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  • poll: What did it take for you to get your BFP?

    It just took time!

    We needed meds/treatment.

    We thought we'd need treatment, but we just needed a little luck!

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    @hamikay:  Thanks for revamping this thread. It was great reading all the stories. Hopefully we will see more soon πŸ™‚

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    @hamikay:  Ditto what
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    lindsey_k_16: said! Can’t wait to hear of the new success stories. This thread has always given me hope! : ) 

    CONGRATS to all the new 6+ mammas!! πŸ™‚

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    @redsmarties:  I think you mentioned it before, but of course my brain is TTC overloaded. What seeds and supplements where you taking, if you don’t mind sharing?

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    More stories!! Thanks Hamikay for reviving this!!

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    tho im now pregnant, it still makes me really sad to reflect on all the TTC effort it took, how crazy it made me & that others have to go thru it too. seriously ladies. hang in there. and know that i am sending you ALL of my strength baby dust love hugs and EVERYTHING.

    1 year trying normally while charting + opks : nothing. 

    went 11 months without a period.

    went in to wonder why my period wasnt coming and every POAS was a BFN, i got on metformin & occasionally provera. about 8 months of nothing with that addition & her saying we will switch to clomid, i was impatient waiting wondering when that change would be, so i sought out fertility clinics on my own. 

    got in to that clinic but it took about 4 months of tests & things before i could get in, because we were busy with our wedding & then gone for our honeymoon and my periods were sometimes wonky.

    the fertility RE doc wanted me to start birth control immediately after a period, which ended up being while we were on our honeymoon. 

    when my next period started (thankfully, it did on schedule!) i had already an appt with the fertility clinic to learn about letrozole and injections… so while i was there for the class i was able to say i had just gotten my period. cd1. the nurse gave me a prescription then for letrozole, which i took cd 3-10.

    on cd7 i had an HSG along with an ultrasound to check my follies. i didnt have any that were mature πŸ™ but the dr said we would check again on day 10. on cd10 we went in for another ultrasound to check my follies, & i had ONE that was at 15mm. 

    cd12 i gave myself the injection trigger shot at 5pm. we BD’d that night at 8pm and again 36 hours later, 5:00am on tuesday.

    at 10dpo i got my faint bfp! went in for betas at 14 & 16dpo. and TODAY i am 12w!

    so during the TTC, i tried everything. charting temping opk’s preseed no alcohol lower caffeine but nothing did the trick. i also started prenatals in april. during our fertility round i continued with no alcohol and lower caffeine but didnt monitor anything because they did all of that work for me.



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    I still can’t believe I get to write in these kind of threads, even now.

    I’m 25.5 weeks currently, due with Baby Jag in April (little GIRL Baby Jag – ridic!)

    I’m sure most of you are sick of my story, but in short?

    • PCOS/anov cycles since 2010
    • Clomid resistant, only O’ed twice during a six month span 
    • HSG clear, recommended to IVF
    • First IVF (April 2012) BFN
    • Second IVF (July 2012) BFP.

    I took coq10 + prenatals + metformin in the last cycle.. as well as Lucrin + Puregon to stim, and a Ovidrel trigger shot.

    Love to all the 6-12+ monthers still trying. I know if it could happen for me (even WITH medical help) it can happen for you. 

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    After 1 year of trying I saw an RE, took metformin, femara, and an ovidrel shot, and (very luckily!) got pregnant via IUI during our first cycle.

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    It finally happened for me with injectables, trigger shot, and IUI.  Here’s the longer version:

    * Diagnosed with PCOS in the summer of 2010
    * 3 failed rounds of oral meds (2 Femara 1 Clomid)
    * Referred to an RE in early 2011
    * HSG came back normal, DH’s SA did not
    * DH referred to a urologist
    * 2 surgeries for DH – 1 to biopsy for sperm 1 to fix the blockage to free the sperm
    * 2 rounds of injections w/ trigger and timed intercourse in spring of 2012
    * BFP in July of 2012

    It took us 2.5 years, with some time off.  But, it was worth everything we went through to finally get pregnant with our little guy. 

    Wishing all of you ladies still going through it all the luck in the world!!!

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    and now I’m back to add my story πŸ™‚ still seems surreal! Now approx 8 weeks pregnant πŸ™‚


    I went of BCP in September 2010, prevented with condoms until October 2011, but recorded cycles and noticed irregular cycles (28-44 days) throughout that year. Stopped preventing in October 2011, got ‘more serious’ in Jan 2012, started OPKs in March, started charting in May. Irregular cycles continued throughout – asked GP but he said it was normal. Got him to order blood tests and progesterone came back within normal ‘lab’ ranges (but later found out they were too low to confirm ovulation – thanks doc). Meanwhile hubby got an SA and all measures were low, morph was below range.

    While I was waiting for the GP to refer me to a specialist, hubby and I started seeing a Naturopath. She treated both of us with lifestyle (eg. no plastics), diet (no wheat, dairy or caffeine for me, continued IBS-friendly diet for him) and herbal treatments (liquid vitex in a herbal mix, prenatal with better B vitamins, Fish Oil tablets and CoQ10 for me – IBS-related treatement and new multivitamin for him). I had my first BFP after the first cycle (CP at 15dpo). We both had follow up tests about 2 or 3 months into treatment and both had improved in critical areas. Also, I started having regular 31 day cycles.

    I finally got a referral to a specialist, and she ordered my follow-up tests. Despite my Progesterone being just under the required number to confirm ovulation, she decided Clomid wasn’t right, and bullied me into strongly suggested I needed a Lap “to have a look around”. She said it didn’t matter where in my cycle it fell, and had picked a date at the end of the next TWW – Jan 11th 2013. I went home very upset and hubby said that we’d cancel it and reconsider in a few months time.

    On Jan 12th (at 10DPO) I woke up with a bit of a feeling I should test, so I snuck into the bathroom with a cheapie and the faintest of faint lines showed up. I crept back into the bedroom and grabbed a FRER and that had a much clearer line that showed up pretty quickly. I can only assume that if I’d gone through with the Lap te day before, it would have flushed out the little emby and I would never have known I was pregnant.

    So – TTC for 15 months total, didn’t see a BFP until we started Naturopathic treatement. Maybe it was just my bad luck, but the traditional docs were unhelpful and unsympathetic to me, and I truly don’t think I’d be pregnant yet if I’d relied on them. My Naturo was AMAZING, very down-to-earth, but confidently said that we shouldn’t expect anything for the first 3 months of treatment and then we should be right to get pregnant – we got pregnant the very next cycle.


    All the best to those reading this on your own TTC journey – I learnt that I needed to be VERY aware of my own cycle and to trust our own instincts about what was working for us. Hubby and I started out VERY sceptical of “alternative medicines” (What do you call an alternative medicine that works? “Medicine”) but ended up completely trusting our Naturo. Obviously she couldn’t have helped if there were more drastic problems, but for us, it was all we needed.

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    Started TTC in Feb 2012 got PG Oct 2012:

    -irregular/anov cycles

    -Diagnosed PCOS

    – 2-3 rounds of provera

    – 4 rounds of clomid

    – then stopped clomid in July went back on Oct 29th to start again was on CD70 did bloodwork to make sure wasn’t PG so I could start provera and low and behold HCG was + at 15, 48hrs later it was 28, then up to 344 and I knew it was a sticky baby. 

    I am now 18weeks exactly today and we can’t wait to find out what we are having!

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    I’m still TTC, just reviving this thread to get new stories and hopefully bring some hope to the 6+/1+ ladies.

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    I hope that we see more graduates here soon.

    For me, I’m sure it’s nothing compared to what so many of you have/are going through.  DH and I tried for 7 cycles, it felt like forever because of my LP defect.  After suffering a BO followed by a D&C, with vitamin B6 and B-Complex I fixed that issue.  I’m now 23w4d with a little girl πŸ™‚

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    After about a year we got our bfp. Now 10w5d pregnant! Clomid worked for us after finding out I had low progesterone. the first round resulted in a weird ectopic miscarriage but the second round was a charm. πŸ™‚


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    I haven’t been on the bee lately because, well, I couldn’t bear to see all the BFP posts! I was in the group briefly several months ago.

    DH and I have been TTC for 15 months. After 8 months we got a BFP that ended in an early miscarriage. We kept trying, and finally last month, after 14 months total, we made an appointment with the fertility clinic. Our consultation was on Friday, and then yesterday I got a BFP at just 10 dpo! The lines are strong and keep getting stronger and I am super hopeful that this one will be our “take home” baby πŸ™‚

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    @missrain:  I’m so happy to hear this! I checked your chart just last week wondering how you were doing! Congratulations!

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