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I got pregnant on our 8th cycle TTC. The first two cycles we just kind of winged it. I’ve always had regular cycles and had temped before so I was pretty confident of when I would ovulate. I was so naive and truly thought we would get pregnant right away. When it didn’t happen I started temping again. I eventually added OPKs into the mix as well. For us, I think it was a lot of bad BD timing, but I will say the month I got my BFP we DTD ED during my FW instead of EOD.

Around 6 months I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that we were going to need to see an RE, although I also could not see one until we hit the 1 year mark. I don’t have much advice on staying positive; I cried pretty much every time AF arrived and I had a lot of friends get pregnant in those 8 months, which made it even harder. I will say it’s made me appreciate my BFP and my pregnancy soooo much more.

Lots of love and baby dust to you… It’s a frustrating journey, especially when we’re raised to believe that you will get preggers by just looking at a guy the wrong way. 

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My first pregnancy I got pregnant on the 8th cycle (back in 2013).  Throughout the 8 months I dabbled in OPKs and temping. I only temped 2-3 months because but I thought it was facinating.  The only thing we did differently that cycle was morning sex every day right before and during ovulation.  We happened to do a spooning type position each time (TMI ).  We have a happy, healthy almost two year old.

The second time I got pregnant it was on the 4th cycle and we weren’t trying as hard.  The pregnancy ended in an ectopic. 

We are TTCing again and this is cycle three.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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One of my good friends got pregnant with her first on cycle 7.  I think she just used OPKs.  She got pregnant with her second by accident when her first was only like 9 months old!  (She’s on month 2 trying for her third now.)  Good luck!

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I don’t have a success story to share, but I can sympathize with you and I wanted to chime in and give you a virtual hug. We’re on cycle 8, and right now I’m in the 2ww. I start every month by saying “this is the month I will relax and not get anxious and depressed.”, and I always end up an emotional wreck as I wait for a BFP or AF. 

Do you WANT to wait a year to see an RE? Or is there a reason you have to? We started with an RE after 6 cycles (of charting/opk’s/excellent BD timing), and I am so glad we did because we discovered a hormonal imbalance that likely was not going to correct itself. I wouldn’t have known that if we didn’t go through the initial bloodwork an RE does. The RE definitely reassured me that it was okay to come see them earlier if you know you’ve been good on BD timing and ovulation tracking.

Go with your gut feeling, and hang in there!!

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After month 7 or 8, I was pretty convinced this wasn’t going to happy naturally for us. The statistics just weren’t great. So at month 9 we got basic bloodwork and an SA done. At month 12 we met with the fertility doctor, and didn’t end up getting pregnant until month 19. It did end up happening naturally, which we’re very grateful for… but doesn’t discount the pain and sadness we went through, and the fact that we may have to go through it again for more children. Best of luck!

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I don’t have a response to your specific question, I got pregnant on cycle 4, but I went to an re after cycle 2 since I knew I had PCOS. Just wanted to comment that if the wait is causing you undue stress you can look into seeing an re before the year is up. My insurance covered the diagnostic under general, not reproductive health. Baby dust your way!

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Following this thread with interest! We’ve just finished cycle 4, with tracking and perfect timing. I know it’s just a numbers game, but most people I know either concieved in 3 months, or needed fertility treatment.

Lorah184:  that’s interesting you could see an RE after 6 months of perfect timing. I might asked my doctor about this when/if we get to 6 months. I was told 12 months for a referral if you’re under 35, which seems like a long time if there ends up being an easily treatable issue

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If you suspect, or know, that something is wrong, don’t waste the whole year. The doctor works for you. At month 10 of trying, and after having periods that were anywhere from 1-2.5 months apart, I made an appt with a family practice doc to check into “irregular cycles” where I was first diagnosed with PCOS and hormone imbalances. From there I had no trouble getting into an RE, because obviously that’s something that needs help. So do what you gotta to get in!


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I echo what other ladies are saying! If you’re feeling anxious and having to wait to see a doctor is causing you more stress I would definitely look into seeing one! My husband and I are on month 6 of trying. I have mild PCOS and hypothyroidism. I have temped, done OPK’s, used preseed, and we have perfectly timed BD every month and still nothing. The last couple of weeks I have just been at my wits end as I’ve watched so many friends announce their pregnancy after not even trying or only trying for one cycle. So happy for them, but it doesn’t make your own hurt and disappointment go away.

   All that to say, last Monday I spent the morning calling our insurance and finding an RE. I called their office and I have an appointment for this Friday. I didn’t need a referral and they didn’t even ask any questions. I’m feeling more positive and hopeful than I have the last 6 months. Hoping and praying for all of us that our BFP’s are right around the corne!!!

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I started getting nervous 6 months in (7 cycles), but realized we had a couple cycles of bad timing despite my charting. Had a chemical on cycle 10 (I think) and I was terrified it’d take another 10 to get another positive.  I saw my doctor at that point for an annual appointment and she said the CP should give me hope, but that we’d start testing in 4 months (after a full year) if nothing happened.  At that point I really felt like we were going down the route of needing assistance. I was also an emotional wreck as the CP came at the same time as several birth and pregnancy announcements of friends. 

I started OPKs and preseed at that point (no idea if they really helped) and 2 cycles later, we got a BFP! I’m 32 weeks now.  

I’ve always said that our taking some time to get pregnant made it so much more special and appreciated once it happened. I don’t take anything for granted.

Don’t lose hope, bee. I hope you get your BFP very soon!

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beebeedeebee:  Just finished cycle 4 too and starting temping this cycle with Preseed and OPKs, which I hadn’t done before. I actually went to my doctor already because I have multiple days of constant red and pink spotting. I thought it might be an issue, but she didn’t seemed to be too concerned. I got a response of “have lots of sex and come back to me in about 8 months”. I actually really like her and think she’s keeping my best interest in mind, but I got the sense that she really just wanted me to wait. She did offer to do an ultrasound and check on my fibroid, possibly removing it, but she left it up to me. I sort of felt ridiculous (my own doing), so I said I’d just keep on keeping on. I’m now on CD 17, right after O and lots of red spotting. It just doesn’t seem normal…my temps are also hovering around the coverline, so I’m thinking it might be low progesterone. 

If you’ve read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, you’ll see that the author suggests that after 4 months – 6 months of charting and perfect timing, you should go ahead and get basic checks done, but I don’t think most doctors follow this “rule”. 


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lady lightning:  I got pregnant on cycle 5. I went off BC in May 2015 and we started TTC in June 2015. We tried for 4 months and nothing. We were getting frustrated, arguing more, and stressed out so we decided to take 3 months off and because of our crazy work schedules and holiday time. It seemed like we were only having sex around when I thought I would ovulate, which took all the fun out of it. We decided to start TTC again this past Jan 2016. We decided to go with the flow and just do it whenever we were in the mood and not overthink everything and just relax. Well it worked for us. We’re so glad we took that little break. Good Luck!

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arellan10:  haha my GP said exactly the same thing when I mentioned it last month during an appointment for something else. We’ve charted and used preseed since the start, and OPKs cycles 3 and 4. I also had a very similar problem to you in cycle 4, with very low temps until 10DPO (which sucked-after LPs of 11 days, 11 days, 9 days and suddenly 14 days with a temp spike on day 10 my hopes were sky high!). I wonder about low progesterone as well. Fingers crossed your temp rises soon!!

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I got pregnant after 10 months, 11 cycles of trying. What did I do differently? I resigned myself to the fact that if we hit the year mark we could have investigations and stopped comparing. It’s easier said than done! In fact it was a horrible and testing time. Forget stats and other people’s experiences though. I was surrounded by superhuman fertile people who got pregnant just by sleeping in the same bed! It was incredibly frustrating.. you can read some of

my old threads and see how I was feeling. Now, I have a beautiful 15 month old. He was worth the wait, and I would do it all again for him! Good luck !

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