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All of my children have wet the bed until 5 or 6. It would gradually become less and less as time passed. We just kept them in pull ups and did all that you seem to be doing. (Limit drinks, take them to the bathroom during the night.) As they started having less accidents we would stop the pull ups and change to mattress covers.

It has been important to my husband and I that we NEVER shame them for it. We just gently remind them that it is important to their health (being covered in pee and smelling pee all night isn’t good) and a part of growing up to stop wetting the bed. Eventually they would stop except for the occasional accident. My 9 year old hasn’t wet the bed in years and my 7 year old probably does it once every other month. The youngest is still in pull ups.

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karmalkween:  yo I wet the bed till I was 8….nothing could stop me…I had to train myself to stop (I picked up the skill of lucid dreaming, I connected the appearance of water in my dreams to bed wetting…..so I trained myself that everytime water was involved i my dream I would wake up…still use the same technique). 

Don’t worry…your kid is normal, just get a mattress protector. Also don’t shame…I had family members shame me when I was a kid an it made me worse not better. 

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Remember your child can’t help it, please don’t shame her.

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I wet the bed every night until mid 4th grade.  Had to use the pull-ups.  Not sure exactly how they could “enable” a child… they’re not doing it on purpose.  It was humiliating.  Then one night, I just stopped.

It also happened to be the night my mom brought home a new pajama shirt from a garage sale.  Wore them and I never wet the bed again.  Obviously, it was just a funny coincidence… but I may still have my “lucky pajamas” lol.

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karmalkween:  I would just get pull-ups and not wake her up at night. Children do most of their growing during the night, and overall for a sleep cycle it’s just… a really bad idea.

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karmalkween:  my pediatrician said this is normal up until 11-12 years old. Some kids are incredibly deep sleepers. There’s nothing you can do except wait to outgrow it!

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My son wet the bed very frequently until he turned six then it finally started tapering off and now he almost never does. He is now seven.  We always did Pull-Ups until I started to suspect he had zero interest in NOT wetting the bed.  I caught him lounging around in a wet Pull-Up more than once and we also had instances where he peed into the Pull-Up after he was already awake just bc he didn’t want to get out of bed.  After that we quit pull-ups cold turkey and insisted he change his own sheets every single time (with help of course).  When we made those changes he went from wetting the bed every single night to once or twice a week.

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My son is 5 and wets the bed on occasion. I’ve noticed that it happens more, for him, when he goes to bed really tired- then he has difficulty waking up in time to get himself to the bathroom. I tried limiting drinks before bed but that can actually do more harm, supposedly  (it certainly didn’t help). Here are some things that have been helping for him: going to bed on time each night, having him use the bathroom one more time right before bed and do three extra squeezes before he finishes so he fully empties his bladder (it’s surprising how much will still come out), a pee pad on his bed over his sheet, he has his own light to use to go to the bathroom (so he isn’t laying in the dark holding it or calling for an escort), and if he does have an accident (and his sheets aren’t soaked) having him just take off his wet clothes and the pad on his own (if need be) and go back to bed with minimal fuss.

I had some relatives who had challenges with bed wetting and I know it can be age related, it can be related to physical structure of the body, and it can also be stress related. When I start feeling frustrated I remind myself that he isn’t doing it on purpose and that getting upset or shaming him about it can actually make it worse. We also had a conversation (because he was feeling badly about it) and I asked him some things he thought might help. I did some research and told him some suggestions that others made and he let me know which ones felt good to him. He was really excited about the pee alarm clipped to the underwear idea but we haven’t ordered it yet because he basically stopped wetting the bed after that convo amd the changes we implemented afterward.

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Another former bed wetter. I was a heavy sleeper and just didn’t wake up. I outgrew it eventually, but my parents had the mattress and pillow protectors on until I did. I would mention it at the next checkup just to let your doctor know, but I wouldn’t worry in the slightest if I were you.

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I wet the bed until age 7 and my sister did until she was 8 or 9. It wasn’t a bladder issue, our doctor explained that we just slept deeply enough that a full bladder or even wet sheets wouldn’t be enough to wake us up. We couldn’t help it and just wore pull-ups until it tapered off by itself.

I really don’t think it’s a good idea to wake your child up when she’s sleeping deeply. Interrupted sleep is unhealthy for adults, and for kids it’s even worse because they’re still in the midst of rapid brain development and body growth.

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