(Closed) 5wks pregnancy, cold all the time, and hypo–should I call my doctor?

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Yes, you should be calling your doctor when you have concerns. Even if you think it may be nothing, you don’t have the medical training, they do! And they are well paid to take your questions. Don’t be shy, don’t poo poo your concerns, get on the phone and ask.

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I don’t have a thyroid problem, but one of my very first pregnancy symptoms at about 4 weeks was feeling cold.  It continued throughout my first trimester where I would feel chills and cold especially in the evenings (and it was summer at the time).  I would be huddled up in fleece and a blanket.  Now that I am in second trimester that has disappeared, and like I said I don’t have any thyroid issues.  Good idea to get it checked out by your doctor, just wanted to let you know that it can be just a pregnancy symptom too!

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Yes- proper thyroid control is very important for developing embryos/fetuses and your thyroid hormone levels should be closely monitored

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MrsRevolutionize:  I am hypo and had highish levels (like 4.5 TSH) when I got pregnant, because I wasn’t taking meds. I never got the sensation of feeling cold at those levels, but pregnancy can definitely change your levels and require more or less medication. Your doctor should be checking you more frequently and at the beginning of your pregnancy to make sure everything is okay. I think I got checked once a month until around 5 months, now its every other month. Congratulations!

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I’m hypo, my doctor had me come in immediately once I got a BFP. I had my blood drawn at exactly 4 weeks and my numbers had already gone haywire.. I’m glad he had me double my dose immediately that day, before even waiting on those results. Your levels can flucuate a lot during pregnancy, so you should be having them checked every 4-6 weeks throughout pregnancy.

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MrsRevolutionize:  I would definitely go get checked. My levels went from totally normal pre-pregnancy and changed by like 5-10 fold afterwords. I had to make several medication adjustments based on which trimester I was (various cut offs for acceptable ranges in different trimesters).

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Your thyroid should be monitored throughout pregnancy as it can change even after being controlled for so long. I would get it checked.

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MrsRevolutionize:  I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer during my third pregnancy and without a thyroid, I’m now always hypo (and pregnant with my fourth and final).  Definitely make sure your endocrinologist knows you’re pregnant, let him/her known about any changes in symptoms, and make sure your OB and endo communicate.  Ask for copies of lap slips so that if your OB asks, you have those numbers at the ready.

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nerdyblueberry:  I have never heard of this being a pregnancy symptom, but I had this exact issue.  Before I even found out, I would be fine all day, until between4/6 in the evening then I woudl get really cold, and I would get the chills, I thought I was sick, it felt like a fever.  It it has lasted ever since, it never fails, each night around the same time.  

It’s nice to hear that it is something others are experiencing, my friends say I am crazy.  

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futuremrsw26:  I know, I had never heard of chills/feeling cold as a pregnancy symptom either before I had it! It was so unlike me though, and it started around the time my period would have been due, and it was summer time.  It lasted all through my first trimester- now that I am in my 2nd, it has stopped.  But throughout August and September, I would literally be covered in blankets in the evenings.  I didn’t really have any of the “classic” pregnancy symptoms, but had all uncommon ones right from the start! And now that I am trying to determine if what I am feeling is movement, I feel muscle twitches in my belly instead of the usual “flutters” or bubbles popping that people usually describe! Maybe our babies are just trying really hard to stand out from the crowd 🙂


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