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Sugar bee

My son stopped at 6…it is not unusual at 4 years old.My suggestion is to not let your child use any form of pull-ups because it will enable him or her.You just have to keep waking your child up.More often than not (unless there is a.medical reason),they all grow out of it.

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Busy bee
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karmalkween:  I wet the bed frequently until I was 11. It’s embarrassing, but true. Talk to the doctor, they might have some Insight. Somehow my badder didn’t grow with me and I had to have a procedure done to expand my bladder. It didn’t last forever but it helped. I still have accidents at 25. I know, it embarrassing and might scare you right now. The best thing you can do is just get a wet protector for the mattress and let your daughter know that you know she isn’t doing it on purpose. 

Good luck bee

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Helper bee

Another person here who wet the bed until 5th-6th grade. I don’t really know why…. I pee what feels like 20 times a day and at least 2-3 times a night as an adult but haven’t wet the bed since then. I had a mattress protector and wore those night pull ups. It was really embarrassing and I felt bad every time it happened (i’d cry) but I really couldn’t help it. i think it’ll just take some time, hopefully butterfly6 is right. Drinking less at night does help. Good luck!

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Sugar bee
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My brother wet the bed until he was about 9 I think. It’s really not that unusual.

I know what worked with him was an alarm sensor thing that went off when he peed – it was attached to a rubber sheet that went under a normal sheet. He’d then have to go and wake up our parents to get them to change the sheets so he could go back to sleep. I’m not sure that would work with a younger child, though.


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karmalkween:  I think that’s pretty normal. I was very fortunate in the fact that my son almost never wet the bed, but my nephews were still wetting the bed every night at 9 and 10. I’m not sure what advice to give, but one day her body will grow and realize she’s gotta hold it throughout the night. Good luck! 

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Helper bee
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That’s pretty normal. My sons wet the bed until they were 7 and 5. And the 5 year old has struggled way more than the older one. I used a bed wetting alarm and the oldest was trained in like 3/4 days. The youngest took a couple of months but mostly dry during that time. But I think it took him longer because he’s younger and has a harder time holding it during the day. 

I highly recommend the alarm when the time is right. That thing was the was $29.97 we ever spent. Especially for the oldest.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

karmalkween:  Yes, ask her doctor about it. It’s probably fine and nothing wrong but her doctor would know better than anyone here or random internet sites. I’m surprised it hasn’t come up at a well visit yet. I thought I remember my kids’ doctor asking about that when they were little.

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Sugar bee

This is a very common problemat at that age. My son occasionally wet the bed at that age.    Please don’t think shaming the child will help.  It won’t.

{not saying you are doing that}

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Busy Beekeeper
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My child is 4 and still in diapers! Gah so yeah.  This is soooo normal for that age.  They also make these matt like things that can go over the top of the fitted sheet to help with dealing with this at night.  (saves the bed and sheets) I have one and whenever my child decides he is ready (another story in itself!)

Cut all fluids out several hours before bed time. Wake child up before you go to bed and even middle of the night to use the bathroom. 


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Bumble bee
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Developmentally normal for kids to be still working on nighttime control at this age But there’s no harm in checking with your Dr or Pedi!

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Helper bee
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I wet the bed until I was 17 years old… my bladder is very weak and can’t hold much and even now at 51 I still have to wear a heavy sanitary pad just in case. My mom tried so many things, even pills the doctor gave (which I promptly took all of them at 11 years old (the doctor assured my mother they were harmless) and I wound up in the hospital for an overdose. I too was frustrated with my bedwetting) I am not the norm, but I have resolved to accept it as part of who I am. I was told that the only way to correct the situation was to have an operation, and that could affect a lot more than just the bladder, (pelvic and uterus, etc…) so I decided not to.

One thing for sure and I ask all parents is NOT to get exasperated with the child, it is not their fault, as if any kid wants to wake up in a wet bed. So I suggest that you have her take over the situation by having an extra set of sheets by her bed with an extra set of pyjamas too and a laundry hamper to put the wet ones in, and if she wakes up all wet, she can change them on her own, my mother taught me how to make up the bed so I started to do that myself in the middle of the night. Of course, I would have to take a shower or bath in the morning.

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Busy bee

I wet the bed regularly until I was 12 (at least once a week I would guess), somewhat often until I was 15 (like twice a month). I still have problems where I dream that I am in a pool or on a toilet and that leads to an accident, the last time that happened being my freshman year of college (I’m a junior now). After 12 it mostly only happened during my period.

My parents and a few of my friends have admitted they wet the bed untill 11 or 12 so based on those stories and mine I would guess that in some cases stopping has something to do with puberty.

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My older daughter wet the bed pretty regularly until she was almost 8 if I remember correctly. She is a heavy sleeper and didn’t wake up, but she eventuslly grew out of it.  A Plastic sheet über the regular ones is a must. My younger daughter only had 2 accidents at night after getting potty trained. My husband still sets her on the potty before he goes to bed about midnight – she goes potty and doesn’t even wake up! 

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