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Cut is obviously most important. For example, I recently came across my great great grandmother’s engagement ring and I felt faint… it was utterly, utterly exquisite. The carat, colour and clarity were practically identical to my ring (I couldn’t see any difference) but the cut… OMG the cut…

I mean, I love my ring, but hers was just… incredible… I’ve never seen anything like it before in the shops or online, or anything…. on paper, it was exactly the same cut as mine, but in reality… WOW!

Clarity has to be my second choice… but only if it is better than an SI2. As long as I can’t see any inclusions upon close examination, it doesn’t bother me what the jeweller can see. Interestingly, Fiance got me an IF stone… suits his taste (he likes perfection on a small scale) but it wouldn’t have had to be perfect as far as I was concerned.

Then colour. Again, it wouldn’t have to be perfect, but an obviously off colour stone would bother me a lot.

Carat… meh. I’d have happily accepted anything from a 0.2 to a 0.6 or 0.7. I wouldn’t have gone bigger because of practicality, safety risks, and aesthetics… I don’t like big stones. But if he’d given me something smaller or bigger, I would have accepted it happily in the end.

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Gah! I have gone around and around on this one….I originally put carat and color at the top and got bigger stone, G color, I2 in clarity, and mediocre cut….but the more I stared at my diamond the more I wished it sparkled more….and not to mention it was a princess cut…

A few months later I traded it in and got a smaller stone (.14) smaller for better clairity (VS2), G in color, and ALOT better cut! It sparkles so much more now and it gets noticed alot more than my bigger stone did! I still kinna miss the finger coverage though…*sigh

But, in short I would now order it:

1. Cut (Excellent-Ideal), 2. Carat (.7round to-1 round or 1-1.25 princess), 3.Color H or better 4. Clarity SI1 and better

Oh as far as pics go…..

Bigger stone lesser quality:


New stone:

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@zombiefairy:  For me cut is definitely the most important. But purchasing an ideal cut diamond wasn’t in budget so my order went like this…




Size (according to what could be found within budget)

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I agree that cut is number one. You can take a D FL 2 carat rock and ruin it by not cutting it properly. It can look flat or glassy or it can look brilliant and fiery depending on the cut. We went to a jeweller that cut their own stones – I particularly liked their style of cushion cut stones. They can differ the most because unlike round or princess, there is no accepted standard.

For me, colour was second. I wanted colourless because I seem to be colour sensitive. Before I knew about colour gradings I went into Tiffany and looked at solitaires. I saw a G and said it’s a bit off white… that’s when I knew I wanted something really colourless.

Then carat – I didn’t want huge, just a nice size for my hand. We chose just over a carat and set it in a halo to add a bit of extra size.

Clarity is last for me. If the stone is cut well it can greatly improve the clarity. For example my stone is vs2 but the way the jeweller cut the stone, the only inclusions were only visible from the bottom. It is actually loup clean from the top so now that it is set, a jeweller looked at it and said it looked IF or vvs1. The important thing with clarity is just no visible inclusions. 


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I don’t have a diamond, but if I did my preference would be:




Color – I like a little warmth ๐Ÿ™‚

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@ChloeTM2707:  I feel the exact same way ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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Cut – Round round round!



Carat – I wanted between .5 and .7 carats and that’s what I got

Here’s my .6 carat round-cut custom-designed by my Fiance e-ring (and I love it!):


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I swapped my original stone for a better quality one, but instead of downsizing, I got a plain band to stay within FI’s price range. I originally told him I wanted something classic with a twist, which I think both rings fulfill. He picked out both, but with the first one you could clearly see the difference in color from the center stone and the side diamonds and the center stone looked cloudy which drove me crazy, but Fiance was able to swap it for a the second one! 

Specs on first ring:

Ideal cut, VVS2, K color, .75 carat

Second ring:

Ideal cut, VS2, E color, .75 carat

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I had minimum requirements for each of the C’s, so I’ll list them in order of importance to me, along w/the requirement. I don’t know where to count carat weight as 1 of the 4 C’s, because it had to be 1 carat or more ๐Ÿ™‚ 1-cut, had to be excellent 2-color, H or better (FI chose the G, he was able to tell the difference after I tested him numerous times!) 3-clarity, VS2 or better. So, I wound up with a 1.11center, excellent cut, VS2 cushion cut. 

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@Tatiana0622:  Woah that’s a crazy difference! How is that if they are cut the same and have great clarity??

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Cut, Carat, Clarity Color.

Clarity wise, I can go down to SI2, as long as it is eye lcean.

Color, can go down to I, which is what I have for my current stone. I love the warmth in it.

Cut is king! so that’s not negotiatble ๐Ÿ™‚


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Obviously cut is most important. Then it’s color and clarity. Carat doesn’t matters for me.

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