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That story is the cutest! I met my fi in a nightclub, he asked if he could take my picture and in a drunken state I didn’t realise he worked there, so told him To “f*$* off”. I joke that he wouldn’t have been interested if I’d said yes.

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A girlfriend of mine had been dating a guy for a couple of weeks and said she was going to break it off because he wasn’t her type. Said he was cute, was a good kisser, played pool, and talked too much.  I was casually dating a few guys at the time but said ‘hook me up if you do decide to stop dating him, learning pool sounds like fun.’

The next week her group was hanging out and I met him.  Our first date he didn’t stop talking. I enjoyed the cadence of his voice so much I decided if he could make me this relaxed and happy just talking imagine how happy he could make me if he actually tried. I went home, told my girlfriends I met the guy I was spending the rest of my life with (wasn’t a feeling like omg I’m in love, more like I just knew), broke up with the other guys I was dating and 5 years later the man worships the ground I walk on.  So cute.

I never learned to play pool, I just enjoy watching him bend over the table.

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Get a snack, it’s a long one – I had broken up with my fiance and we were working toward a “friendship” (we were young and optemistic) so we decided to go out with one of our female friends. We were trying so hard to accommodate one another we were driving around aimlessly with our poor friend held hostage in the backseat. Finally she said she recieved a message from a guy she had a little crush on, so could we please drop her off to where he was at a party. We got there and this cute guy opened the door. My ex goes “Oh is that the rugby game?? I forgot it was on tonight!” so cute guy invites us in and it’s a full house, lots of girls and guys. Everyone is into the game but me (I’m not a sports buff) but I notice that my ex and a girl were flirting. I wasn’t hurt at all, but it was AWKward. I turned to try to talk to my friend but SHE was deep in conversation with a guy I assume Is the crush. Trying not to spoil anyone’s fun, I decided to make myself scarce and went out the front to try to find a bus home. I was sitting on the stoop having a smoke (again, I was young) when I heard someone say behind me “I’m so glad I’m not the only smoker who hates rugby at this party” I turn around and it’s cute guy. I smile and say “Isn’t this your party?” he shrugs and say’s “It was, but there was a coup. I was overuled…” He smiled this amazing smile at me and said “I’m kinda glad they did now”
It was the best first meeting I’d ever had. 10 years later it still makes my tummy flip.
Turns out however, HE was the guy my friend had a crush on. Oops! But it was all tactfully handled, she ended up liking the new guy better anyway and she told this story at our wedding.

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