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I’m sorry ๐Ÿ™ I really would be very surprised if a breech baby at 39 weeks turned on their own. There’s no room in there!

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happyhealthy87:  My son was not breech but I did have a c-section due to his size and my pelvis size. I am not gonna lie the first two days after the c-section were horrible but I swear once you poop and can shower you will feel a lot better. A few things I will suggest is; get yourself a robe for the hospital. It is so much easy to have a robe you can open it up in front and your butt isn’t hanging out like it would with a gown. Best tip I can give is to walk around! Once they give you the okay, walk a couple of laps around the maternity ward. It really does help. Good Luck!

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Is it your first baby?  I’m sorry, I don’t think there’s much of a chance of baby changing positions at this point    Did they not feel for her position earlier?  I would have thought they could have felt where she was weeks earlier to see if they could turn her?

It’s more common for babies to turn late on second or additional pregnancies though.

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happyhealthy87:  Yeah that might be a bit odd.  I think my OB started feeling (she would just press down low externally) around for the head around 32 or 33 weeks.  Once around week 37 she didn’t know for sure if that was the head so she checked my cervix and at the same time felt the head that way- and confirmed it was her head.  We didn’t have normal ultrasounds so I only happened to have one because I was overdue at 40w and she was definitely head down.  She just told me the head feels like a little bowling ball.  I could never fell the head externally myself but I know you can internally (well the midwife or OB can fell it internally).

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happyhealthy87:  I was the breeching baby n years ago ๐Ÿ˜› My mom said she had an ultrasound at 37 weeks, and it showed me as head first. When her water broke and she rushed to the hospital, everyone was surprised to see my foot! So the dr pushed me back in and did a c section.. 

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It sounds like I had a situation very similar to yours.  I found out when I was 35 weeks along that my little guy was breech as well.  All along they had felt my stomach and thought it was his head down and bottom up, when really it was the opposite.  I, too, was rubbing what I thought was his bottom, but really had been rubbing his head!  Even when they did a cervical check, she thought she felt his head – but it was his bottom!  The only reason I found out he was breech was an ultrasound scheduled due to my elevated blood pressure – we weren’t expecting to find out that he was breech!  I was early enough for the option of trying ECV but due to his size, my fluid levels and the chances of him flipping back around even if it was successful, didn’t seem worth the risks to me.  I scheduled a c-section for 39.5 weeks.  He never flipped, and I went into labor at 37 weeks.  We made it to the hospital in time for my c-section, but with him being breech, they told me to really pay attention to contractions if they started before my scheduled c-section, as they didn’t want me to get too far along and get to the hospital too late. 

My c-section recovery was not that bad.  I didn’t have strong feelings against a c-section to start with so I think just having the right attitude going into it will help you too.  Walking after was really hard to get myself to do at first, but once I realized how much it was helping, I forced myself to walk as much as I could handle and I think that started to help recovery a lot too.  A robe would have been a great idea to have with me!  And they never told me when I could shower, so finally after being there for a few days I asked if I could shower and they let me, so I always look back and wonder how early on I could have showered – because showering felt amazing!  I wish I was more upfront with my questions like that. 

No matter what, it’s amazing.  I look back to that day and it is the best day I have ever experienced.

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Check out spinningbabies.com. The exercises won’t hurt at any rate, even if they don’t end up working. Chiropractors also claim to have great success using a moxie stick on your foot… I didnt need to try this, but it’s non-invasive and again won’t hurt to trt if you’d rather do a vaginal birth. 

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If it helps, elective c sections are apparently a much nicer, calmer experience than emergency ones. At the end of the day, the best way to deliver is the way that’s is the safest for you and baby – if that means you have an elective c section and you end up with a healthy baby then you can be proud of yourself because you did the best thing for your baby  


kes18:  Yeah, it’s possible to tell the difference between the head and the bottom by feeling (firmly but gently) externally, although its not 100% accurate. Basically the head feels harder and more curved whilst the bottom is softer and flatter. 

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happyhealthy87:  it looks like you’re probably having a c section. While that may not be what you planned, you’re a great mom to be already putting the baby’s needs first! The only good c section tip I have is after the surgery when you feel the need to cough/sneeze hold a pillow over your abdomen and press down.

Best of luck and my good wishes!  

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