8 weeks pregnant and so sick

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mrsmurphytobee :  It can be hard, but this too shall pass, and its all worth it in the end. Just make sure you are staying hydrated. You need to be peeing regularly. If you are not able to keep fluids down and not peeing often enough, you need to seek medical attention.

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mrsmurphytobee :  sorry you’re having a hard go of it and don’t want to make you feel worse but my morning sickness stuck around until 16 weeks. It gets better though just stay hydrated and eat bland foods. 

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I feel you. I had nausea rather than sickness with both pregnancies and it’s terrible. You just want to be sick to get some relief from it.

try to eat little and often. With my first I ate lots of cashew nuts and my second oat biscuits (boy vs girl, salty vs sweet lol) 

it will pass. Weeks 8 and 9 are the worst for feeling ill

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It seriously sucks. 

Hopefully yours isn’t like this but my nausea and serious food aversions lasted until 15 weeks. Only in the past 3-4 weeks have I been able to eat food again other than cereal. I still can’t really eat meat. 

I hope yours passes soon! 

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I know it will feel like the last thing you want to do, but keep eating (particularly carbs). During the first trimester I had to eat constantly, as it was the only thing that helped my constant nausea. If I got even slightly hungry, I was sunk.

Hold tight as it does get better for most women. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and the first 14 weeks were by far the hardest for me (so far anyway, I’ve got a month left to go!). The exhaustion (asleep by 7pm!), uterine pains, nausea, worry about getting to the ‘safe’ 12 week mark were all just terrible. All of the baby’s vital organs are growing in that first trimester plus the placenta, so in many ways it is when your body is working its hardest and it makes sense that would be when you feel the worst.

I really hope you feel better soon. I have felt completely normal since week 14ish onwards and at this late stage of pregnancy have loads of energy and am still dancing round the house to the radio! Hope this gives you hope that, for most women, there really is light at the end of the tunnel once you’ve slogged through the next few weeks.

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I know this sounds crazy, and bear in mind that I am 100% #notadoctor and this is only my experience, but I found that taking it easy with carbs actually helped minimize morning sickness for me. I noticed a pattern in that whenever my blood sugar dropped, I was queasy. When it dropped precipitously, I felt downright horrible; the day I ate a waffle for breakfast was the worst day of my pregnancy (so far). If I ate anything with carbs in it, I made sure it had a good deal of fiber in it to keep my blood sugar somewhat level, and I forced myself to eat meat and veggies. It really seemed like all the things I had intuitively wanted to eat, like saltines, white bread, and potatoes, were actually making me feel worse. About 24 hours after I cut that stuff out, my morning sickness was 90% gone. Maybe my body is quirky or maybe there’s something to the glucose/MS link, but you might give it a shot if your OB/midwife gives you the green light. 

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Ugh I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I had same issue from weeks 5-13 where if I didn’t have something in my stomach at all times, I was super nauseous. It was horrible and my SIL is pregnant just a month ahead of me and she never had any nauseousness so the jealousy was unreal! BUT I’m currently 25w now and I feel amazing! It will pass and the day you realize you didn’t need to shove 3 crackers in your mouth the second you open your eyes is the best haha I really suggest preggie pops – sometimes I just couldn’t imagine eating and the preggie pops are a lil sour candy you suck on (not crazy sour just a twinge) and they really work. You can find them at any drug store, good luck! (Idk about you, but ginger made me actually throw up during those weeks, go figure. The preggie pops come in flavors like lime, lemon etc) 

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Agree with others- keep eating lots of small meals. I felt like I was on a small boat in the mid pacific until I was around 14 weeks with all three of my pregnancies. I tried prescription morning sickness drugs, seabands, ginger, you name it. The best I felt was to literally constantly eat small things. I carried crackers, fig newtons, nuts- anything to keep my stomach just a little full. It’s the worst. Hopefully you’re on your way out of feeling badly. Hang in there! 

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If the Maxalon isn’t working for you then you can definitely go back to your doctor to try out something different. Lots of women are fortunate enough to get through pregnancy without meds, but not all of us. With my first I took Diclectin from 7-16 weeks. This pregnancy I started it at 6 weeks and had to add Zofran at 10 weeks, still taking both (thankfully lower doses) at 25 weeks. Waiting and hoping it will end before you literally can’t take it anymore just makes it harder than it needs to be.

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I’m so sorry and right there with you. I’m 10w with my second and it’s been rough… Even harder this time around because when I want to lie down my son is ready for me to run around and chase him 😔. Everyone is different but for me fruit (especially really juicy, watery fruits like orange, watermelon, etc), coconut water, and ginger drops are life savers. I really like the Tummy Drops on Amazon. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon! 

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I definitely understand.. I had 24/7 nausea/vomiting since week 6. I truly didn’t think I could get through all these weeks feeling the way that I did and I took it one day at a time. Like I was just trying to survive to get to the next day, and closer to feeling normal again. Prescription meds didn’t work for me. My go-to’s were lemon or lime water, bagels, toast, baked potatoes, milk and fruit. At night I’d have popsicles or ice-cream. Nothing ever really made the nausea go away completely but those foods I was able to keep down. 

I am FINALLY 13 weeks pregnant and since week 12 my nausea is not too bad and I haven’t thrown up in 6 days.🤞🏼 Just hang in there!! 

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I worked in a hot kitchen during my pregnancy, surrounded by smelly food. I honestly wanted to die during my first trimester….I cant think of any worse of an enviroment to be in during pregnancy… But i made it through, and by second trimester i felt SO much better. 

my advice is to stay away from hot smelling food as much as possible, dont be adventurous with food. I ate really bland pasta and cereal, and some cold fruits and veggies to get through my first trimester. A lot of people told me that popsicles were good for curing nausea, it worked for a short amount of time, but honestly nothing was worse then throwing one of those things up, to much artifical crap in them tbh. 

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