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I’m so sorry! Yeah, I want to punch the person who called it “morning sickness” because really, it’s all day sickness.

It’s ok if you don’t eat for two (you shouldn’t anyway, only 300 extra calories/day) in the first trimester! If you throw up a lot and lose weight, talk to you doctor. There is some safe medication you can take for the nausea.

I know how much this stinks. Hang in there, it will get better!

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I’m so sorry! That sounds really awful. I’ve never been pregnant so I don’t really know about eating with nausea, but I’m taking medication right now that kills my appetite, and I’ve found that Clif bars are fairly easy to eat even when you don’t want to eat at all, and they at least have some protein. Fruit and yogurt smoothies, too! Especially with Greek yogurt, for the protein. 

Im so sorry you’re going through this! It should pass relatively soon, though. When I was a kid and I got sick, my dad used to rub my back and say “this too shall pass.” And it’s true! It sounds absolutely awful now, but it will pass. Hopefully soon! 

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my SIL was same way with their first. she lost about 15 pounds before she gained any weight. and took her awhile to gain all the weight back. they have suckers for you being nauseous, i have never used them before but its worth a try ?

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I feel for you!  With my first pregnancy, in the early days, I couldn’t eat anything without throwing up.  Have you let your OB know how much nausea you’re having?  My doc suggested trying to keep something on my stomach constantly, which meant trying to take little bites of cracker all day.  Ginger helped me a bit (nothing took it away entirely).  The most important thing is to make sure you stay hydrated.  I’m so sorry you’re going through this!

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If you are losing weight, it may be a sign of something more then just morning sickness. I had Hyperemesis gravidarum throughout my pregnancy and it’s a very serious condition. I would certainly talk to your OB and, if it is bad enough, see if s/he can get you Zofran/ondansetron or some other anti-nausea drug that will allow you to continue a healthy pregnancy. Good luck!

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I was in the same position starting at exactly 6 weeks, except mine was throwing up usually 6+ times a day.

Crackers, crackers, more crackers. I lived off saltines, graham crackers, and wheat thins for weeks. I was put on Zofran around 6 1/2 weeks (as I called my practice in tears because I was so sick). Over the course of 6 weeks I lost 15lbs, and I’m still down 15lbs at 14 weeks (so 8 weeks later) and I still take Zofran daily.

Stay hydrated, and if you don’t think you are, you can get these sticks at the pharmacy to test for ketones. I know that’s what my practice tested for everytime I went in. I had to get IV hydration once, as I had 2 extremely bad days even on Zofran. I swear that hydration reset me, or maybe it was the injectable Zofran. Whatever it was, things started getting better from there.

Try small meals and don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. They will have other suggestions (B6 and Unisom was one they gave me, but it didn’t work for me), including some natural ideas. If you start throwing up throughout the day, do call and get help.

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@MissBMarie1428:  There are also B6 pops. Preggy Pops did nothing for me, neither did the B6 pops, but at least I tried. I think they were called B-Natal.

If it gets bad, call your doctor between now and then and talk with a nurse. Mine was so bad that they got me in the day I called to do all paperwork and give me medication. I just met with someone in the practice, talked to them, explained how I was feeling/etc, documented my pre-weight and current weight, and was sent on my way. I went back the following week for my first appointment and ultrasound.

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Can you get down a smoothie or ice cream frappe? Those used to help coat my stomach so I could try to get something else in my stomach. My doctor told me he didn’t care what I ate, even if I lived off pizza for the first 3 months. So if there is anything you can keep down even if it’s not the most calorie conscious food then eat it. It’s all about survival and in another month you should start to feel a little better. Keep hard candies on you and try to get your Darling Husband to get you something to eat before you even get out of bed. I found that eating and staying still for 30-45 minutes before even getting up for the day helped. 

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I was like that.  The only thing I could eat (and I would have to force myself) were saltine crackers, bread/toast, and apple juice.  For a few weeks I lived on just that.  I’ve been slowly been able to eat more without feeling nauseous or vomitting.  I couldn’t handle water.  I tried jolly ranchers and ginger candies those just made me throw up.   It was awful.  I’m 10 weeks now, and much better.  I get nauseous more at night, but I feel for you.  Watch Lost, that willl take your mind off of things.  By the time you finish the series you’ll feel better!  120+ hours of tv watching will make time fly. Hahaha!

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Aw, honey–I know, it sucks. And “morning sickness” is a misnomer–some women get it in the afternoon or at night; some women have it all day, etc. etc.

First of all, don’t panic about the baby just yet. There are a lot of women (myself included) who LOST weight in the first trimester just because of morning-sickness and general nausea or loss of appetite. The good (or bad news, depending on your outlook!) is that the fetus will take what it needs from you first and it’s you that will end up suffering before it. Plus, at this stage in the game, it’s itty bitty–how many resources do you think it needs at this junction? I worried too about my nutrition and what it was doing to baby and WANTED to be Ms. Kale Goddess, but couldn’t and fretted about this to my OB, who responded, “The first trimester is a battle. The goal is to survive. If that means cheese and crackers, then eat cheese and crackers.”

That said, if you really can’t hold down food and the condition is not improving, call your doctor. There are medications out there that might be able to help wtih the nausea (with varying degrees of success) and although uncommon, it’s not unheard of for pregnant women to have to be admitted to the hospital for IVs if they can’t eat anything (but that’s sort of extreme). Plus, at the end of the day, if the nausea is so pervasive that you can’t go to work or something, then you and your doc should try to find a work-around.

As far as home treatment goes, to echo PP:

1. Try not to allow yourself to go hungry. Nausea sometimes is the result of NOT eating as opposed to eating. Keep a stash of something easy to digest, like saltines, at your bedside and eat a few when you first get up. Eat smaller amounts more frequently than trying to eat meals.

2. Try taking your prenatal vitamin at night before you go to bed. Sometimes it’s a little “intense” on the body.

3. Try popsicles and/or sucking on hard candy. I went a week eating nothing but popsicles and skittles. Not healthy, but it got me through it.

4. Try eating a little ginger. I always have a bottle of pre-minced ginger in the refrigerator for cooking (you can get it at most grocery stores), and I’d add a teaspoon or two to regular ginger ale. It’s more helpful if you can let the ginger ale go flat before drinking too.

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I’m also around 7 weeks and I have a bit of nausea too. I have found that if I nibble all day, I feel much better. I mean I seriously have to force the first couple bites down. A lot of times, the nausea comes from your stomach being empty, which just creates a vicious cycle because u then don’t feel like eating anything. Hang in there and try to keep a little on your stomach if you can,

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