(Closed) 6 months TTC rant… I just want a baby.

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cait0302:  *hugs to you*

I find that interesting that your cycles are so long. And no problems with that? I just wonder if that is an issue, since you really can’t thoroughly figure out when you’re ovulating. Or can you? Do you chart, temp, etc?

I feel ya though! I look back to how I would miss some pills and get worried, and never got PG (and have know people who miss one pill and got PG, but maybe it wasn’t around when I O’d).

How old are you? I’ll be 35 in a couple weeks.

I’ve only been off BCP since September and had a long cycle (35 days) after that. We started trying then, but bad timing September and October, so I count November as us starting since timing was right on. AF showed up yesterday after BDing every day of my fertile window this last cycle. I was super bummed.

I am getting impatient, but need to remember that my time (and yours!) will come. I do plan on talking with my doc in April when I have my yearly, if I’m not PG by then. I have a fear of being infertile, and have horrible luck in life that it would be the case.

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cait0302:  I know how frustrating it can be! We’ve only been trying for a few months, but I was really hoping it would happen right away. I can’t complain because so many people have been trying for much longer times.


have you talked with your doctor about the every other month cycle? I would want to know if I was actually ovulating every cycle.  Best of luck to you and keep your fingers crossed. It will happen!

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Hang in there! I know it can be stressful, we tried for 4 months and the last month i had a 45 day cycle. I got completely bummed out because my cycles were fine right when I got off the pill and got whacky as the months moved along. We BD every day for a week straight and I never got a positive OPK or temp shift. Two weeks later I noticed EWCM and did the OPK just in case as I found it so strange, sure enough it was positive. We only got to BD once as hubby was going away the next day on business, so once again I was bummed that we missed it. I had no symptoms, drank over the holidays and on New Years Eve I tested for pregnancy as i still did not get my period and wanted to see if I can drink that night. There was my BFP.

Don’t let your cycles get you down, keep trying and keep telling yourself that it’s not a matter of IF you will get pregnant but a matter of WHEN. It will happen for you, until then enjoy your time without baby and not being pregnant. Onice you get pregnant, it will be nausea and tiredness and worrying about the pregnancy sticking. I am 7 weeks and have had major cramps and some spotting. So I’m constantly worried, at my initial ultrasound the doctor was unable to see anything so we are going back in two weeks. The worrying never stops, so relax take a deep breath and enjoy you and hubby right now. 

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I’d consider getting checked out – at least for a diagnosis, you don’t (and probably shouldn’t) jump into interventions yet (until you really have been trying for a year). The normal window for getting insurance to cover diagnostics is that you’ve been trying for 12 months (if under 35), but there’s no way to prove that you have or haven’t been trying for that long. So… if you go into your doc and say we’ve been having unprotected for 12 months, you meet the criteria (just check with your insurance about if they’ll cover diagnostic testing at all). 

I say you might want to get checked out, bc it is a little odd to have that long of a cycle. Maybe one of your tubes is blocked, so you’re only ovulating when you get an egg from the right (or left) overy? They would need to do an HST test to check that out (if you do that, please please take pain meds before the test – some people feel a little aching, others it’s quite painful). 

I know the feeling on TTC and the impatience. I’m in the same boat. And… if your inlaws comments are getting to you – shut it down – you could say “we’re trying and it’s taking longer than expected, so please stop asking. We’ll tell you when we have news.” TTC is already stressful enough, you don’t need anymore reminders.  Hang in there. 

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I’m not TTC or anything but I wanted to reassure you in the fact that I also have an every other month cycle.  I’ve been to two different gynecologists and my family doctor is aware of it.  No one is concerned, and all my hormone bloodwork is fine.  My gynecologist said that some people just have longer cycles.  It just stinks because I (and you too!) have like half the chances of getting pregnant since ovulation doesn’t take place every month.  Good luck to you and your husband!

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ugh that sucks 🙁 Sorry bee, that all sounds really frustrating. I have no words of wisdom for you but wish you luck!

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I understand your frustration. While my cycles are normal, my husband and I have been TTC for 17 months with not a single BFP. Part of me wants to tell you to stay hopeful, while the other part of me wants to tell you to brace yourself for the fact that this might just be the beginning of a long road. And if it’s not, then all the better. But at the very least, I would be charting if I were you, just to confirm ovulation. Good luck!

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*Hugs* I’m sorry you’re so frustrated. It’s so hard when your heart wants something so badly but your body isn’t cooperating.

Just remember that there IS an end to this journey… even if there’s no possible way for you to have a biological child (very, very unlikely, especially since you are having periods), you could consider adoption and get a baby that way. One way or another, you ARE going to have that baby one day, and you’ll look back on this as the journey that you went through to get that sweet little blessing. You’ll never look back fondly on all this struggle and worry, but you will sort of be glad that it happened the way it did because you won’t want to change a single thing about that little baby of yours.

On a practical level, I’d recommend charting and/or OPKs also. At least you’ll feel like you’re doing something productive to figure things out! 

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cait0302:  girl, I hear ya. Two miscarriages and 14 months later, this is zero amounts of fun

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I would def go see a reproductive specialist. I was mis-diagnosed by my OBGYN. I went in thinking I might have PCOS and she “ran” blood tests and such and didn’t find anything. It wasn’t until my dermatologist suggested I see a RS and after that first appointment they confirmed I have PCOS. We aren’t trying to get pregnant yet but I’m glad to know what my body is doing. One of my best friends also had trouble TTC. She has only one ovaries that ovulates. So every other month she would ovulate. I would consider doing an ovulation kit for a few months to see when your levels surge. Good luck!! 

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cait0302:  Me too, girl. 6 months also for us and I’m getting kinda annoyed it’s not happening! Work with me, Mother Nature!

The irony is killing me.

Thankfully, family isn’t asking anymore, because years ago I went through a… “phase”… regarding how I answered those questions and that got them off my back for a bit. I’m sure they’ll start back up again soon though. 

Stay strong!

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7 cycles and 8 months in for me! It is very frustrating and I’m starting to just lose hope! FX all of our BFPs are in the near future!

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