(Closed) 6+ Months TTC – Part 8!

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  • poll: Have you added the "PP" (aka JHoll's favorite...) to your TTC repertoire?
    YES! : (10 votes)
    28 %
    Not yet, but I am planning on it : (15 votes)
    42 %
    No, and I am not sure I will : (4 votes)
    11 %
    I can't figure out how to do it... : (7 votes)
    19 %
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    I had my Follicle Scan and Bloodwork this morning. They had trouble getting the blood drawn and and I had to have my blooddraw in the Ultrasound room lying down. Ugh. Haven’t felt right since.  I’m having low back pain, really bad on my left side.

    My follicles are 17, 15.2, 13.6 and 12.3 on the left, which is  my bad side with the possible blocked tube. On the right I have a 15 and a 9.7. 

    In order to do my IUI the dominant follicle must me on the right side or we are switched to timed intercourse. I forgot what size is needed for IUI.  I inject  Gonal-F tonight and go back in the morning for another ultrasound and bloodwork.

    I don’t know what is going to happen and I’m really upset at the moment, because if we have to go Timed Intercouse this cycle is basically a waste. Pain, time and money. I did an unmonitored Clomid cycle that only gave me Ovulation pain on the left as well.

    I suspect IVF would be a good option for us, but my husband has moral issues with it. I hope he changes his mind.  I don’t know if they can do anything with opening the left tube or not.

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    @ieatunicorns:  Can you hear the screaming from over here in Canada!!!!!????????????!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!  I am so, so happy for your BFP!   What a fabulous Christmas present. πŸ™‚ Thank you for giving a lift to Part 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    Part 8 is going to be amazing!  And not just because of the poll…LOL…I voted and fall in the 57% of us that are going to add the PP to our TTC Repertoire πŸ˜‰  So many of us in their TWW right now!

    • Name: MrsFarmer (even though it says MsFarmer, I’m as Mrs as it gets!Wink)
    • Chart?:  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/376ebb
    • Cyle #/TTC since…:  CD3 of Cycle #12/TTC since June 2011
    • Issues?:  Nothing that we know of.  I was wanting to get moving on testing right away but after much discussion and a few tears, we’ve agreed to wait a while longer and try for a bit more.  We’ve still got lots of time on our side (I’ll be turning 26 this month and DH just turned 30).  He’s not quite ready for the next step and I completely understand where he’s coming from.  We have a Napro doctor that we will see when we’re both ready.
    • New tricks for Part 8?:  I’ve been seeing an acupunturist in the last month and will continue to do so.  I’m not sure if its the acupuncture or not, but I think it gave me a stronger O as my temps were definitely higher last cycle than average.  Also, I’ve had lighter cycles in the past few months but I must have had some kind of super lining this month because HOLY FLO!!!
    • I will test: When AF is late AND temps are up. 
    • How will you tell DH when you get your BFP:  I will either a) be screaming from the bathroom or b) I running into the bedroom and jumping onto the bed. I know for sure that I’ll be crying for joy!
    • Your plans for the tww:  We’re getting a furbaby at the end of April!!! —-> 
    • She’s a Saint Bernese (Saint Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dog cross) so she’s going to be BIG when she’s done growing but we live on a farm so she has tons of space to run.  DH is thrilled because those are both Swiss breeds and he’s originally from Switzerland. πŸ™‚

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    @kayakgirl73:  hopefully your right side will speed up and “overgrow” the left. keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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    @MrsFarmer:  ohhhhh…. loooove that picture!!! So sweet. you gonna be a great furbaby mommy. have i ever told you that i’m originally from Switzerland as well πŸ˜‰ “Grüezi”. We moved to Canada five years ago. Have you been to Switzerland?

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    @ecomaha:  i try to be cautious with skin products and nail polish.. better safe than sorry.

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    @Mrs. Bonnie Blue: you are always welcome here. Nobody understands this TTC process like the ladies on this thread.

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    @MrsMaine:  Welcome back!

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    @kayakgirl73:  I’m sorry you didn’t get the best news today.

    • Name: Frcklface
    • Chart: FF since November ’11. I would post it but I have never been able to figure it out.
    • Cycle# 9 I think.  TTC since August 2011
    • Issues?: I was not O’ing strong enough.  Fibroids that could be interfering. DH still needs to get SA done.  I’m over 35 so that’s just a whole lot of issue in and of itself.  Spotting and low progesterone.
    • New tricks for Part 8?: My Dr said to BD tonite and tomorrow. So I’m going to try to seduce DH and then surprise him with the JHo PP. (that sounds so dirty..lol). Did Clomid for the 1st time this cycle.

    I will test: when I miss AF.

    • How will you tell DH when you get your BFP:
      I want to do something cute but most likely I will be too excited to keep quiet.  I always thought giving him a card or a onesie that referred to a great dad. Honestly I just want the BFP and then I’ll figure it out.
    • Your plans for the tww: try to not think about it. haha. And keep exercising.

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    @ecomaha:  Had to get up SUPER early for work both of those days and didnt temp so I would wake DH. Basically woke up and snuck out the room!

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    @septcabride:  LOVE that you kept that card!!! I am a card hoarder as well!

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    @MrsFarmer:  OMG that puppy is friggin adorbs!!!

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    Holy crap, you guys. I’m gone for ONE day and you’ve already burned through a million posts. Huge congrats to MrsMeNow – so glad that we got at least one BFP before moving on!

    • Name: RedSmarties
    • Chart?: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/350183
    • Cyle #/TTC since…: 14/Feb 2011
    • Issues?: “Primary Infertility” whatever that means. Wonky long cycles, reallly late O. No male-factor issues
    • New tricks for Part 8?:  Saw the RE today! Was basically given free reign for the rest of this month, and then I start my monitored cycles on CD3. My plan of attack is a crapload of bloodtests and ultrasounds, and then “timed intercourse” (lol) according to my RE’s schedule.
    • I will test: if AF hasn’t shown 15 days post ovulation, whenever that is.
    • How will you tell DH when you get your BFP: I’d like to have a plan, and wrap up a cute onesie or something, but most likely I’ll just run screaming into the bedroom after I test.
    • Your plans for the tww: To take on the ever-popular head-in-the-sand approach. I’m just going to relax and not even think about being in the TWW. Or…that’s the plan, anyhow.

    Just wanted to say how much I LOVE my new RE. She sat down and talked through our WHOLE next cycle; exactly what it will look like and everything. And surprisingly enough, a full cycle of monitoring (blood tests, ultrasounds, consults, phone calls, everything) only costs $135. I think that’s pretty reasonable.

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    @jholler25:  That makes so much more sense the second time around. I’m usually lurking at work so must have glossed over it and it sounded like some kind of Kama sutra master position!    Since the tmi train left the station a long time ago… Dh is 15 inches taller than me so positions where we’re both on equal footing are often no go’s but if its endorsed by jHo we might have to go for it 

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    @MrsFarmer:  adorable puppy. Nothing like some puppy snuggles to get you through the tww. 

    I haven’t changed any of mymakeup or anything but am not a heavy user to begin with.  I don’t drink coffee and avoid alcohol for the most part “just in case” and feel like that’s enough for the time being. 

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    @ecomaha:  I don’t worry about makeup products and such.  I just feel like I’m doing enough and worrying about enough stuff already.  Maybe it’s a sorry excuse, but I just think that if people out there can get pg while they’re out drinking, doing drugs, etc. that a little bit of makeup can’t be that bad.


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    @elchalten:  Aww, thanks!  I am so excited!  If I’m this excited over a new puppy, I can’t imagine how insanely excited I will be for a real baby! 

    Now that you mention it, I do remember you saying that you’re also from Switzerland.  I’ve been there once before (long story, but my first trip there is actually responsible for DH and me starting to date).  If I don’t get KU in the next two months, we will probably be going back in December for a friend’s wedding.  A good friend of ours from here in Canada is getting married to my Swiss friend there!  It would also be DH’s first visit back since he moved to Canada when he was just young.  So with that trip in mind, I would kind of be ok with waiting a few more months for a BFP.

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    @cheert16:  Isn’t she???!  I keep bringing up her picture here at work and trying to absorb all the cuteness!!!

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    @septcabride:  You have Swiss background too! πŸ™‚  I am kind of biased but I think DH and his dad and brothers are all pretty awesome. πŸ™‚

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    @septcabride:  Oh and RE: TTC.  If I’m thinking about what you’re referring to: Yeah. Wow.  :S

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    Name: Jag  πŸ˜‰

    Chart?: I’ve hung up my charting hat since we’re doing IVF now

    Cycle #/TTC since…: December 2010. This makes us on month 17.

    Issues?:  PCOS, annovulatory cycles, male factors

    New tricks for Part 8?: IVF. On day 2 of Jabbing right now.

    I will test: like a crazy person after our egg transfer.

    How will you tell DH when you get your BFP:  If I don’t test with him (Which I probably won’t, to spare him the sadness if it’s a BFN because I will LOSE MY SHIT) I will take a picture of the test and put it on his laptop computer here at home, set it as his desktop…. boom.

    Your plans for the tww: It’s a long way away yet (at least early May) so I’m just hoping to GET to it.

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    I am COMPLETELY clueless … RE:TTC WOW?  Anyone care to enlighten a girl Embarassed?!?!

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