(Closed) 40w&closed cervix. TELL ME YOUR STORIES!

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have you asked about a membrane sweep? I havent been overdue but just a though!

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I agree with op. .why didn’t your doc strip Ur membranes.  I’ve had it done and each time I went into Labour on my own within two days of it happening. 

Ok one time I didn’t but I was too early.  I had pre eclampsia and doc did a strip at 35w as I didn’t want an induction, it didn’t work but the next week at 36 it did. 

It worked with my other pregnancy at the 39w apt too. 

Each time within two days my water broke 

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a thinning cervix with an engaged baby is a VERY positive sign. You may or may not go into labor on your own, but an induction works best if your baby is lower and pressing on your cervix. That is what causes it to thin. It is very promising that your baby is pressing down. A thin cervix at 0 cm is worth way more than a thick cervix at 3 cm.

Question: have you ever had a LEEP or colposcopy (surgery on your cervix) sometimes that can cause your cervix to be able to thin, but not dilate very well in the beginning.

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I was only a cm and had a little bit of a membrane sweep at 41 weeks. I was going to get put on the induction list at 41+3 so I drank the midwife cocktail: castor oil, apricot juice, almond butter and lemon verbena oil blended together. Most disgusting mixture i’very ever tasted. But I went into labour 5 hours later at 8:30pm and had my baby at 5:25am. 

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My sister went to the track with her husband in the car sleeping while she walked until her water broke. It was her 4th so she was a pro but hey it worked!! 

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MissLunchbox:  I was 9 days past due when they finally induced me. The induction process was brutal! I went it at 6 pm on a Monday and by the morning they started the pitocin to speed everything up which made the contractions HORRIBLE!!! I started pushing at about 6ish pm Tuesday and ended up having a c-section. They wawnted to allow me to push since I was scared to have a c-section but my son was almost 10 pounds and I have an android pelvis so he was never going to come on his own.

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MissLunchbox:  I’ve never been pregnant, but I know that I was almost a week late. They had my mom scheduled for an induction the day after Thanksgiving (which meant that she couldn’t have Thanksgiving Dinner) but then went into labor, on her own, and had me two days before Thanksgiving. 

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MissLunchbox:  They never said mine was “closed” but my cervix was about a fingertip dilated up until 41w.  Fingertip is definitely less than 1 cm.  I was maybe 50% effaced.

I was induced at 41w with absolutely no signs of labor still.  They started overnight with cervidil, which did pretty much nothing for me.  At 7:30am they started pitocin and broke my water at 8am.  I was only 2cm (and 100% effaced) at noon and I was in agony so I got an epidural.  Pitocin is no joke!!  My epidural was fantastic.  I was 9cm with a lip by 4pm.  Took 2 hours to complete though and then after that they had me labor down another 1.5 hours as baby was still a little high.  Pushed for 1hr20 min (my contractions stayed 5 min apart after my epidural- so it felt like a leisurely pushing experience as we found ourselves pushing and then having to wait around for the next one to come) and baby was born at 8:40pm.  So 13 hours start to finish.

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amandajane4949:  I agree

I have heard from many nurses that if you’ve had LEEP or a colposcopy or anything like that there can sometimes be some scar tissue that causes the dilating to go slow.  So you will see people labor for hours not dilating much at all and once they get through the scar tissue they will finish dilating super fast.  I have heard it’s also possible for a midwife or OB to feel the tissue and sort of try to work it out (while you are in labor and stalled)

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My cervix was totally closed & I was not dilated at all at EVERY OB appointment toward the end. She (the OB) did 2 membrane sweeps, neither of which did anything. I ended up going into labor spontaneously at 41w 3d. I had an induction scheduled for 41w 4d. 

My labor was fine, no problems at all, about 20 hours long, no c section or anything needed. 

My mom told me that she also always had a completely closed cervix & zero dilation until the moment she went into labor with all of her kids. So for some people, that’s just how it goes — it doesn’t mean it will not happen!!

Hang in there & good luck. 

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MissLunchbox:  So I never had my cervix checked because it really doesn’t mean anything. I know people who have walked around for months 3 cm dialated. I, on the other hand, started having contractions at 39w5d, and when I arrived at the hospital, wasn’t dialated at all. Closed up tight.

I was admitted because my contractions were 1 minute apart and I was GBS+. 8 hours and an epidural later, I was fully dialated and pushed him out in 20 minutes.

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