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rainy578:  I’d recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility and also getting a Basal Body Thermometer and start temping.  Temping will tell you if you’re actually ovulating and allow you to get familiar with your cycles before actually TTC.  There’s a free app a lot of the bees use, including myself, called Fertility Friend. It has tutorials on how to temp and chart the data so you can learn the process. I was 30 when we started TTC and wanted to temp so that if we ran into trouble, I would have tons of cycle data to provide the doctor.  Luckily charting worked well for us and I quickly learned how to time everything properly and we were lucky enough to conceive on cycle #4, shortly after turning 31. Currently 32 weeks along now.

best of luck!!

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You have some really exciting stuff coming up!  🙂  So I would second the recommendation of reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  And just generally eat well and stay active.  Also, I’m curious as to your doctor’s reasoning for waiting to TTC after the BCP?  I ask because my OB recommended the opposite, adding that some women are very fertile right after coming off of BCP.  It ended up being true in my case (I was 33 at the time); I got pregnant with my son immediately after stopping BCP, and he is now 20 months old and a healthy, happy kiddo.  I have heard that some docs recommend waiting, but I figured I’d at least put in my two cents; I hope I haven’t overstepped in doing so.  Best of luck!!  

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I also think it’s interesting that doctor told you to wait to TTC after going off BC.  What’s the harm in at least trying right away?  Doesn’t cost anything 😉

I also think it’s a good idea to start temping or at least monitoring your cycles so you can nail down when you ovulate.  I didn’t temp, but I track my cycle carefully and used OPKs (ovulation predictor kits), and got pregnant on the third month of trying (I’m 14 weeks now).

No idea if this is an issue for you but I wish I had gotten in better shape before starting TTC.  I’m mad at myself for starting pregnancy with 10 extra lbs and my core strength isn’t so great.  But that is probably just me.

Sounds like you’re doing all the right things, good luck!

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I  echo the above-I’m not sure why the 3 month wait.  Doctors used to think that getting pregnant the very first cycle off of BC had higher rates of miscarriage, but I’m pretty sure that idea is no longer supported.  I am similar to you-went off BC at 34-and I got pregnant our second cycle trying. Temping and charting will definitely help you figure out your cycles!  They could be weird after you come off BC or they might just go back to normal.   It was nice tracking that first month, getting a positive on an OPK, seeing the temperature surge and knowing I had a 28 day cycle.  I also got back into a gym regimen several months before we started TTC.  Oh and I had my husband start taking a daily vitamin (can’t hurt) and kept him away from hot tubs 🙂

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rainy578:  I would definitely seek a second opinion on when you should start TTC after stopping BC. What did she mean by waiting for the eggs to mature? Thats what they do every cycle, so I don’t know what would be different between first cycle off BC and the fourth. Very odd 

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pickles325:  It seems like a lot of doctors advise waiting some amount of time or “until your cycles regulate” because it makes it easier to determine the baby’s due date. When I got my Nexplanon removed my NP did not give me any such advise, just said that it could be right away or take a few months- I think this frustrated my OB because we were pregnant 6 weeks later, and they weren’t too happy that I only had one “period” to go off of (really a withdrawl bleed from removin the implant) and no data for average cycle length post BC. They measured by ultrasound but they aren’t 100% accurate, so my due date was calculated 3 times (Based on LMP it was July 17th, !st ultrasound set it at July 28th, and 2nd ultrasound set it at July 22) After all that everything is continuing to line up with the 22nd, and everything is healthy, so it’s not really a “medical” reason to wait, more of a “recordkeeping” reason. 

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