.63 carat and .7 carat rings?

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2014

@mraggies:  Hey!  FI gave me a .65 G-color SI1 ring!  It’s eyes clean and as white as a colorless ring.  When we were looking for rings, it was a difference betwen a J and a G.

This is moments after he proposed!  I would choose the smaller, yet nearly colorless ring!

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Busy bee
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Here is my j .61? I think – I love it. I read that if you get white gold then the stones look more yellow.

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Blushing bee
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I would go with the slightly smaller colourless stone. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: May 2013

@mraggies:  Definitely the smaller ring with the better color! You can’t really see a .07ct difference in stone size, anyway!

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Hi @mraggies:  first and foremost as this is your DEBUT Post on WBee… a Big Welcome to “the Hive”

My Feature Diamond is close to those stats (but bigger at a 0.80)

(I have a 0.80 Round Brilliant – Good Cut – F Colour – SI-1 Clarity – Certified Canadian) 

In all honesty there isn’t going to be a great deal of difference in size (eye noticeable) between a 0.63 and 0.70…

Diamonds are measured in points as well as fractions, known as CARATS

A 0.63 C means the diamond is in the 5/8 Carat Size (0.59 to 0.68)

While the 0.70 means the diamond is in the 3/4 Carat Size (0.69 to 0.82)

So for example, you’ll pay less for a 0.70 point diamond as an “odd sized” 3/4 Diamond than you would for one that is dead on at 0.75 points

The 0.63 Diamond has a higher COLOUR (G-H) while the 0.70 Diamond is very similar but has a lower colour (I-J) both have identical CLARITY (SI-2)

As they are soooo similar this would be my next questions…

What else sets them apart ?

How do they rank for the 4th C = CUT ?

What is the Quality of the Cut… Poor – Fair – Good – Very Good – Ideal – Signature (this level often has a brand name attached to it)

And there the other Cs that need to be considered as well…


I’d want to know more about the CUT, as it is what I strongly believe gives a Diamond a good portion of its sparkle (ability to reflect light)

When it comes to figuring out the right combo of Cs everyone is different.  And there is no right and wrong… it all comes down to personal preferences and how much you have to spend.

Personally my own diamond we ranked our priorities as CUT (Quality & Shape) – COLOUR – CLARITY – and then CARAT Size… with a side order of CERTIFIED and CANADIAN

When it comes to colour I am particularly fussy cause I didn’t want a yellow tinged, chalky or white diamond… I wanted colourless, the colourless the better which is WHY we went F COLOUR (the stones in my overall setting and WBand are G Colour)

And of course the ring had to be comfortable… and within our cost range.

But when it came to the Diamond our worries about size were less than Quality.  We only went in with one thought… begger than 0.50 but less than 1.0

For more info on Diamonds and all the Cs (if you haven’t done a lot of reading research up until now) check out Blue Nile’s excellent Education Pages = http://www.bluenile.com/ca/diamond-and-jewellery-education?track=NavDrawEdu

As for “finger coverage” based on the size of ring you wear, you might want to check out this chart…

As it shows, not a huge lot of difference for example between nearby sizes

Hope this helps,


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Bumble bee
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@mraggies:  Depends on how close you’re looking. To me, I can see the difference between two when there is about 0.1 ish or more difference in ct weight. However, that is only if neither is in a halo (harder to compare and they look bigger), they are both the same cut and if im looking closely at the side by side.

  • Will someone having a quick gander at your ring know? NO

  • Will your friend with the same cut and setting notice? VERY UNLIKELY

  • Will any family or friends know? NO

Another thing to remember is it depends on how you’re setting them. If your diamond is going in an intricate setting you wouldn’t know the difference, but you’re more lilely to notice in a simple solitare setting.


Also, do you know the table and depth percentages? You can have two RB’s of the same carat weight that are different sizes when seen from the face, it depends on how deeply the diamond is cut. If they have cut the diamond shallow to have a wider table, the diamond won’t reflect light right and wont have the same luster or shine.

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Bumble bee
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This shows what I mean in that last point, these are both 1ct diamonds 🙂


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Busy bee
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I couldn’t tell the size difference between a .84 and a 1 unless I really really studied the two stones right next to each other, when we were selecting our stone.  I’m thinking that you wouldn’t really notice that the .63 is smaller than the .7.  Probably only by milimeters

We went with quality over size on our choice and have been very happy with that.

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Blushing bee

Go with the smaller stone!  It’s really not that much smaller, and is better quality!  The halo setting will beef up the size anyway 😀

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2014

The difference between a .63 and .7 is going to be something around 0.15mm – if you take a ruler, you will see that that is nothing!

However, when in doubt always go for the best cut you can afford. A well-cut stone will a. look bigger than a poorly cut stone of the same carat weight (as it reflects more light) and b. will hide more body color (once again, as it reflects more light, the eye only catches the bright white flashes and doesn’t focus on the tint).

I am going to be getting a 0.64 J VS2 H&A AGS0 (Ideal cut – light performance, symmetry and polish) stone, and while I have yet to receive it (gahhh the wait is killing me!!!), my boyfriend recently inspected it and said that he actually had to step away from the window because the sparkle was so bright he could’t see the stone!

I’d also recommend going with a GIA or AGS certified stone, as those labs have the strictest standards, and you can be sure that your J won’t turn out to be closer to an L-M. James Allen, Brian Gavin and Whiteflash are some amazing online dealers that might be worth looking at.

As for the size thing, I recently opened a thread with a picture of my mom’s 0.37ct Tiffany solitaire and less than 40% guessed that it was under 0.4ct… And this on a ring board where people stare at diamonds all day! In reality I’m pretty sure most people distinguish three categories: “small”, “medium” and “large”, with anything between 0.5-1ct being in the “medium” range.

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Bee Keeper

@mraggies:  what vendor are you using? And what’s your budget?

On a budget, I would definitely get a round because they face up larger, and are also easier to buy online. They also show less color. 

I would also be sure to get an ideal cut round rather than good or very good. 

If you’re set on a cushion, I wouldn’t go below H, but you can do a round diamond in a cushion halo and get more size and sparkle. 

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