(Closed) 5 things about me & my waiting journey. Now 5 things about you & yours??

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

1- I’m a crab ( cancer) and SO is a bull ( taurus )

2-SO asked me out 3 times before I said yes! I thought he was joking the first 2 times! LMAO ( He said he is only asking once when he asks for my hand hahaha)

3- I’m supposed to be going to the gym every day and I just don’t want to lol. I keep telling SO i’m waiting to join weight watchers( I only need to lose like 10 pounds but I want to start eating healthy)

4- I told SO I want a summer wedding and I want it to be for 2013. ( He’s running out of time!!)

5- I’m waiting for a ring so I can go try on some DRESSES! lol


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  1. He’s 5 years older than me (I’m 23!) but it feels like there’s not a difference at all! We met on OkCupid. 
  2. When we do get married, we both want a small wedding. And I think the colors will be purple and blue/teal!
  3. We’ve been dating for 3 years in November!
  4. He’s an IT professional (I love that he’s a nerd!) and I’m a medical assistant. 
  5. We’ve kind of set a date? But I don’t think he’s ready to get engaged… I am though. Haha!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: April 2014

1.) Im a Capricorn (with all the stereotypes that go with it!) and my SO is a gemini. I thought it would make things difficult, but its actually great. We push eachother outside our normal boundaries and find that its wonderful!

2.) My SO is the first guy I ever made the first move on. Im shy and usually wait for a guy to show me he is ABSOLUTELY interested in me before I show him I like him. With him, we were sitting on the couch after staying up all night to take hourly snowfall measurements (…Im a weather nerd) and I ended up resting my head on HIS shoulder. It may not seem big to you, but for me, it was huge.

3.) My favorite part about waiting: looking at old pictures and remember all the good times weve had so far…and thinking of all the new ones we will add

4.) Like a PP said, I CANNOT WAIT to TRY ON dresses! Im so pumped! haha

5.) I told my SO I would love a fall wedding, and he seemed on board. Im hoping fall 2014 (so we can do some saving up)

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: July 2015

1. Our first date was playing Guitar Hero. (I kicked his ass.)

2. Our last names share one syllable in common.

3. I never wanted marriage or kids before I met him.

4. He thinks the TV couple we are most like are Doug and Carrie from King of Queens. I say Phil and Claire from Modern Family.

5. He wants to get married in his midwestern hometown with his entire massive family in attendance, whereas I’m a California girl dreaming of a small, simple beach wedding. Ruh roh! Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. πŸ˜›


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Helper bee

1.I’m 31 and he’s 36

2. I’ve been burned many times in previous relationships so hoping this is the one!

3. I’m dreaming of a small wedding in Jackson Hole/Grand Tetons

4. I used to be obsessed with weddings, but have checked out the past several years when I just didn’t think it would ever happen for me

5. We’re going to Europe soon – proposal in the works?

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Bumble bee

I’m 26 and he is 23.

He literally does not care what happens at the wedding as long as we get “hitched”

He has some definate ideas on dresses though?

I never thought I would date a gamer/cosplayer who on occassion is prettier then me.

Going on our first out of state trip soon, I’m excited =)

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  • Wedding: June 2013

1) I’m shy and very much an introvert.  He’s the life of the party and has made up a new game, how can I embarrass “L” tonight.  I’ve learned to take that game in stride.

2) I said after my divorce that my next wedding was going to be in Vegas and performed by Elvis.  6 months after we started dating we went to Vegas and while driving around he randomly said that if he ever gets married again it’ll be with Elvis performing the ceremony.

3) We’ve always finished each others sentences.

4) He used to work down the street from my work before we met.  We frequented the same gas stations and lunch places, our paths should have crossed years ago.

5) I help teach puppy training classes, randomly I got scheduled to help teach an adult dog obedience class and there he was.  Apparently the person trying to get us together in item 4 finally hit us on the head hard enough and we stopped and looked.

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Helper bee

1. I’m 27 and my OH is 23.

2. When I first saw my OH, I mistook her for someone else (who was already in a relationship) so I didn’t make a move until I found out she was single. 

3. We’ve been together for 4.5 years.

4. I will probably be the one to ‘pop the question’ – am thinking on our 5 year anniversary perhaps?

5. I would love a really elaborate wedding, but my OH is more a ‘keep it simple’ kinda girl…I forsee intense negotiations lol.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2014

1) I’m 30 and he’s 40. He is the first guy I dated who is older than me. Always went for ypunger before…what a mistake lol

2) I’m a Libra and he’s a Sagittarius. I’ve heard were a great match and then read this horoscope right after our first date and it’s been on my cork board ever since…”they say you just know when it’s right for you, it seems like now is the moment you’ve been waiting for. There’s excitement in your life thatyou never thought possible.”

3) I’ve always loved kiddos. I’m a teacher and want 3 or 4 of our little ones. He’s amazing with kids and I can’t wait to see him as the father of our children! He’s a teacher too and were def on the same page w kiddos 

4) He’s my best friends, of 10 years, second cousin. We’ve been at the same weddings, baptisms, parties, and even concerts for 10 years but never met until a year ago and we instantly had a connection. We talked for 6 hours on our first date at lunch until the restaurant kicked us out lol

5) I’ve always dreamed of a winter wedding and can’t wait to start planning…well in real life instead of on pinterest lol

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

I really like this thread!

1.) He is a Libra and I am a Gemini. Neither of us believe in it, but it’s interesting that they are both two-sided (scales is more balanced and twins is more conflicted, which is like us).

2.) He has the ring and I want him to propose but as long as he doesn’t, I can walk out of Target with three pints of ice cream and only feel a little embarrassed. (Seriously, why is Ben and Jerry’s so cheap there?!?)

3.) We have been together 6 years and our first date was at Jillian’s (a pool hall/bar in Boston). We’ve drifted from being friends with the people who introduced us.

4.) We have a dog who is the love of both our lives. I will save the gratuitous dog photo for another thread.

5.) Sometimes one of us will change before we go out so that we can dress to match each other.

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Blushing bee

Oh this is fun!


1) I’m 32 and he is 36.  And I’m a Cancer, and He’s a Leo….we’re also doomed lol

2) We met on eharmony, and “talked” via text, email for three weeks before our first date.  He wanted the first time he heard my voice to be in person.  eharmony did such an awesome job matching us! as a quick sidenote…we’ve been together for 10 months

3) Our first date he took to on a 4 hour nature walk at a nature preserve nearby, then out for dinner at outback, and THEN to a movie.  Then he came over, and didn’t leave till 3:30Am! Our first date lasted 13.5 hours, and no we did not have sex lol. best first date ever! we’ve been in seperable ever since.  Since then we’ve done awesome dates like a sea plane tour of Seattle, Dinner at the space needle, the ferris wheel in Seattle, King Tut exhibit, tons of hiking etc etc.  

4) I’m an only parent/widow who’s husband died 3 years ago, so this relationship is extra special to me.  Mr eHarmony loves my kids and is so respectful of my late husband/their daddy, and wants to adopt them too!  He’s such a blessing to us, and is also paying for most of our family trip to DisneyLand and CA in November.

5) He’s HOT!!! Seriously. 6’2″, built, bald head…gorgeous gorgeous muscles, and he’s half chinese πŸ™‚ Plus he wears a uniform (Army) so that just adds to the deliciousness.  

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: November 2014

1) I’m a Taurus, he’s a Sagittarius but I have no idea how astrologically compatible we are.

2) He is 29 and I am 25 (so I just had a quarter life crisis)

3) We met through mutual friends at a going away party for someone I had never met. He seemed like an overconfident douche, and after a lot of nagging I agreed to go on one date with him (he was cute!) as long as it was a double date with our mutual friends.

4) I would ideally want to get married on our 4 year anniversary- may 25, 2014!

5) SO is an engineer but also graduated from culinary school. I have gained 20 pounds since we started dating (thank goodness I was a size 0!)

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