(Closed) 32nd day today, she still has no period :(

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mrparanoid:  my Fiance and I use the pull out method (but we aren’t actively trying to prevent a pregnancy either).  My period was 11 days late last month and I am typically very regular.  So one day late is nothing to worry about.  But you do realize that you aren’t really using birth control, right?  If you truly are mr. Paranoid, I would think you would be a little more responsible….

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Oh my. It’s all been said but I had to chime in on this one. Why people ask online strangers instead of taking a test is beyond me. And the menstrual cycle is by no means an exact science. You don’t get your period at the exact time (date AND time on the clock) every month. Stress could be delaying her period, or her cycle could just be off this month or yes, she could be pregnant. That’s what happens when you’re not more careful. And it kinda bothered me that the first reason you listed for being able to be a parent now is that your mom is ready for a grandchild. Eek. I hope this is a false alarm and that you are more careful next time. And maybe read up on the reproductive system.

ETA: if you guys are paranoid enough about pregnancy to be having Facebook conversations on the regular about her period, then it boggles my mind that you wouldn’t be more careful. Also, douching won’t retract the sperm that’s already made it to its destination. 

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What the actual f**k is this post? Why would you come on a wedding board for this? Just talk to your girlfriend and buy a preggo test. Oy. And get some real birth control next time and stop being retarded. 

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I’d bet a great deal that more than half of my generation was conceived using the calendar and withdrawal methods. (I was! And my exH’s older sister. And my SO’s older sister. And so on, and so on.)

If you are not pregnant and don’t want to have children right now please choose a reliable method of birth control!

We cannot tell you if your girlfriend is pregnant. She may be, she may not be–pick up a pregnancy test and find out for sure!!! Best wishes for the best outcome.

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wow, responses are very judgey for something that has probably happened to a lot of us….you never cease to surprise me bees………

anyway, yes a test is the only way to know for sure. When my noe husband and I got together we had a scare. I thought for sure I was pregnant based on different symptoms my body had. Only the answer was nope. I was actually disappointed but you just never know when its gonna happen. I am another one who’s cycle can change each month and is extremenly susceptible to stress. 

It could be stress that is causing the shift in her cycle, so just get a test and see what happens. 



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antiweddingbride:  hahaha!!!!

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Someone who is paranoid about pregnancy would not be using the pull out method. 

No one here is a pregnancy test. I am not sure what her issue with a pee test is, but even going to the doctor that is often first test they do. It’s just pee, and if she IS pregnant and you keep the baby she better get used to bodily fluids, her own and the baby’s. Of course there is a risk of pregnancy, not only as you are having sex, but unprotected sex, and those trackers – that just go by period start or end dates – are only going on averages – not HER body. She needs to actually be monitoring with temps and cervical changes to know how HER body works. Some women also ovulate late, early, twice, or have cycles where they do not ovulate at all.

And yikes, don’t found a decision on to have or continue a pregnancy because your mom wants to be a grandmother. Parenthood is a much larger, much longer, commitment than that.

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For most people, if practiced correctly, the pull out method does work.  Repeated studies have shown that most men do not have sperm in their pre-cum.  The important thing is that a man has to pee in between ejaculation and re-entering his partner.  Also, most importantly, he has to actually ejaculate outside of her (that’s what trips most guys up).

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I can’t stop loling at this post. 

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Also, those apps, while usefull are not 100% accurate. You record when your period starts and stops and it guesses when you should ovulate based on an average. Everybody is different, and every month might be different! 

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She might be pregnant and she might not be. It’s definitely too soon to speculate, but it’s not too soon to take a pregnancy test, so she should do that ASAP. If she is pregnant and you plan on having a child, she should really find out as soon as possible and see a doctor to make sure everything is ok.

I’m just going to say for future reference about “pulling out:” the main issue is that pre-cum CAN AND OFTEN DOES have live sperm in it. The purpose of the pre-cum is to clean out the urethra so that your little swimmers don’t get killed by residual urine on the way out. To put this bluntly: If you  cum, don’t pee, and then cum again, your “pre cum” has live sperm in it for sure. Even if you do pee in between, there is always a chance that some of the sperm will live. For this reason, pulling out is never a good method.

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I hate to get up on my soapbox on an Internet forum but I feel compelled to do so after reading some of these comments. It’s a big shame that a group of eloquent, knowledgable ladies is so judgemental and cutting towards someone whom they don’t know from Adam. Those of you who criticized OP by calling him a retard – really classy, you should be proud of your wide vocabulary. I’d venture to say a TON of women who post in these forums have had at least one preg scare, if not more. Regardless of your situation, married or not, the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy is absolutely terrifying. 

Now on to the facts. OP, your gf MUST take a pregnancy test. It will probably feel like a million heart attacks going on inside of you while you await results. It sucks, and I have been there. You need to find out the results as soon as possible.

Anything, anyyyyythingn can throw a woman’s cycle off. My cycle is 28 days exactly- I always o day 14 and I have no history of major repro issues. Having said that, there have been a few months when I was off. By “off” I mean that I’ve been late anywhere from 1-6 days. The cause? Probably stress.. I do remember an antibiotic set me off my a few days as well. It happens. Again, you need to test to give yourself peace of mind.

I’m not qualified to offer a diagnosis or any recommendations for the future. All I’ll say is that I do know quite a few childless couples who have used the pull out method for a while. What I know about all of these couples(I’m close with the girls) is that they are VERY careful. So, yes, the pull out method can work effectively if it’s done right. Just know that it could result in a surprise, so it’s good to be cognicent of the risk involved as well.

Good luck to you and your girlfriend!

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You know more about your gf’s period cycles than i know about my own.

To answer your question-I think most women have had cycles that are not always 100% “on schedule” from time to time. Stress is huge factor.

That being said, if you really are “Mr Paranoid”, then wear a condom or talk with your gf about other methods of protection. I’m sure there are even apps that can help you decide.

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If you don’t want a baby, don’t use pull out. My daughter was conceived using Pom. The fact I showered right after clearly didn’t do a thing! Tell her to be a responsible human and take a damn test.

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