(Closed) 4’11 Brides Whats Your Weight?!

posted 7 years ago in Fitness
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    • Wedding: July 2013 - UK

    I’m 5’0. Currently somewhere between 120 and 126 (I don’t have access to a scale). When I met Fiance I was 112 and super muscular and toned. At my heaviest I was 147 and was not comfortable. The problem is that you meet someone and then… you eat the same **** they eat, LOL!

    That said, I would be the first to point out that weight and size are not as closely related as you think… so think what size you’d like to be, not what weight! You want to find a happy medium where you’re OK with how you look… you’d like to be a bit thinner or more toned, but not if it means giving up your weekly dessert etc! Don’t try and be skinny… if you want to lose weight, set realistic targets! Best of luck!

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    I am 5’1 and my weight constantly shifts between 98-105lbs

    I have always been very active and love taking the dogs to the park and walkingrunning.

    I know several ppl that have lost weight just by food portion controlstop eating when their full. and completely cutting out soda. Try switching out snacks for healthy foods here and there, drinking more water than soda and going for a walk after dinner or something. Small steps! Pinterest also has a ton of great workouts and healthy food tips! Hope this helps! Hang in there!

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    I’m 4″11 and weigh 120. I was 105 before having my baby. I’m quite bottom heavy though. My measurements are currently 34-25-40. I am one big muscle from the waist down, lol. My top half is wimpy but my bottom half is RIPPED! lol ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I’m 5’3″ so I didn’t vote, but I stay around 90. For motivation, maybe put a picture of your dress on the fridge so you see i every time you go for a snack? Maybe i would curb your appetite for snacks? Or, when you see i get a healthy snack like an apple? I’m not too good at motivation, so I don’t know if that would work. 

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    “ruby.cosmo (message)    June 2011  

    I am 5’1 and my weight constantly shifts between 98-105lbs”

    Woah! At my thinnest as an adult I was around 103-5 ish… and a size 4 (US 0) was hanging off me. The strange thing was that I looked great with my clothes on… but the second I got into a bikini people would stare at me… and not in a good way. My head looked too big for my body, you could count my ribs all the way up, and I had that sunken clavicle and hip bone look people get when they’re severely anorexic/terminally ill, with the inverted stomach. Basically, I exercised down to 112, looked great… and then caught a serious stomach bug. I couldn’t eat for two weeks. Hence – super skinny at 105! Strangely, it took me months to put weight back on, as well.

    The strange thing is that BMI says 105 is about my ideal weight! Just goes to show what a crock of *ahem* BMI is. I’m guessing you and I must be different builds? I’m *big*… wide shoulders, broad hips, and I muscle up easily. When I used to be in the army and we’d line up in height order, people were always amazed at how short I was because I was just bigger in the sense that there was more of me than the other shorties… if you see what I mean.

    The main killers for losing weight for me are:

    – You don’t count the calories in your drinks, especially if you drink fizzy drinks, or tea with milk and sugar (my weakness). Then you get frustrated… I’m starving myself, so why no weight loss?

    – You eat things like nuts and seeds, but also fruit. High in calories and, in the case of fruit, sugar. Eat too much fruit and the weight goes nowhere. You have to switch for veg… more complex carbs.

    – Not enough cardio… you jog for an hour when a ten minute sprint is more painful, but loads more effective.

    – Alcohol is my great weakness… switch beer for gin and tonics or whisky to save calories.

    -My other great weaknesses are milk and cheese…. ahhhh… cheese…

    I’m sure I make other mistakes too… but one thing I try to do is not to eat anything white… no bread, pasta, potatoes, rice etc. I find that really easy to do and it works!Oh, and no crisps and desserts, but I find that easy too. I just allow myself the odd treat. That said, I really want to be 112/8st for my wedding! MUST TRY…

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    I LOVE myfitnesspal. I’m taller than you, so I wont post my weight, but it’s a great support system and holds you accountable.

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    @Mrs. Bear Cheese Pie:  Not sure if that’s a typo, but if you’re 5’3 and just 90 lbs, you’re at a dangerously low weight where your risk of having health problems (including fertility issues) increases significantly.  If you don’t already see a doctor or nutritionist, I would consider doing so and having your hormone levels checked!

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    @pinkandsparkly:  I agree, My Fitness Pal is awesome! I’ve been using it to track everything and I’ve been losing weight consistently for 2.5 months now.

    Also, the BMI is stupid. I’ve got a larger build – wide shoulders and hips, just bigger bones overall. I also tend to be pretty muscular, especially in my legs. No matter what weight I’m at, it says I’m overweight. I’m pretty sure that to get into the “normal weight” zone I’d have to look like I was starving and lose all my muscle.

    I’ve been losing weight based on the number on the scale right now, but I’m hoping that once I drop some more weight, I can then focus on getting more toned and fit, and stop worrying about the number on the scale, and focus on maintaining my size.

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    I’m not going to comment on the weight thing since I am ashamed of my current weight… BUT I am glad to see other shorties out there! 4’11” FTW!

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    I am between 4’11” and 5’0″.  My weight flucuates between 97-104, depending on the day, LOL!

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    I am 4’10” and at 162 lbs now. Down 6 pounds in the last month. The wieght that I feel best is about 125 or 130 at size 8 (I was at that weight last March 2011). I am steadily wearing a size 12 now and I HATE it. My wedding dress is a size 10 and I am furious at myself b/c it doesn’t fit (it definitely fit last May). I had so many changes occur last year from recovering from major surgery to being stressed from unemployment to moving to a whole different state. I can’t 100% use those as excuses but I know all of that played a factor.

    Anyway, I am trying not to worry. I am working my butt off but I am doing what Tony Horton from P90X says “Doing my best and forgetting the rest”.

    Good luck with your weight loss!!!

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    I’m 5’2 and I’m curently weighing 145 lbs which my BMI says makes me overweight. Like jayebaby, I’m also very bottom heavy (we share the same measurements ๐Ÿ™‚ and I love rocking out my latin curves.Though It’s not the weight I prefer to be at (I more comfortable at 125-130) there is no way I could manage being much much skinnier.  3 years ago I lost alot of weight (from 150-115) and people though I had cancer. Lets just say unfortunately my body does not look healthy at 100lbs.

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