(Closed) 3.5 weeks – how to achieve short term weight loss safely?

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@MrsCreeToBe:  I think it depends on your weight.  If you’ve got a fair amount of weight to lose, it will come off faster in the beginning.  If you’re starting with a BMI that is in “normal range”, it’s probably not safe.  If you’re trying to “de-bloat” I’d stay away from high sodium foods and drink plenty of water.  If you’re asking how to cut weight (i.e. the way wrestlers do), just know it is pretty detrimental to females, even moreso than males (something about the % of water). 

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I personally have never been able to do it.  My body flat out refuses to lose weight quickly unless I completely starve myself and even then it takes more than 3-4 weeks for the effects to kick in and be noticeable and by then I am a crazy hungry psychotic biotch.

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I don’t know about actual weight loss, but I have a trick to shed water weight: watermelon.  I tend to bloat in the summer heat, and whenever I eat this, all that puffiness goes way down. in addition, cut way down on salt and drink lots of water.

the night before the wedding and the morning of, I ate 1/2 of one of the small melons (they’re a little bigger than a cantaloupe). I don’t know how much that is, maybe 3 cups each day? 

watermelon has a lot of sugar in it, so if you’re trying to lose weight, I’d only advise doing this trick in the last couple days.  I don’t know why it works so well, it may contain certain vitamins or minerals that help more than just drinking water alone. 

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I generally go super low carb & drink lots of water. I also only eat whole foods (meat & lots of veggies, essentially most of my meals are giant salads topped with various proteins & veggies) & avoid the “diet” junk. I’ve lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks that way (and you already know you’ll gain it right back once you go back to eating normally).

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I’ve known people who’ve had success with cutting out as much sodium as possible. No processed foods, no starchy foods

Basically eating boiled chicken breast, leafy greens with olive oil, lots of water, fresh fruit.

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Google CABBAGE SOUP…my mom lost 10lbs the first week

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I just lost 10 pounds in February (for a diet challenge).  I was NEVER able to lose that much while trying just as hard for my wedding weight loss, but I think my body had a break and was ready to shed what it put on.  Plus, I ‘primed’ it in January, with starting to make better choices.

In a nutshell, here’s what I did:

1.  Water – lots of water -make sure you are drinking at least 40oz a day.  I’d say 1/2 your body weight in ounces is optimal.

2.  I cut out:  sugar, processed food, cheese, dairy (not eggs), alcohol, coffee.

3.  I also tried to get my liver as optimal as possible and replaced coffee with tea.

4.  Sleep – sleep is key to weight loss, IMO.  Get at least 8 hours a night.

5.  Exercise – make sure you are doing some sweat inducing workouts.  They don’t have to be long (mine were pretty short) but get your heart rate up.

For food:  lots of protein, veggies, fruit, nuts… I watched my portion size and didn’t overdo it.

For me – it’s always about what I eat and I have very little wiggle room.


@MrsCreeToBe:  What’s your height/weight right now?  That will also play into it.  Also, what is your slow-steady plan?  What changes are you planning to make vs. what you are currently doing.  I ask, because if you can modify your slow and steady plan to a strict plan, when you transition to the slow and steady, you should be able to keep the weight off.  Also, being aware of your triggers and ‘danger zones’ where you are more likely to fall off the wagon is essential to long-term success, IMO

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@MrsCreeToBe:  The Whole30 program & Paleo has worked wonders for me.  Basically, no processed foods, refined sugars, and lots of veggies and proein.  I loved how I felt on Whole30 and the scale liked it too 🙂

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Any diet that will put you into ketosis (Atkins, bernsteins, etc) will allow you to loose the most weight the fastest. 

I did the Dr.Bernsteins diet several years ago and lost 50lbs in 3.5 months, I’ve kept almost all of it off since then. 

I don’t believe the US has the Bernsteins clinics anymore tho.

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I went vegetarian and lost 12 lbs in a month. I didn’t have as many food options I could eat, HAD to eat more fruits and veggies, and also paired it with nightly (4 nights a week) walking. It was a nice start even though I have a LOT more to lose, it feels good knowing I’m lower than I’ve been in a year. Also, what really helps my body change is doing a workout dvd/circuit training/weight training. I usually wait until I’ve had some success dieting before I do it because it doesn’t change the numbers on the scale much which can mess with my motivation but it changes my body like crazy. 2 weeks of it and I’ll notice my belly is different, my arms feel better, my clothes FIT better etc

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Cut out processed food completely, reduce salt, reduce carbs, increase green veg and lots of water. I can lose a tonne of weight fast (and keep it off for some time) that way. 

The week before the event, cut out salt completely and stick with protein, vegetables, water and dandelion tea. 

Do not starve. That doesn’t work and you’ll look thinner but sort of puffy. 

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I’ve always had major success losing weight by cutting out all sugar that isn’t found in nature and almost all carbs, down to one slice of whole grain toast a day or something similar. Eating a diet of lean meats (chicken, lean steaks, white fish choices, turkey, etc) with healthy vegetable choices ( leafy greens *NOT iceburg*, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, etc) and limiting my fruit intake to only two or three times a day because of the sugar in that. It basically forces your body to access your fat stores and work to lose weight quickly and it DOES work. I was eating enough to stay satisfied but not overly full. There aren’t many calories in most of what you’re eating. You just have to be careful on the portions of meat. Only eat 4-6 ounces per meal. 6 if you are working out, 4 if you aren’t. Sounds like a crazy diet, but it works. I got it from this diet plan that came with some drops that you had to take with it, but I found that I lost weight whether I took the damn 100 dollar drops or not! The major thing with this diet though is that you CAN’T be going out and eating burger king or eating cakes and stuff or your body will just be putting back on what it lost really quickly. It’s a lose weight quick diet ( I lost 25lbs in 6 weeks on it and 40 lbs in 8 for an idea) but it’s also very restricting.

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@quierajen:  Oh yeah, the other thing is that you have to drink a ton of water. Take your weight, divide in half, that’s how many ounces of water this diet wants you to drink a day..

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Losing weight at this point will only make your dress not fit, and you won’t have time for alterations. I think you should just get married as your current fabulous self.

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