(Closed) 5th Cycle NTNP and VERY frustrated

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Wait.. are you TTC or NTNP? Your post sounds like you’re TTC but the title says NTNP..

You’re not charting..are you using some means of determining if and when you are ovulating?

5 months is not many cycles to be trying. Typical times are about 6 months to a year in healthy couples. I wouldn’t get frustrated yet.

As for plans to travel internationally with a small baby…you may want to rethink that. I would think it would be quite risky to do so with a child who isn’t fully vaccinated, and would also be tortuous on an infants’ sleep schedule.

If you just had thyroid surgery in February, it is very possible that it could be impacting your cycle as well…depending on what exactly the surgery was to accomplish.


Good luck! I hope you succeed and have a BFP soon!

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Starling13:  Ok, I was a little confused by charting but not temping!

I would try to temp or use OPK’s to see if your body is trying to ovulate (if it doesn’t overwhelm you, I know it can just add to the stress)

. ..have your doctors told you whether or not the HRT would effect your chances in conceiving? Maybe there is some interference there? I know a lot of thyroid problems can interfere with conceiving. Have you had much for doctor involvement yet?

Even if you’re not going to third world countries, there is still a risk. Babies that age cannot be protected against things like mumps, which is becoming a problem in many North American & European countries….but I digress from your orginal thread, so I will drop it there.

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Starling13:  I can understand your frustration and I know it’s hard for lots of women when they expect to get KU within a few months of “trying”. But PP is correct with her stats, 6 months to a year is totally nomal even for healthy couples & you mentioned a few health issues?

My Brother-In-Law is a physician & he gave this example…my grandparents were married for 60 yrs, & lets say gramma was fertile for at least 26 of those. They never used BC & had a very healthy sex life & she had 8 children. Lets say 9 months gestation & 1 yr of BC by EBF for each child just to be modest: that’s almost 16 yrs when she “couldn’t” get KU. That leaves a whoping 10 years during which she didn’t get pregnant & was not preventing at all, not even with NFP. And she was a normal, healthy woman. No matter what they say in junior high, it’s just not that easy for most women to get pregnatn & it usually takes more than a few tries. I know that story is confusing & maybe long-winded, I’m not the best writer but it did make my SIL feel better and they have been trying for 2 yrs for their 2nd.

Although I’m not a charting expert, don’t temp myself & have never TTCd. I have used OPKs in the past just to see if I was ovulating and when trying to prevent pregnancy and was so happy to see those positives just so I knew it was happening. Well lo & behold, I was quickly told by other bees that those OPKs, my change in CM & CP did not mean a thing. Other than medical tests, only temping could tell me for sure if I was ovulating. So I’m curious as to the methods you are using for charting, care to share?

Also, if you have thyroid issues, could that affect your cycle (besides the surgery itself) even if you are on HRT?

Good luck and those trips sound awesome, I love to travel. Tell us where are you going so we can vicariously live through you!

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I am sorry you are getting frustrated….I think there are lots of women who can appreciate that!  I too, thought getting pregnant would be immediate, as soon as we started “trying”.  It is hard not to feel like you are failing. 

I used to chart my cycles and DTD alone when we weren’t TTC.  I started temping 2 months ago and WOW has it given me so much information about myself.  I always thought I knew when I ovulated, turns out I was off by a day or so.  Maybe you could try adding that?  Plus, it is helpful to bring those temps and charts to your Dr to get help.

I find these boards and others to be very helpful – just to know that you are not alone in your frustration. 

Good luck! 🙂

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I’m confused, you say that you are NTNP, but your whole posts sounds like you are TTC, since you are activly trying for a baby.  

Regardless, sometime these good things take time, best of luck!

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Starling13:  Temping might seem overwhelming when it’s new but it’s really so very simple. I’m on my second cycle charting via temps and CM and just ordered some OPKs to use as well. Give temping a shot and I’m sure you’ll be thrilled at what you learn about your body even more than what you’ve already observed! If you have any questions the charters of the hive threads are filled with charting bees who love helping others and chart stalking our friends! 🙂

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we are on the 8th cycle of activly trying.  seeing an RE now. 

are you still NTNP or actively trying?


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We are going on our 4th cycle and I too thought I would get pregnant immediately! I wish we TTC earlier because it is very frustrating!

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Starling13:  I think you should definitely add temping. It is actually a lot easier and very reassuring. Regarding the time it takes to get pregnant, based on my research the majority (70%) get pregmany within 6 cycles and 85% in one year. I was TTC 6 cycles when I first went to get tested. If I were you Id temp and use OPKs for a couple of cycles to confirm O and if you are not KU, get some testing then. My theory is, it doesn’t hurt and will serve to reassure that all is ok.

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