(Closed) 7 Year old’s parents get her plastic surgery to avoid bullying

posted 7 years ago in Parenting
  • poll: Would you get your child plastic surgery if you thought it would prevent future bullying?
    NEVER I want my child to be comfortable with herself/himself, "flaws" and all : (26 votes)
    17 %
    Definitely, if I can take away some of the stress of growing up, why not? : (15 votes)
    10 %
    I would, but only for a medical precaution or a serious deformity : (104 votes)
    68 %
    Other, I'll explain below : (8 votes)
    5 %
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    If it were something like a cleft palate, yes, I can understand plastic surgery.

    But because they think her ears stick out?! Um, no. She probably would have grown into them in a couple years anyway!

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    Acceptable. Kids are cruel and I wouldn’t believe even if the kid said she isn’t bullied she’s probably lying. We were all kids I’d make fun of any kid I could and honestly she’d be one of them.

    However, I only agree on the notion someone is telling the little girl that the knife isn’t just something you do when you don’t like something. I believe in CORRECTIVE plastic surgery… hard to exaplin my grey line but I do have a line.

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    “Kids are cruel”

    Yes, kids are cruel. And if they want to tease a certain kid, they will. They will come up with something, even if it makes absolutely no sense.

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    Absolutely not.

    I think the two message this sends are both destructive:

    1) If people bully you, it’s your job to make yourself into what they want so they stop.  

    2) Surgery can and should be used to correct even minor bodily “imperfections.”

    ETA:  Of course, if my child has a cleft palate or a similarly serious condition that’s something else again.  And if she, of her own accord, decides at the age of 18 that she really wants the procedured I would… discuss it.  Calmly.  I guess. 

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    I would never get my child cosmetic plastic surgery. EVER. If it was something that was actually causing medical problems, sure I would! but pinning ears back so the girl wouldn’t get picked on is ridiculous to me… I think we should be teaching children to be happy with the way they are instead of giving them plastic surgery!

    ETA: I also dislike the “kids are cruel” excuse to give a child plastic surgery… YES kids are cruel but instead of the child being picked on having to “fix” themself to avoid being picked on, the kids picking on the child should be punished. To me it is like saying “it is okay to pick on her, she can get plastic surgery if she wants to you all to stop”…

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    Hell no! Kids will find SOMETHING to make fun of other kids for. I think I look just fine but I was bullied a lot in school! It’s just ridiculous. I can understand a cleft lip or something, but not something like that!

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    It really depends. I hate the idea that we are teaching kids not to be comfortable in their own skin but that, hey you can be beautiful if you have surgery. That said I think certain things need to be fixed…ears aren’t one of them In My Humble Opinion.

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    I was bullied mercilessly for my “buck teeth” and for wearing glasses because my eyes crossed and honestly, I never really got over it. I begged my mom to let me get contacts and braces and they did wonders for my self-esteem. That being said, unless there is something seriously wrong (I knew a girl with a HUGE birthmark on her face…) I wouldn’t go the surgery route.

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    I don’t have a problem with it in this case.  One of my friends growing up had this surgery, and she wasn’t too much older than the girl in this footage.  I think there is a difference in getting your ears pinned back, which is a pretty minor surgery, and getting a nose job.   I agree with @vmec, there is a line.

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    I would, if it were a necessary procedure, medically, or a deformity that prevents my child from engaging in normal activities. Something like  ears, nose, etc, heck no. I wanted to be white growing up, and I was teased for being of an ethnic background, but I dealt with it. Truth is most kids will get teased some point in their lives, about something, anything.

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    Kids have been having their ears pinned back for ages, I don’t see what the big deal is. It never even occurred to me to think of it as cosmetic surgery! It’s not lipo or getting collagen in her lips! My mom told me if I had been born with my dad’s nose she would have taken me for a nose job as soon as I was able to have one, LOL!

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    @teaadntoast: I totally agree.

    I dont know why the doctors even agreed to do something like this. for a SEVEN YEAR OLD? That is pure ludacris. If she was 17 even she could say that she knows what she wants now and that she is nearly finished developing. I dont look anything like how I looked when i was seven…

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    I also think it depends. If it’s some sort of medical issue or deformity that is causing the bullying, I would definitely consider it. Especially if my child were uncomfortable with it. But if it were something like the article says…just pinning back her ears, then absolutely not. That mother just killed her child’s self esteem by telling her she didn’t like something about her and had it changed. I don’t think it’s a bullying thing at all.

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