7 Ways to Discipline Your Wife

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Bumble bee

Not sure what’s more disturbing to me: that this article exists, or that people actually think this article is something to follow and live by.

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Busy bee
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scissorgirl :  This is not an accurate representation of ALL Christians, just like I’m sure not ALL Muslims hit their wives.

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Buzzing bee
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And this is why people think all Christians are bat crap crazy. Although to be fair, we aren’t against some light spanking but I think we’re using spanking in a slightly different way and we take turns in being submissive…

This is even too far for my conservative, very catholic, arsehole Father-In-Law.

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Busy bee
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What the actual hell?

Who thinks this way!?!?

I really enjoyed that the deeper into the “article” I got (if you can call it an article) the crazier this person sounded. And he’s like “No, it’s okay, this passage here says I can!”

da faq

I guess he never heard of the joke “God told man there would be obedient wives on every corner of the earth, then God made the earth round and he laughed and laughed…..”

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Sugar bee
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stephaniee24 :  Thats exactly the point. Except when something related to Muslims comes out (similar to this), people all shout from the rooftops how terrible ALL muslims are, and why aren’t ‘they’ denouncing it.

The exact same things can be said for Christianity.

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Busy bee
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One of the thousands of reasons why I’m atheist. 

People like this who twist the words of some old-ass book to fit whatever horrifying agenda they have and to excuse any shitty behavior – I can’t.

I know that the VAST marjority of Christians are far from this, but people like this guy just leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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Honey bee
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Uh calling yourself a Christian then promoting abuse… etc etc. Gross.

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Sugar bee
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So…looks like I don’t even need to read this article.

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Helper bee
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I’m a devout, lifelong Christian and this is a bunch of BS! Nowhere in my Bible does it say for husbands to behave in this manner toward their wives. This is the mentality of a small number of extremist false Christians who twist Scripture to suit their own perverse purposes, and scare the crap out of real Christians and give us a bad name. Michael & Debi Pearl are prime examples of this. My best friend’s ex was really into their kind of teaching. ~~shudder~~

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Busy bee
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What’s scariest for me is that my own father could have written this. He subscribes to this type of thinking and it has seriously affected our relationship…my sister just recently stopped speaking to him after he told her during a disagreement “I see sometimes you need to be disciplined. You really need a spanking!” He said this angrily, in all seriousness. My sister is 42 years old with a husband and two kids…he said this IN FRONT OF HER CHILDREN. She was done with him after that.

I believe this is spiritual abuse and I have been a victim of it my whole life. People you love and supposedly love you using God and religion to control you…I think it’s one of the most, if not THE MOST insidious and heinous forms of abuse there is. 

Although I do agree that the Bible pretty clearly states that a husband is “the head” of the family, I feel like with a rational, truly loving Christian man, that role is effortless and natural…there’s no need for him to force the issue of him being “the head” unless he is insecure and has control issues. My husband is certainly the head of our household, but never once has he ever actually said that. If he did, I’d side eye him real quick. We are still an equal partnership with him getting the final say, which I trust him to make properly and that’s only after lots of discussion. I don’t think most men can handle the idea that they only answer to God for their actions, while their wife is supposed to “answer to them.” How convenient for men. This is why misogyny and religion have been horrible issues throughout history. Men have been using it as a justification to abuse women and children since the beginning.

And wife spanking??? Don’t even get me started. If my husband EVER put his hands on me like that, he’d be in jail with divorce papers. 

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Helper bee
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This is absolutely disgusting.

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Buzzing bee

maymrswinks :  I believe this is spiritual abuse

^^This is so true, I have seen this *everywhere* from my upbringing and it rarely gets talked about, I’m not even sure most people recognize what it is and how evil and impactful it is once you’re on the other side of it. 

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Bee Keeper
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This is why spiritual practice and critical thinking need to go hand in hand. I’m an active spiritual practitioner and my relatives are, for the most part, deeply committed to their Christian faith- several of my relatives are pastors and ministers, there are many who have started successful churches in their communities.

One of my (not close) uncles who is a paster seems to hold some views like this. At a family reunion one year, there was some grumbling about the fact that he doesn’t believe that women should speak in the church (because that foolishness is in the bible) and so he didn’t want one of my aunts to be given room to speak at the church service we would all be attending together (and where they would both be guest ministers). She was very upset and trying to decide what she was going to do. It turned out that what she was going to do was not say anything to him during the reunion but when the time came for the church service, she went up and took the mic and said what the hell she had to say. And it was magnificent.

A woman needs no man as an intermediary between her and The Divine. And based on personal experience- it’s often women who are more actively engaged in their own spiritual development and that of their families.

This article and website are foolish and not worth the time we’ve all taken to comment on it. Like farts- unpleasant but not really much to discuss when examined closely.

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Bumble bee

i’m not christian, but i was raised in the religion and i’m aware of this whole movement. i’m sure a part of this faction is using this idea to justify abuse…but i always wondered if part of it was also just christians who are kind of into kink? like, hardcore religious folks who maybe feel kink is wrong, but have that urge, so they use this as a kind of “godly reason” to participate? maybe i’m wrong…just a thought. 

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