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mrsfrendo11:  firstly, congrats!

everyone is different!! i never got sick or felt sick – very lucky. i was the opposite and was hungry all the time lol! but my friend was really sick. She could only drink orange juice and eat crackers for about 8 weeks. hope you start to feel ok soon!

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Morning sickness starts between 4-10 weeks with the peak being week 9, so you’re right on track for that lovely symptom πŸ™‚ For a majority of people it goes away by week 16, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

Eating bland food and carbs should help, but also make sure you eat protein because that also helps to alleviate the nausea. Try eating several small meals throughout the day, and drink 20-30 minutes after meals.

If the conservative methods like that don’t help, definitely talk to your doctor! I work for a company that makes a morning sickness medicine, so your doctor can prescribe you something if it gets that bad.

FYI morning sickness is more prevalent when the baby is a girl πŸ˜‰

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mrsfrendo11:  toast was my best friend weeks 5-9. And orange juice. And yogurt wasn’t too bad. I found eating anything quickly didn’t go down well so I taught myself to take a few bites and then take a break and keep going. Takes way longer to eat bit I also found it helped me keep nibbling all day which kept the naseau down a little for me. 

If it’s any consolation, I’m almost 14 weeks now and I mostly just feel gross in the morning (first time it’s been ‘morning’ sickness so it’s kind of a relief!) And if I walk too quickly. 

Hang in there girl, and congratulations!! πŸ˜€

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I ate applesauce, tangerines, plain cereals and bland foods. I learned the hard way to eat just a little at a time. I can’t recall exactly when my morning sickness ended but it disappeared suddenly around 10 weeks.

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I didn’t have bad morning sickness, but my best friend was vanilla yogurt with some granola and a little blueberry pie filling mixed in.  Don’t know why, but that always seemed to work.

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My morning sickness was awful and I took drugs to treat it. Wonderful, wonderful drugs. Personally I felt better while I was eating and then as soon as I stopped, I felt awful again. So I tried to eat healthy things slowly and constantly. I also went to bed early because when I was asleep I didn’t feel sick!

And as for any old wives’ tales, I had a boy πŸ˜‰

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Morning afternoon evening sickness for me started at exactly two weeks and ended during my c-section, your get used to it, that’s all I can say, nappy sacks are great sick bags, for me frigg milkshake, fruit, veg and ginger nuts, you can live on these alone.  Plus side being a big girl I was three stone lighter at 8 months bonus !! Seriously though it’s the most wonderful time, try and relax and enjoy it as much as you can.  When it was really bad fir me, my friend said thank god your not an elephant …. There pregnant for two years you know, I don’t think I laughed at the time.  

Your receives millions of tips use the ones that suit you and ignore the rest….. My tip is ohhhhh so many, I pick buy a gro bag, the best invention ever, it helps your baby sleep longer.  Honestly not a day goes by when I don’t wish I could do it all over again.

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I am nine weeks right now and my nausea started at four and a half weeks. I’m on meds for it but it got so bad I was in emergency twice getting IV fluids. I discovered it was the iron in my prenatal so now I’m just taking folic acid and I haven’t thrown up once since I stopped taking them (I was puking ten to twenty times a day). I am finally able to eat now but can’t eat too much at once. I have bland carbs and fruit a lot of the time.

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My morning sickness was really bad and even at 24 weeks I’m still having some. Orange juice and very bland pasta and carbs were what I stuck with. I still lost weight in the first trimester even though I tried my hardest to eat. Sucking on hard sour candies seemed to help a bit but then eventually I got sores on the roof of my mouth!

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mrsfrendo11:  bland foods are good. Crackers, toast, applesauce were what I tried. But I had horrible hyperemesis gravidarum so no matter what I ate or drank I was puking. Smelling cut up lemons, ginger ale, and sipping on coca cola helps a little bit. 

what helped best for me was taking vitamin b6 and unisom sleep tablets together twice a day. It helped decrease the nausea and was what my midwife recommended. It’s definitely worth a try because it does help! If I forgot a dose ever I could tell because I couldn’t even stand up without puking. Now I’m at 14 weeks and it’s starting to get better, so there is hope! As for the aversions, just avoid what looks gross, usually your body is just trying to tell you to not eat certain things. I couldn’t eat fruits, salad, or sweets for several weeks. I would try to drink some carnation instant breakfast for added calories and nutrition because I was eating so little. Hopefully you can get a handle on the nausea before it gets worse, best of luck to you with your pregnancy!!

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I never had morning sickness or food aversions, but I do remmeber around week 12 or 13 that id feel like I was going to throw up if I didn’t eat something. I wasn’t nauseous at all, it just felt like my stomach would try and empty itself if I didn’t put something in there. Very weird.


anyway, cheese always helped that feeling go away! I carried a string cheese on me at all times and just forced it down as soon as I felt even slightly hungry. Obviously I wasn’t nearly as sick feeling as you but thought I’d throw it out there in case it helps πŸ™‚

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mrsfrendo11:  the sickness started for me about 6 weeks through to 17 weeks-it was awful. I used to snack on chopped up carrots and digestive biscuits. sometimes it didn’t matter whether I had eaten or not and it varied between dry retching and actually being sick. the hunger can just hit you out of no where and make you feel awful so try to have something in your handbag. Sucking a fruity sweet is also good! 

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mrsfrendo11:  Watered down gatorade helped me a lot, drink too much straight water and you deplete your electrolytes when you throw up.  Oh and peppermint oil (has to be food-grade of course), a little on your inner lip works wonders.  Seabands did nothing for me and saltines made me sicker.  Ultimately I had to use diclegis, it’s category A and after I’d lost 10 pounds by about nine weeks the doctor pretty forcefully encouraged me to use it.  I was so glad I did, I still felt malaise but I wasn’t throwing up constantly.  Best of luck and congratulations!

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