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Sugar Beekeeper
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If you want to pass it off, you should stick to smaller sizes.  The larger it is, the easier it will be to spot.  A 8.5mm white stone will get a lot of looks and stares, and the longer someone stares, the more apparent it will be that it’s not a diamond. 

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Bumble bee
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That stone looks really warm to me, even for a FB. I would try to exchange it for a whiter stone.

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Blushing bee
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Keep in mind that tons and tons of people have never even heard of moissante! I’d never heard of them before I got engaged in October. I would never have thought people were passing other things off for diamonds before finding the bee based on warmth. Now size… maybe. 

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Sugar bee
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@pinkshoes:  +1

Between the size and the warmth of the stone, I personally wouldn’t think it’s a diamond. I’m not sure what I would think it is, but definitely not a diamond. The warmth is not quite the same as a diamond with color (e.g. a light light canary).

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Blushing bee
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honestly, and I’m the only one so far to say it, but other than on weddingbee, YES, it is definitely passable as a diamond.  Sure, it looks warm in your first few pics, but most stones do when they’re right up against your skin like that under certain lighting. It looks like an “L” diamond to me, and it looks much less warm in the other photos.  It will also look whiter once it’s set. Most people have NEVER heard of moissanites and won’t be scrutinizing your ring up close 24/7 and will likely assume it’s a diamond. I think the size is fantastic as well. 4 carats? no, but your stone looks great.  it is a bit warm though so if you want a whiter stone (for your preferance) maybe exchange it, it’s the warmest FB i’ve seen on the bee (or so it looks in your first photos, in your later photos it looks really white), I prefer a bit of color (completely white stones look “fake” to me, even if they’re real, they look like glass, I think your stone is the perfect color!). wear it with pride, it’s NO ONE’s business what stone it is! the people on teh bee who seem to get the most upset are teh ones who paid a ton for diamonds or who think it’s “wrong” to “pass it off” as another stone, but I guarantee most people have passed something off as something else at one time or another, we do it every day! hair color, knock-off bags/scarves/whatever, etc, no one is this upset when people wear a knock-off D&B scarf, why should they care what you love to wear and enjoy every day?? wear it wtih pride 🙂 it’s a gorgeous, very diamond-like stone 🙂 

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Worker bee
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@Ninteenthchance:  so do you think there’s a big difference in color in the fb compared the Amora?

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Busy bee
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especially in post 10 i think it looks like a beautiful stone. i love seeing rainbow colors in those photos. if you want it to look like a diamond, an asha would be more similar and also cheaper!

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I think you could definitely pass this off as a diamond. It looks like an M/N color with a slight yellow flurescence. It also appears to either be an 89 faceted diamond and/or 129 faceted diamond. In the wildest of ways, due to it’s color, I might even assume it’s a transitional cut diamond due to all the of flashes of color and the warmth. 


Size wise, although it’s 8.5mm, that does not equare to 2.5 carats. 8.5mm is 2.1-2.4 carats, and in M/N color with a slight fluroscene, with that cut, with VS1/VS2 clarity, you’re hanging around the $7500-12000 price range. A $60k diamond would be much, much whiter. 


I may be the only one on here, but I think a moissanite passes off much better as a diamond than as an Asha. An Asha lacks the depth the moissanite has, and the warm colors appear authentic, especially to those who prefer larger stones. 


I just scrolled back up and looked again, and although I see a few hints of green in one photo (again, diamonds also reflect color), it just looks like a lower/very warm diamond. Remember, we are able to tell these gemstones online with photos/videos and looking at them scrutiny. 

Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you analyzed and looked at another woman’s ring?


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@Ninteenthchance:  Asha is only beliveable if your lifestyle equates to being able to afford a perfect diamond. Does that make sense? For example, a 2 carat Asha that white and that perfect on a woman’s hand who drives a 6 series BMW, is husband is financially stabe, no eyebrows will raise.




An ASHA could also pass for a clarity enhanced diamond, if you wanted a perfect diamond look. I have seen some incredible clarity enhanced diamonds. (2.5 carats, VS2 clarity, D color and since they’ve been laser drilled or feather filled, around $6500-7500)




Honestly, all of it comes down to lifestyle, if you can afford a 2-2.4 carat diamond in the M/N color range with VS2/VS1 clarity etc. then it’s passable.  If you’re the type of person or your husband is the type of person to be very frugal, then it may raise some eyebrows. You could also say you upgraded/financed it/etc.




Now, if you’re the frugal type, you could always say you found it at a pawn shop/estate sale/ebay, because that is beliveable. The deals I see on lowered colored diamonds on Ebay/wholesalers/estate sales is unbelieveable.








However, no one is going to ask. If they do, that reflects more on their manners then yours. It’s your ring, you do not need to justify it to appease others. It tests positive on a diamond tester (except ones that also test for moissanite) it passes the fog test (if you breathe on it) so “a rose by any other name would still be a rose” Wink








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_gemma   +1

this is a close up of my asha solitaire

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