(Closed) 6 months left April Brides-Save the dates just sent out !Whats left on your list

posted 6 years ago in April 2013
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Busy bee

We haven’t booked makeup yet, and I still need to get a price from our bakery but she is a friend so that will be easy! Everything else is pretty much done, we just need to purchase gifts for our friends/family/wedding party and make final decisions! 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

@JLA2013:  HOLY COW! You have so much done! 

What have you accomplished?

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Yes, in a castle! 

Colors: Decided- not 100% sure. Green, grey, white

Guest list & Budget: Yes, though it’s still expanding and contracting 

Menu : Yes- Brunch, nomnom. Still don’t know about drinks / hors d’ouvers 

Officiant :Sortof… 

Chose the ceremony: nope.. still have to meet with officiant 

Send off: Not sure.. handshakes and hugs?

Photogragher: We sent off the contract a week ago, haven’t heard back and he hasn’t cashed the check..

Videographer:See photog’

DJ: Yes, Future Father-In-Law. Undecided about ceremony music..

Guest book: no, thinking about the wooden puzzle idea- we LOVE puzzles 

Wedding Dress: Ordered it about 2 weeks ago! 

Grooms Clothes : Trying to decide between suits & tuxes 

Bridal Party: We chose the people but not the outfits

Wedding Website: Done through the Knot.. not sure if we want to stick with it though

Save the dates: Not sending out.. 

Invitations: We bought the Impress at Target on clearance for $17 for 50 invites and rsvp woot!

Make up artist:Called the salong yesterday, having difficulty with timing becuase we’re having a morning ceremony 

Accomodations: Booked hotel for the whole weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Hair: Same as makeup artist 

Florist: Thinking of DIY but not entirely sure… 

Decor: Not sure what this means… lol

Center peices: No idea.. bought some vases but now I’m rethinking them 

Cake- We met with a baker a week or so ago, and the cake was delicious but the delivery fee (1hr away) is a little scary 

Bridal Party appearel: We’re going shopping in Nov when my Maid/Matron of Honor is in town, hopefully not cutting the deadline too short

Regestries: We still have to decide what we want.. and then where to get it 


Filling this out makes me scared lol

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

We just got engaged a few weeks ago, so we’ve got most everything left to do in less than six months. I’m not worried since we’re not choosing a Saturday. 

What we’ve done so far:

We have a budget and a date.

I’ve got a dress- bought it off the rack a few months ago (we’d originally chosen a November date) and undergarments

Bought our rings- His is perfect. but having second thoughts about mine, so we’ll see

Ceremony & reception venue- maybe. We’ll check it out on Wednesday

Colors: No- and don’t plan to worry about it.

Guest list- yes

Menu : We have an idea of what we want and an idea of what it’ll cost

Officiant :No, but it’s no big deal if we don’t find one since my father is an officiant and our state doesn’t require them to solemnize the marriage

Send off: hugs?

DJ:No- we plan to do an ipod, and we’ve chosen most of the music

Wedding Website: working on it

Save the dates: working on it

Invitations: Started on them

Make up artist:I’ll do my own makeup. I’m experienced with makeup for photo shoots

Thank you notes: purchased

 Whats left to plan?

Make my veil

Get my dress hemmed

Guest book: it’s not a big deal but we haven’t chosen

Accomodations: No

Ceremony: No

Photographer: not yet

Hair: Haven’t decided if I’ll do my own or have it done

Florist: No have not booked that yet either. Considering doing it myself

Decor: Haven’t decided

Center pieces: We want to use flowers

Cake- Haven’t ordered it, but we aren’t picky

Bridal Party & apparel: Haven’t decided if I’ll have one 

Registries: we don’t plan to register

Groom’s attire: Haven’t purchased it
Groomsmen & attire: Havent decided
Favors: Haven’t decided if we’ll have it 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: March 2013

ekk, it is getting close!!

What have you accomplished?

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Yes , in a chapel in a resort in Phuket, Thailand

Colors: Yes pink, yellow, aqua

Guest list & Budget: Yes

Menu : Yes, but need to tweak

Officiant :Yes

Send off: floating lanterns


Videographer:not yet

DJ: Ipod

Guest book: Not doing one

Wedding Dress: Yes

Grooms Clothes : No

Bridal Party: Yes

Wedding Website: Yes made it before sent invites, after save the dates

Save the dates: Yes and sent

Invitations: Yes sent as giving lots of time for guests to save

Make up artist:booked

Accomodations: Yes – booked the Hotel

Hair: yes all booked

Florist: yes, part of resort package

Decor: will be done by resort

Center peices: as above

Cake- got prices, inspiration photos, havent decided on flavours etc.

Bridal Party appearel: Still have to buy

Regestries: not registering, not wanting gifts as Destination Wedding so costly for guests to attend

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Yes at Shoemaker Hill Ranch

Colors: Yes, Coral and Lime green

Guest list & Budget: Yes

Menu : Somewhat, not specifics but heavy appetizers

Officiant : Somewhat, meeting with the county Judge in January

Chose the ceremony: Not sure what this means but I will take a jab at it. We are doing a sand ceremony and jumping the broom.

Send off: I want to do sparklers, I just haven’t researched the cost of them or found a website where I can purchase them yet.

Photogragher: We took engagement pics with one photographer. She was supposed to have been our wedding photographer but we just changed our date and she wasn’t available on the new date but we have 2 photographers we are looking into.

Videographer:No and still on the line about whether we can afford one or not.


Guest book: Yes-got it on sale at hobby lobby

Wedding Dress: Yes bought that off rack for $300 from DB. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

Grooms Clothes : Yes

Bridal Party: Yes but having some issues with 2 BMs on whether they want to be in it or not ๐Ÿ™ so it may be 4 girls instead of 6.

Wedding Website: Not doing one. Fiance and I aren’t that type to post how we met and this and that and it would just be awkward. I wouldn’t know what to put on there.

Save the dates: Yes and sent !

Invitations: Yes we are getting them from 123print.com, the same place we got our Save-The-Date Cards from

Make up artist:My wedding planner found one but she hasn’t called me like my wedding planner said she would a few wks ago.

Accomodations: NO


whats left to plan?

Hair: No have not booked that yet

Florist: We are not hiring a florist, we are getting our wedding bouquets in bulk from sams club

Decor: We are still gathering ..

Center peices: Somewhat… my wedding planner is putting that together, I’m just giving her the flowers to incorporate with it. All I know is it’s going to be a tall centerpiece.

Cake- We are having the cupcakes with the cake to cut into at the top.

Bridal Party appearel: They are getting their dresses from DB. They are strapless chiffon material, coral colored long dresses with a bit of beading like my dress has.

Regestries: Target, Macys and Kohls

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

What have you accomplished?

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Yes – a boutique hotel not far from where we live

Colors: Yes (Horizon Blue, Silver/Gray, and a little lavender)

Guest list & Budget: Guest List mostly done

Menu : Tentatively – need to do tasting & final menu decisions within 90 days of the event

Officiant :Yes

Chose the ceremony: Haven’t talked with officient yet about this – but the ceremony will be simple with handfasting included.

Send off: Nope – not doing a send off

Photogragher: Photographer friend will be dong it and he’s saved the date – we still need to sign the contract just haven’t been able to get together yet!

Videographer: Not planning to have one

DJ: DJ friend will be dong it and he’s saved the date – we still need to sign the contract just haven’t been able to get together yet!

Guest book: Haven’t picked up the actual guest book yet –  though we have an idea that we want a “memory” box – people can write down memories of us, put them in a box, and then at the end of the night we’ll draw a couple of memories out of there and the people who wrote them will get a gift/prize.

Wedding Dress: Ordered from Something Blue in Holly , MI – just waiting for it to come in now!

Grooms Clothes : Haven’t been purchased, but we know what we’re doing.

Bridal Party: Small bridal party!  My (brother’s wife) sister-in-law is going to be my Maid/Matron of Honor, another friend (who I met through my FI) is going to be my other bridesmaid.  FI’s brother is going to be his best man, and then a friend that he met through me is going to be his other groomsman. 

Wedding Website: Yes made it before we sent save the dates

Save the dates: Yes and sent !

Invitations: Yes and we’ve started on them.  Prob will send them in January.

Accomodations: Yes – since we’re having the ceremony & reception both at a hotel, we have a great price on a room block there for our guests.

Florist: Ordered wooden bouquets from Accents & Petals (http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/AccentsandPetals) and I’ve actually already received them – they’re beautiful!

Regestries: Registeries through BB&B and Wanderable

whats left to plan?

Make up artist:No clue yet…

Hair: No have not booked that yet

Decor: Still thinking about candles/flowers/etc for the ceremony

Center peices: The venue provides candle centerpieces but still working out what else we want!

Cake: Thinking about cupcakes – though I want to go sample some cakes too.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Bridal Party appearel: Bridesmaid dresses were purchased – then my Maid/Matron of Honor got pregnant so we’re back at square one for her since the dress we picked won’t work.  Still have to purchase guys attire as well.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Yes, both booked

Colors: Yes — Violet with small hints of yellow & orange

Guest list & Budget: Waiting on a few last people (from Fiance dad)

Menu : Nope, doing a tasting in Dec

Officiant :Yes

Chose the ceremony: Sort of.. non-religous

Send off: N/A

Photogragher: Yes & took engagement pix in May

Videographer: N/A

DJ: Booked — and band too

Guest book: Yes — and we’re having a thumbprint tree

Wedding Dress: Yes, purchased & it came in, in August… shopping around for places to take it for alterations.

Grooms Clothes : Yes, just picked out the tuxes last week

Bridal Party: Yes — that was choosen right away, 9 on each side

Wedding Website: Yes 

Save the dates: Yes and sent !

Invitations: We bought them (from Michaels) but haven’t made them yet

Make up artist: Booked, through the hair salon

Accomodations: Yes — rooms are blocked at the Courtyard Marriott


whats left to plan?

Hair: That is already booked

Florist: We’re using fake flowers & a friend is (slowly but surely) working on them

Decor: We’re not having a tone of decor

Center peices: Almost done

Cake: Haven’t picked anything out yet, but a friend is making it

Bridal Party appearel: The dresses have been ordered

Regestries: Just completed them last week

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

What have you accomplished?

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Done and done!

Colors: Ivory/white, purple, spring green

Guest list & Budget: Yup!

Menu : Chicken and steak…

Officiant :Yes

Send off: None, we can’t have spraklers or rice or anything.. i suppose we could do bubbles?

Photogragher:Yes & took engagement pictures!

Videographer:Yes, contract signed, but we have physically met with him

DJ:Yes, but haven’t pick all of the songs yet

Guest book: We’ve designed it… but have no purchased

Wedding Dress: Found! But it doesnt fit yet… 5 more lbs!

Grooms Clothes : Yes, tux from JosABank

Bridal Party: 4 girls and 4 guys!

Wedding Website: Yes made it a few days after the engagement!

Save the dates: Yes, sent them last month

Florist: Our florist is “booked” but we still have to meet with her for the final details. 

Decor: Still gathering for the decor… BUt i have purchased all the jars for the candy buffet,  stuff for the escort cards, extra candles and come frames!

Center peices: Done by the florist!!

Cake- Done! Almond cream infused cake… MMMMmmmM

Bridal Party appearel: We picked them out and the girls will order them soon!

Regestries: Done!


whats left to plan?

Hair: In the process of picking.. we’ve found one.. but have not signed a contract

Make up artist:In the process of picking.. we’ve found one.. but have not signed a contract

Invitations: Not yet.. im skimmed over some invites

Accomodations: Ahh! i should do this soon


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