(Closed) 40 pounds need to come off! I need some advice!

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Helper bee
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Your key is going to be your diet.  Making sure you eat 4-5 small, smart meals a day will really do the trick. Protien, fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  Mayo, cheese, and heavy salad dressings in moderation.  No fast food,  and only eat rich sauces or heavy meats & carb dishes in strict moderation.

Also, squeeze in small workouts through out your day.  Walk on your 15 minute breaks.  Do wall sits, squats, and lunges while you’re waiting for the restroom, walking down the hall, or in sets during lunch.  Buy a pair of 5 lbs. dumbells and do 3 sets of 15 during your breaks.

Also, drink LOTS of water.  6-8 8oz. glasses a day will do wonders for you. 

You don’t need gym time if you can control your eating and get regular excercise.  If you have a hard time doing the small workouts throughout your day, try walking for a half hour in the morning or at night, then doing 15-30 minutes of workout during lunch.  Even 3 days a week of this will get you good results.

What are your jobs like?  If you’re babysitting, take the kids for a walk to the park.  Get up and moving with them in the yard.  Every calorie you burn counts.

Good luck!  I need to lose 30lbs. by August, so I need to follow my own advice too! 🙂

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Busy bee
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Ideal Protien…I know a lot of people who have lost 30lbs or more on that diet.

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Helper bee
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Agreed diet….or food lifestyle change! I LOVE WEIGHT WATCHERS. I have lost a ton of weight on it (120lbs) and for the first 3months I was doing it I coudldn’t work out at all because I just had shoulder surgery. But I shoudl say I did find time to get some walking in. Walking is great and doesn’t have to be an all or nothing exercise. But I lost about 10lbs a month during that time. It really have changed my life and I can’t say enough about it.

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Blushing bee
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Date twins! Also getting married 12/1/12!

I lost about 30lbs last year…and have about 15-20 to go now.  I’m having the same issue – I am out of the house 7:30am-9:30pm and its so hard to get myself to the gym.  This is what I’m planning on, and whats worked for me in the past:doing a better job of calorie counting and planning out my meals, trying to do 20 minutes working out in the morning and 20 minutes before bed, just to get some movement, cutting out “extras” like my soda in the afternoon, and swapping out my high-calorie snacks for things like fruits and veg.

I really need to get motivated – my mom wants to go dress shopping in December!

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Buzzing bee
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You can lose 1-2 lbs a week healthily, so you can definitely lose 40 lbs. I’ve lost almost 25 lbs by changing my diet alone with minimal exercise since April so I’m a strong believer in ‘slow and steady wins the race’

-Cut out all drinks except water. Drink it constantly. If you need coffee or tea, drink it black. No juice or soda. Limit alcohol because it is very calorie dense. If you want a drink, always choose a light beer or wine instead of a fruity drink. Many of the extra calories people consume in a day come from beverages so watching what you drink is just as important as watching what you eat.

-be mindful of what you cook. Use oils sparingly. I like skinnytaste.com or Cooking Light for good recipes. Stick to lean meats (chicken/fish) and veggies (be sure to not cover these in oil or butter!)  Limit carbs as much as possible. Instead of having a sandwich, have a lettuce wrap.

-Soups are great for lunches and are usually low in calories/fat. Try making a big pot of chicken noodle or chicken & rice soup over the weekend and use the leftovers for lunch. Other great lunches are salads with protein and oil/vinegar, baked potato with salsa, and hardboiled eggs.

-That being said, eating at home is always healthier than eating out so limit your take out. You’ll save money this way too

-Eat Fruits and Veggies. Lots of them. Try to have your fruits in the morning since there is more carbs in those. Don’t use fattening dips like ranch, etc. In fact, forget bottled salad dressing altogether. Use oil/vinegar or fresh salsa (pico de gallo) for salads or dip for lots of flavor without the fact.

-Eat breakfast. Skipping bfast will almost guarantee that you’ll overeat throughout the rest of the day. I like yogurt with chopped up fruit, or oatmeal. If you like eggs, try an eggwhite omelet. Just say no to bagels/donuts/muffins except as a very occasional treat. 

-Limit your snacks. This goes without saying, but even if its something “healthy”, it’s might not actually be. For snacks, stick to fruits/veggies or nuts (but watch out on the portion size because nuts are high in calories). Don’t fall into the trap of granola bars/100 calorie snack packs/reduced fat snacks. Usually they add lots of sugar and salt in place of the fat that ha been taken out. Another safe snacks are 94% fat free popcorn

-Measure your food. 1 serving of rice or pasta is 1 cup but if you don’t measure you could be getting up to twice as much on your plate without realizing it. Invest in a food scale if necessary. A serving of meat is 3 oz which is about the size of your fist. That piece of chicken you put on your plate could be 7-8 oz instead of the recommended 3.

-Use a smaller plate. Always wait ten minutes before taking a second serving to fiure out if you are really still hungry or are just eating it because its there.

-Keep a filling snack in your bag at all times in case you are out and get hungry so you avoid the fast food trap. I like fiber one brownies for this. They are only 80 calories, really yummy and very filling because of the fiber.

-Track your food faithfully. Try mydailyplate or lose it. I have an app on my phone and I log it whenever I eat it. Try a week of logging your regular diet so you can see where you have been going wrong/where your diet as it stands now needs improvement.

-Move, whenever you can! Walk on your breaks at work. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. 

-Limit your sodium. It causes bloating. This is especially important the closer you get to your wedding

-Don’t deprive yourself to the point where you end up face down in a pint of ice cream. If you want ice cream, try going out and getting frozen yogurt to satisfy the craving. If that doesn’t work, let yourself have 1 serving but make sure to measure. If you deny yourself, you’ll end up sliding backwards.

Good luck! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Eat right and exercise as much as you can and it should happen on its own. I used Weight Watchers and I am a huge believer in that, so if you feel like doing it on your own isn’t working, I highly recommend the WW program. I’m not an expert by any means, this is just what worked for me and I hope it helps you too.

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Blushing bee
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My parents as well as some of my coworkers are doing the “17 Day Diet” and have all lost over 30 pounds! Check it out!

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Bumble bee
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@richardsonkaylad: Diet will definitely be your key, as others have previously mentioned. I have lost 30 lbs slowly over about 1.5 yrs (this was weight I lost, gained a few years later, then lost AGAIN). I would like to lose another 15 but I have grown lazy. I will gain some motivation one of these days. Anyway, I like the old weight watchers, the new weight watchers, I believe, allows you to eat too much. The flex points and extras aren’t a great idea. I am for treating yourself but I’m not a fan of the new WW. That said, exercise might not be that feasible for you, but maybe you could walk to work occasionally? If not, maybe go to the gym on Saturdays & Sundays. At least get two days in, that would help. What jobs are you working, if you don’t mind my asking? I don’t know how you do it!

My family has used the Dukan Diet (Kate Middleton’s mom used this) and they have lost a lot of weight. My mother’s body has totally changed. She could never lose weight in her upper body (shoulders, back) and with this diet she did. They have a book at B&N, you can probably order it on Amazon or Overstock. It is, essentially, a healthy atkins. You eat healthy/low fat proteins and incorporate vegetables on certain days. Look it up! Good luck!

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Helper bee
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It would help if you werent eating so late, I try not to eat anytime after 7 pm. Try and have a protein with every meal, and two veggies (I know it sounds hard, but 1 serving of vegies is only about 1/2 cup!), and try to only eat starches 2-3 times a week (potatos, breads), and try to limit the amount of salt and butter you use, they are empty calories!

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Honey Beekeeper
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What do you eat during the day?  I don’t really follow the not eating late at night thing but it would really help you to eat healthy things during the day.  You should be eating 6 small meals a day.

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Bee Keeper
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I agree the key is your diet. Stick to a 1,200 calorie regimen and try to eat mostly plants. Drink tons of water and try to walk whenever you can.

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Helper bee
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You’re going to hate hearing this…wake up early and work out. I know, I know, but really, aim for 30 minutes. And if your weekends are free, bank some quality time at the gym then. Good luck!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Honestly, look at your diet first.  That is the easiest thing to control.  I would start with taking a long hard look at your diet and think of it in terms of “nutrients.”  When you look at it like that it becomes much easier and more sustainable over the long run. 

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Buzzing bee
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I’m not going to be popular for saying this, but to get yourself started you may want to try a juice fast. If you have Netflix watch “Fat and Nearly Dead” it’s a pretty amazing story. If you do it for more than ten days please consult a doctor though or do seven days on, seven days on healthy diet food, seven days back on, etc.. It’s not an easy fix, but it may lead to a lifestyle change.

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Worker bee

I am yet another Weight Watcher agreeing that it’s an awesome program.  If you follow the plan, and you really stick with it. You will see results.  Yes, you could do a fad diet or a juice diet, but is that something that you’re really going to stick with?  I’m not one that could give up bread or sweets completely.  I have a friend who started a carb counting diet the same time I started weight watchers.  She’s lost 35 pounds.  And is starting to gain some of it back because she’s gotten slack.  She didn’t make a lifestyle change.  She just wanted to look nice for her vacation. I will admit that I do weigh more than her, but since starting WW in January, I’ve lost 81.8 pounds to date.  Add that to the 12 pounds I lost last year doing the program (before points plus) and I’ve lost 93.8 pounds.  It’s not just about diet though.  It has to be about everything if it’s going to work.  Diet and exercise. 

You will eventually need to add exercise in, but it can be small things.  Like parking further away and walking.  Or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  You have to find something for you that will be a lifestyle change, not a diet.  And that’s what I love about weight watchers.  It really teaches you to look at portion control.  You don’t have to buy all their food, you can eat real things, just in the right amounts.  There are plenty of us across the boards who have used it, and would be more than happy to answer any questions if that’s the way you decide to go, but you need to find something that will work for you and you will stick with.  That’s the secret. 

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