(Closed) 8 weeks pregnant, abnormal pap..need a colposcopy

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@Ninteenthchance:  You will be just fine, colposcopys are what they do to prevent cancer. The cells likely arent cancerous, but what they call pre-cancerous. Very common! If it makes you feel better, I had to have 2 colposcopys (?), then a leep, and have been totally fine with normal paps for 2 years now.


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No great advice except don’t borrow trouble.  Take today’s troubles as they come and let tomorrow’s stay tomorrow’s.  By the time tomorrow comes they will be much smaller than you imagined them being today.

Prayers for you.

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They told you they were cancerous?  The colposcopy is usually how they figure out whether or not it is cancerous….

If they told you that before the procedure, I would find another Dr. asap.

I’ve also had two abrnomal paps and it’s all turned out fine.

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@Ninteenthchance:  Yep, like PP I had a colposcopy and a leep. No problems since for the last 6+ years. Don’t worry yourself sick, girl. You’ll be ok.

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I freaked out about an abnormal pap recently. Im not pregnant but no matter what it’s terrifying to get anything but an “all clear!” result. So I understand. I dont think if you had actual cancerous cells they would only be doing a colposcopy as that does not cure cancer cells, that is the test they do to see what kind of abnormality is present. It is my understanding that that is a way to determine if further treatment is necessary. treatment for dysplasia (sp?) would be the next step after a coploscopy. dysplasia is just abnormal cell growth which CAN turn into cancer but also can clear itself up.


When I went I asked a million questions and the doctor explained something that really helped to understand why they were doing what they were doing. If the cells are stage 1 dysplasia they will leave it alone and check again in about 6 months to see if it cleared itself up. If it is stage 2 dysplasia they have to remove the cells because that’s proof that it is not going to clear itself up. IT IS NOT CANCER. The procedure itself is not bad at all and I really freaked out before going. The worry you are doing is probably doing the most harm to you and baby right now so try and relax as much as you can.


If this doctors office told you you have cancerous cells and they haven’t even done a colposcopy yet then you really need to get a new doctor….


Also, keep in mind there are a ton of reasons for an abnormal pap. It doesn’t even necessarily mean you actually have dysplasia of any kind. either way, Im sure everything will be just fine! 🙂


Feel free to PM me with any questions. I went through a bunch of stuff with this over the last 6 months and all the worrying I did was for no reason!



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Busy bee

@KateByDesign:  +1

@Ninteenthchance: I had an abnormal pap in the spring.  I did exactly what you are doing and freaked out!  The person who called with my results wasn’t very clear about what the results meant (to be fair she was just calling on behalf of the doctor’s office and didn’t know the answers to my questions)  From what I’ve researched and the questions I’ve asked my doctor an abnormal pap doesn’t actually tell you that you have hpv, it just means something is abnormal.  There is about an 80% chance that you have some form of hpv, but the test to find out if it is actually HPV is expensive and rarely done. Even if it *is* HPV, HPV does not immediately mean cancer.  It means it may possibly have the potential to be cancer, hence why they want to do more regular paps while they wait for it to clear up.  In the majority of cases it clears up on its own.  The colposcopy is done to determine if there are any cancerous cells.  The pap would not tell you that information.  If something looks suspicious they’ll do a biopsy, if the results come back that the cells are actually cancerous they’ll remove them.  (this is all from my own personal experience; I am not in a medical profession)

More than likely, you’ll have the colposcopy and everything will be fine and you’ll just have to have more regular pap smears for the next two years to watch and make sure it stays that way.  If your doctor actually told you the cells are cancerous, just going off of a pap smear, I would also seek a second opinion. 

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@Ninteenthchance:  i have had 2 colpos, a LEEP and have been negative for almost 4 years. You have nothing to worry about!

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I think you are missunderstanding. I had abnormal paps for awhile and had to have regular check ups.  They said if i wanted to get pregnant it was still ok and that they needed to monitor everything and make sure the cells dont grow etc.  I find it hard to believe you had a pap suddenly with full out cancerous cells.  

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I had a colposcopy 2 months ago. I thought I had cancer from what they told me. I had the colpo and everything came back fine. I have strain that is linked to cancer but my cells are fine. I just have to go back annually for a pap. My doctor said the cancerous cells grow very slow. Don’t freak yourself out like I did! They are just taking preventative measures. 🙂

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@Ninteenthchance:  Check but they are likely ASCUS cells which are pre-cancerous but for most women clear up on their own. I had bad paps and colposcopies with ASCUS cells for 10 years before they came back as carcinoma in situ (the least invasive cancer.) Keep getting checked up but don’t stress quite yet.

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@Ninteenthchance:  I had the same thing. In my case, my lesions continued to come back after having a colpo and a leep. I had a colpo every 4 months for 2 years and I had to have a second leep done last year. My last  colpo was in June and it was my 2nd all clear result. I have one scheduled for January and if that one is also clear then I’m done! 🙂 It’s totally fine to be freaked out but remember that this is a preventative measure and very, very common. 


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