60 days until wedding and still not losing weight, help!

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  • Wedding: February 2019

How desperate are you to lose the weight? I am a very healthy eater and worked out 5-6 days per week (2-3 hours per session). Last Summer my work schedule became insane, I stopped being able to work out (late evenings at work), and stopped having much time to eat. So my daily meals consisted of a banana around lunchtiime, and usually a salad with a lean protein for dinner. Without working out AT ALL, I lost almost 30 pounds in 3 weeks. There is nothing healthy about this, and you will absolutely pput back on any weight you lose, but if you’re desperate and it’s for your wedding to fit in a dress…..might be an option.

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Look into intermittent fasting. Start with the 8/16 plan and work up to fasting 1 day a week. It’s not as extreme as it sounds and I know it works.

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Count calories and weigh everything!

When you get to the final 5-10lbs it’s super hard. So no cheat meals at all. It’s not a healthy obsession but it works for 5 weeks! I’ve done it for shows in the past and I’m on my final wedding prep. Every calorie counts!

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shelly30 :  I think you said you’re trying to lose about 10kg still? If you’re pretty close to your goal weight that’s the plateau. When I got desperate to lose weight, I actually did spin class which was super fun 4 times a week! It’s great for cardio, maybe you could look into that? It’s also super low impact.

Do you weigh food? I would try that. I was shocked to discover that for example a table spoon scoop of peanut butter was actually 2 tablespoons. When you only have 5-15lbs it’s a lot harder. And if you do track food make sure you don’t eat back calories from working out!

Early September! 

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shelly30 :  Oh and my fiancé and I went vegetarian in January to lose weight too! We looove meat but we had gotten a bit fat and happy from all the date nights. I’ve heard a few other people have had success switching to a veggie diet too!

Good luck! ❤️

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I lost 20 lbs in two months with Atkins I eat no more than 22 carbs a day the pounds just melt away it takes a lot of googling and time to get the carbs right but it’s so worth it the first pic was taken two months ago and was a size 14 dress and the second dress was taken of Friday and the dress was a size 6 I’m only doing the Atkins diet I’m never hungry and I don’t workout 

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shelly30 :  Everything everyone else said (especially about shaking it up a little) except this: make sure you are not at a too low of a calorific deficit (especially if you are close to your goal and then hit a plateau) Basically your body really really wants you to keep those last 5 kilos as security and will do everything to hang on to them.

Same thing here. I lost about 5-6 kilos, have 2-4 to go and they haven’t budged for weeks. I am just basically at the feel good safety zone for my body. 

If you are doing under 1500 calories and are feeling sluggish, too tired to walk, talk, think then your calories are too low (as was with me) I am now calorie/carb cycling (I do Keto which is amazing for fast weight loss. But even with Keto you can hit a plateau) and things are moving again. I was a zombie and felt terrible. Now I replenish my carbs and nutrients every couple of days and I feel much better and the scale is moving again. I was at 1200 calories a day and it is much too little for any extended time if you arent very overweight.

I am starting to do every third day I higher calories/carbs (nothing crazy though: what I am eating but just more of it and a few extra carbs), best on a workout day or busy one.

Also intermittent fasting is great (basically keep an 8 hour window to eat and don’t eat, snack, drink anything sweet in the other 16 hours) And kick all artificial sugars to the curb. Your body reacts like they are “real” sugar.

best of luck to you!

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