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  • poll: What did it take for you to get your BFP?

    It just took time!

    We needed meds/treatment.

    We thought we'd need treatment, but we just needed a little luck!

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    @jholler – thanks for the details on your story. And glad you found a way to make it work!  Some doctors can be so insensitive – they don’t realize when they say “bad egg” that it can feel awful and make you freak out!! I had an RE before my current one who said all sorts of things to me like, “oh you’re really hairy maybe you have too much testosterone and that’s why you’re not getting pregnant.”  WHAT!? Are you serious? Way to insult me AND come up with a non-medical reason why I’m not pregnant. Then he said “I can’t find your left ovary (on a sonogram), it’s so small, maybe that’s why you’re not pregnant.”  Meanwhile, my left ovary works just FINE.  It was like he just said anything that came to his mind that doesn’t have any scientific support.  It’s surprising that someone who goes into a business to help people can say things that are so unhelpful.


     I have been using the progesterone suppositories (endometrin) since October. Do you know which ones you’re using? Though, I wonder if I had been putting them too high up.  I read somewhere, (maybe even on here), that you just need to get them in.  I was shoving them way up there! So more recently I stopped putting them in so high. In my mind I thought the higher/closer to cervix the better but then I read differently. Anyway, who knows. It’s so hard when you don’t have any kind of definitive answer why things aren’t working.  I can get really desperate trying to pinpoint anything I can.  Thanks again for sharing your story.

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    I was diagnosed with PCOS before we started trying as I wasn’t having periods. I started acupuncture and Chinese herbs and my periods came back. We weren’t trying during this time, but we weren’t trying not to either. We decided to try straight after Christmas so I went to a fertility clinic to have my cycle monitored to check I was ovulating and I was, so we knew exactly when to get busy and it worked! Yeah! I’m sure it’s all down to the acupuncture and heartily recommend it.

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    @smokingpoint:  I am on Crinone suppositories…They told me not to insert them super close to the cervix bc any suppositories can irritate the cervix and cause spotting.  I have to take them until week 12, but they are my security blanket and I am scared to get off of them:)

    I saw on the other thread that you had the RPL panel done (had to give a little bit of blood, huh?)…I hope you get some answers soon:)  I kind of wanted them to find something so then I’d know what the REASON was.  But I do think my RE was right – it just wasn’t the right egg a couple of times.  As tough as that was to swallow….

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    @jholler25 – thanks for the info. I heard the Crinone suppositories are a little better than the ones I’m on because they are less messy (according to my doc) but he didn’t seem to offer any other info on the differences. And yeah, they took a ton of blood yesterday, it was awful! Now it’s a wait and see what the tests tell me.  Trying to be more positive that it’s just a matter of time and trying different things before it happens. 🙂

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    I think everyone knows my story as well.  DH and I were NTNT for a year+ and TTC for about 11 months (I think). We went through every blood test possible.  DH had a SA done.  Both our results were awful, my AMH was less than .30 and DH had extremely low count and high morphology.  We were told that donor eggs and ICSI was probably our best bet outside of adoption.

    The month it happend I had given up all hope. That month I didn’t chart or take OPKs and we only BDd on the 2 days I knew were probably best given my typical cycle length.  I’m not telling everyone to relax and it will happen because 1) thats simply not true and 2) I know how impossible it is to relax.  I’m just saying the month it happened is the month I accepted I wasn’t in control of the outcome.

    Other things that I think had to have helped is

    1) we used preseed 2) DH cut his drinking down to 2 drinks a week total and no drinks during our “good week” 3) DH quit taking his antidepressant – He was taking a very low dose because we were TTC but he had finally stepped all the way off of it the month prior 4) I had an HSG done 2 months prior, the nurses kept saying it often helps clear the tubes.

    In short I think it took some time and a bunch of luck and the few tweaks we did may have helped. At the end of the day I dont think I will ever know what the magic formula was– I wish I did.

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    My story is a little different since I have 2 girls already, that I had absolutely no problem conceiving.

    This time it took us 8 months of TTC, with a MC in cycle 4/5. I had been off birth control for over a year when we started TTC with what seemed to be a regular cycle. I am not sure why it took so long this time around, with the exception of me having a pretty crazy work schedule that I think would delay O.  The only thing we did different last month was use preseed and BD more before and after projected O day.

    I didn’t post a lot in the 6 month and up club, but I still lurking and am rooting for everybody:)

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    We will need major help.   He’s sterile and we’re waiting to see if they will do a testicular biopsy to find sperm, and then do IVF with a special procedure that will inject his one sperm cell into one egg.  

    Never thought we would have to face something so horrible.

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    DH (31) and I (29) were one of those couples who just needed a little extra time to get a BFP.

    We got married early Feb 2011 and I came off the Pill in mid Feb 2011.  We were accidentally NTNT for the first two months (didn’t even get near ovulation) and then actively TTC from April 2011 to January 2012, when we got our BFP (ten cycles).

    Neither DH or I have any fertility issues that we know of and my cycles are pretty regular (my first cycle of BC was 35 days long, the rest of my cycles were 30, 32, 27, 29, 30, 29, 32, 33, 33 days respectively).  I do have a shortish luteal phase that naturally lengthened itself from ten days to twelve and I would usually ovulate around CD 20 or 21.

    I started charting in July and we used Pre lubricant (kinda like the external version of Pre-Seed) but apart from that we didn’t really do anything special or different from month to month.

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    I only posted sporadically but followed this board closely.  I got married in April, and got off BC in May. in late Dec I went to the doctor (since it had been 6+ months of trying and I was 35) who promptly brushed me off (so infuriating).  I thought Jan was a lost month because my ILs were visiting during my fertile days.  Lo and behold, this was our month. We didn’t do anything different.

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    Thank you for sharing your stories on how you got your BFP! This is so encouraging for us still trying after 6+ months 🙂

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    I didn’t post on that thread, but we were NTNT for 6+ months, really tried for 6+ months.  Did testing with my gyn and couldn’t find any issues, finally went to an RE, no issues found with either of us.  Did 3 unmonitored IUI’s with Clomid and got pregnant on the 3rd one. 

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    What didn’t I do? I wrote a paper for some women in an Infertility Yoga class and it was 4 pages long. But I will try to summarize. It took 15 months, but I got the BFP at 41, naturally.

    I started TTC in Jan 2011 when I was 40. I had really long AF (14-60 days) that couldn’t be stopped with BCP or Progesterone. They finally tried estrogen and it worked. They don’t know the reason for this problem other than age related hormone issues. DH had normal SA (low morphology, but when count was factored in, doc wasn’t worried) I went to an RE doc when I was 41 and did 2 rounds of IUI with injectable.

    The same time I did my first IUI, I started acupuncture. During my 2nd IUI, I started TCM Herbs (as given to me by my AP). I was an emotional wreck and mentally and physically exhausted after only 2 rounds of Western Medicine. I needed a break, even though I was 41 and the thought of any type of delay was scary, very, very scary.  

    So I took what was supposed to be 2 months off, which turned into 3 months due to insurance issues. During that time, I continued with AP and herbs. I also increased the supplements I was taking (see list below), cut out all caffeine and alcohol, drank Wheatgrass and drastically changed my diet, based on my TCM diagnosis in ‘The Infertility Cure’—no gluten, dairy, cold or raw food. The month before the BFP, I did a colonic and castor oil packs. The month I got the BFP, I did Mayan Massage and Fertility Yoga.

    I think the Western Medicine jump started my Ovulation. But the underlying issue was never found and thus my hormones were still out of whack. AF was still super heavy, clotty, dark purple and a full 7 days with spotting before and after. I even had one month where my LP was 9 days. Without the Alternative measures I don’t think I would have gotten pregnant or at least it would have been a very long, expensive and draining road. I really think the Mayan Massage sorta pushed us over the top. Everything balanced my body out so the Mayan Massage would work.

     Doing the Deed–I used the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor to determine the right time. We BD every other day when it was High and the second day that it was Peak. (We should have done it both days it was Peak, but we were just so resentful of having to do it that the Qi was bad, so we skipped it. The mood was much better the next day!) I also used Pre-Seed since I don’t make very much or very good quality EWCM. And we used the Pregnancy Position- doggy style. We used a Liberator Ramp pillow. And afterward I stayed bent over it for 30 mins. (It is also recommended that you have an O before and after him.)

     Supplements I took:

    • Prenatal
    • Omega 3
    • Vit B6
    • Vit B12
    • Vit E
    • Vit D
    • Calcium/ Magnesium
    • CoQ10
    • L- arginine
    • Royal Jelly
    • Insitol (powder)
    • Choline

    Good Luck and Baby Dust!!

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    I need to add that I was also taking Maca.

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    Hi to all the recent graduates – can you add to this list?? It so interesting to read through it all again 🙂 I’ll link it in to our current 6 month+ thread.


    @bunny:  Can you believe it was 8 months ago that you started this thread??!

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    Wow! This thread feels like ages ago!

    For me, it was a combination of a LOT of prayer, a weight loss of almost 20lbs, exercise, and a naturopathic regime of seeds and supplements. I was temping, charting, and using OPK strips. In the end, it took nearly 2 years of active trying.

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