouble growing in the third trimester and scheduled growth scans every 4 weeks.  They were right- at my 28week appointment she was measuring several weeks behind. At 30 weeks, my blood pressure started to creep up.  I was admitted into OB triage to rule out pre-eclampsia. Thankfully, everything was negative but I was also given the steroid injections and told I could deliver any day but that the goal was 37 weeks.  My daughter was also breech so it would be a scheduled c-section. I was taken off work (I’m an RN) thoug never put on bedrest. Went in 2x weekly for NSTs and BPPs along with the growth scans. MY Bridal Party  kept going up and I was admitted almost every week.  Finally at my 37week appointment it got high enough that they decided to take her that day.  She was born at 5lb 2oz (7th percentile) but totally healthy, no NICU time. She was only 4lb 11oz when we left the hospital! She is now 10 months and still only 16 lbs (3rd percentile) but right on track with her milestones and she is the happiest baby ever. 

Turns out I have two uteruses (uterine didelphys) which is why she was breech, though it doesn’t explain the marginal cord insertion.  I just thought it was funny that I had so many ultrasounds during my pregnancy but they couldnt’ figure out I had two uteruses until I was cut open. Now it ‘s my ice breaker at parties ๐Ÿ™‚

In all seriousness – I remember how much of a rollercoaster the last trimester was and I’m wishing you all the best. 

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Oh wow, Bee, that sounds so stressful but I’m glad you and your little one are being monitored closely! Hopefully she gets to hang out in there for another 7 weeks, but it sounds like you’re in great hands. Sending you lots of hugs!

My day today was pretty eventful, even though I thought it would just be another mundane Tuesday around here. Instead, my new kitten (3 months old) decided to climb up on a window screen in a bedroom (it’s hot and we have no AC here in Seattle, so all the windows are open), which then gave out and fell to the ground…with her on it. We live on the 2nd floor, so it was quite a drop. Panic ensued, followed by a rush to the closest vet when I noticed her little nose bleeding and she wouldn’t let me pick her up like her tummy was hurt.

Full body x-rays and $300 later, she’s home and drugged up on kitten pain meds, but pretty much okay, thank goodness! Just a little banged up and probably still a little spooked (me too!).

Anyway, because it was a scary day and I’m so glad she’s okay and you need some distraction, here’s a pic of my adorable little climbing monster that scared me to death today.

And here’s one from today with her all doped up and sleeping like a weirdo…

Good luck, Bee. I’ll be checking back to the thread to see how things are going for you! <3

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