(Closed) 5 NWR Random things about you & your SO: Feb. edition

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1. I won first prize in Crop Art in the Minnesota State Fair. That’s artwork made from seeds. I did Marie Antoinette.

2. I did a year of AmeriCorps, and I love volunteering.

3. I am way more into baseball than any girl I’ve ever met. I lose my voice frequently during baseball season.

4. I can make pretty much anything from scratch. I love to make bread.

5. I currently have a huge crush on Drake, a.k.a Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi.


1. Played baseball in college and is good at every sport he tries. It’s disgusting and frusterating.

2. Got hit by an 18-wheeler Semi Truck early in our relationship. He spent four days in the ICU.

3. Can eat anything spicy. He orders special super hot hot sauces off the internet to challenge his taste buds.

4. Is French-Canadian (cool last name), and constantly corrects any French word I say (Bouillbaisse?) His family has a house in Canada too.

5. Once, when he went out of town, snuck my stuffed hippo into my car while I was at work, with a note from him (that hippo delivered, apparently), $20, a coke and a candy bar to make up for the fact that he was leaving me for the weekend. It was the cutest thing ever.


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@AudzinLuv: I also sometimes watch iCarly. Her brother is kind of hot!

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@Crisark: I am OBSESSED with my planner.. I am proud of the doodles right now. Practicing my calligraphy skillls

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@Crisark:  Oh gawd, that is so adorable he plays with your hair at night when he thinks you’re sleeping! That made me “awe” out loud.

@piglet_625 and @sombra: thank GOODNESS I am not the only one who loves to sleep in a cold room! Fiance thinks I’m insane.

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  1. I love to be alone. I think it’s probably because my house was always loud and busy growing up.
  2. I try to impress people with stupid things, like the size of my family and the fact that I’m a woman and I drive stick. I’m trying to stop.
  3. My favorite websites to be on when I’m bored are house hunting sites.
  4. I love to eat frosting out of the carton with a spoon 🙂
  5. I drink hot chocolate almost every night during the winter.


  1. He has the most extreme taste in music, tv shows, and movies… Anthrax AND Jewel? Speeders AND Gilmore Girls? Crank AND Miss Congeniality?
  2. He plays a ridiculous number of sports.
  3. He is better at vacuuming and washing his sheets and towels than I am.
  4. He keeps his car (and mine) clean and prestine- he even remembers when it’s time to have my oil changed!
  5. He thinks its adorable that I squirm when he pinches my “belly fat” and says “Who’s got a tubby tum tum” (from Monty Python) (and I secretly don’t hate it).

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Here you go!

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-I’m sick of the winter because it is too cold to wear dresses.

-I hate pants.

-If there weren’t other people around to cook for I would subsist off of cookies, chocolate, jubejubes and tea.

-I am afraid of the dark (no jokes, I refuse to walk down any street without street lights, even here in the middle of nowhere).

-I have one blonde eyelash on my lower left rim. Freaks me out.


– falls asleep on the couch when he’s reading — so he tries not to read on the couch.

-not only talks in his sleep, but debates furiously.

-cries during emotional scenes in movies

-is the biggest movie buff I have ever met. If IMDB were a religion, he would worship daily.

-incredible creature of habit. if you ‘shake the bush’ (i.e.:start the morning without coffee) watch out, because it is bound to put him in an incredibly foul mood.

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*I absolutely love church bells. When I hear them I’m so inspired by the sound that people have been hearing for centuries. Makes me want to go to church…

*I feel like I should have lived in a different century. Where it was perfectly acceptable to be a housewife, most men were chivalrous, and I got to wear ballgowns and go to balls.

*I have NO talents EX: sports, music (accept for singing, but only in the choir), sewing… you name it, I suck at it.

*I’m overly sensitive about everything, BUT I’m good at hiding it. In person I act super laid back and secure, but inside I’m a shy, sniveling little girl.

*I want a baby more than anything…



*He is just as stubborn as me…which is difficult sometimes.

*He’s the sweetest man I know and dotes on me 24/7 even if I don’t deserve it!

*He’s even more idealistic than me (which is saying a lot)!

*He is the most intelligent person I know, but lacks in the common sense department. So we balance out perfectly.

*Looks very handsome dressed up in a suit or a collared shirt…mmmm:)

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@AudzinLuv:Haha, I went back and changed it (the 1st date thing). I lost my courage! 

Thanks about the seed art! This was my second year compeating, and I am obsessed. All my friends do it. It’s kind of a weird kitchy Minnesota thing. This is the whole display. 

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@missmouse29: Wool tights! I hate pants, so I love my sweater tights.

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-I love making lists!

– I add pepper, garlic powder and/or onion powder instead of salt to most foods we eat. That way we get flavor and antioxidents without added salt.

-I LOVE to pluck FIs eyebrows, random hairs and pop his zits.

-Occasionally I’ll eat an entire loaf of garlic bread through out the day. (I am a carboholic.)

-I wash/fold all of the laundry. Fiance NEVER turns his socks right side out. It drives me absolutely nuts!!!! So now I put them on his lap and make him do it before I wash any of his socks. He threatens to just start buying new socks (but I know he won’t).



-He likes the smell of teriyaki but not the flavor, occasionally he’ll try mine and can’t figure out why it smells so good and tastes so bad.

-His Grandma was more of a Mom to him then his Mom was. So he does this thing where he’ll sigh like she does when he’s content or happy. I catch him doing it and say, “Okay Grandma.” He always laughs.

-When we have enough money to buy a house, I’ve told him he can pick out a cat from a local shelter to bring home with him. He still always checks on CL and other sites for kitties in the area.

-He HATES cooked carrots.

-Through out the night while he’s sleeping he’ll inch his pillows closer and closer to mine. He says he doesn’t do that, but it has to be true. Other wise I wouldn’t have to move his pillows back over to his side of the bed every night before I go to sleep.

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My turn!


1) I was diagnosed with diabetes last month and it absolutely freaks me out some days. I had to tell my co-workers and I was super casual about it but the thought of having to think about everything that I eat for the rest of my life is really weird.

2) Guilty pleasure tv for me is the Bachelor and Grey’s Anatomy. My husband has no idea that I watch those shows.

3) I am a teacher and for 1/2 of my day I wonder how in the worl I ever thought I could do this, but for the other 1/2 I’m in 7th heaven, over the moon in love with teaching and my students.

4) I love to read. I read at an insanely fast reading speed and would be glad to spend all day reading. it’s not unusual for me to finish 3-5 books a week with working full time.

5) I want to be pregnant.  We are planning on starting to try to conceive around the beginning of September and I absolutely cannot wait to be carrying our baby, but the idea of being pregnant scares me!


1) He’s really self-conscious about his height and weight because he’s so slim. He’s 6’4 but weighs less than 180.

2) He is a phenomenal ping pong player. It’s insane how good he is and how often he and his friends used to play.

3) He is the biggest baby when he is sick! I love him dearly but when he is sick it’s so hard to take care of him! It is nearly impossible for him to swallow pills (like literally have to put them in pudding or applesauce and even then he can’t swallow them sometimes) and don’t even try to take his temperature. I seriously want to buy one of those forehead thermometers for him.

4) There is no sport that he is not good at. He played college baseball and has never been bad at a sport.

5) He’s a twin. I’m a twin. He used to be super excited about the potential to have twins and I dreaded the idea. Now I’m kinda excited about the idea and he’s convinced it won’t happen.

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@AudzinLuv: Haha, oh, I’m not jealous. It gives me time to read WB. And before I got hooked on here, it just gave me time to read period. Fiance hates to read, so he always has The Office on when he gets home, and I just can’t read during that show 🙂

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