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ABL12490:  I thought Melanie and Devar were possibly legit UNTIL I found out the mom was trying to get all her kids to America. Just seems suspicious to me…. I do think his interactions w/her kid are cute though.

Old man and 19 year old … still super creepy. She’s going to get so bored. 

The house that Noon lives in….EW. That is SO disgusting! It freaks me out everytime I see those bugs crawl around. ALSO – why the hell was he sitting playing videogames while she cleaned? Pissed me off so much. 

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ABL12490:  YES that was very weird that his mom was trying to get his family here & the other ting was taking too long &the K1 was way faster… like uhhh okay way to basicallly tell everyone its a scam. The next episode preview shows Melanie saying “hmm maybe i will get that prenup.” … Good idea Melanie. 

I hope Aleksandra goes home too, shes only 21 but is not going to be able to drink ever again in her life, or wear the clothes she likes, or act how she wants. his family makes me cringe, & it was so awkward seeing that family member talking to her at the 4th of July bbq. 

Nikki & old dude are so gross. I DO NOT think they willl stay together, he seems really irritated with her (DUH SHES 19 not 60….) & doesnt seem like they even have anthing in common. & getting her a car (when she cant drive) thats also what he got his ex wife.. uh. okay then. 

SO happy we got a break from Loren. UGH.

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That poor girl needs to go back to Russia. She is not READY for the Mormon lifestyle and I feel bad for her.  And that boy’s voice grates on my last nerves.

And the 100 year old man with that 19 year old – she will divorce him after a few years here. He gets what he deserves.

Jamaican Boy – I think he is in it for the green card

Roach boy – that’s just nasty

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I love this season!

I feel so bad for Noon.  Kyle is not husband material at this point in his life.  His proposal was super sweet but why wasn’t he helping her clean the house? Gross.  She is probably my favorite, I think she genuinely loves him.

Girl from Columbia, don’t remember her name but her family seems really intense about making sure she gets the visa and gets to go to the USA.  I think she’s in it for the green card… I mean the dude already cheated on her !

Old dude is a psycho, he’s literally replacing his ex wife, doing exactly everything the same, it’s soooo creepy.

Devar.. I thought maybe they were genuine until last night’s episode!  He’s been trying to get to America already and even said the K1 visa is faster! wtf!  I can’t wait until next week, the preview looks good for melanie and devar.  She definitely needs a prenup, especially since he said he’ll be paying his siblings mortgages

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weatherbug:  I agree, I’m glad Devar/Hunter get along! You can tell they really like each other and I hope Devar/Melanie work out for the sake of her son. He’s adorable.

My Fiance said the exact same thing about Kyle! (“Is that dude seriously playing video games? His poor fiancé moved thousands of miles to be with him. AND she’s cleaning?!”) Lol that was disappointing. Kyle seems like a nice guy but is still very immature.  


I find the Melanie/Devar situation very bizarre. She seems like a really smart person, and everything she says is very calculated. So I wonder why she’s going along with this charade? She seems very in-control but I wonder if she’s being naive? She seems like she does love Devar, and almost like she knows this is an ‘agreement’/scam but she’s fine with it. Idk. 

I’m also glad Loren was gone. Lol!


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Didn’t the 58 year old know her for 3 days before he proposed? So weird.

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i love this show! my guilty pleasure! Devar and Melanie I had good feelings about until they met his mother…not sure how genuine it is now. New morman girl is NOT ready to be morman. Let her go back home. The lifestyle is not what she wants. Nikki and old dude have a father/daughter relationship with intimacy which creeps me out. I really think he likes the young foreign women so he can control them. Notice the car he bought was the same type he bought his ex wife. She probably ran away because he wanted to control her! Poor Noone that house is terrible! She has no where to go so she must live in it which sucks. I think they love each other but he needs to do some serious growing up! Im not sure how I feel about Lauren…not sure they will last.

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Another good show is Married at First Sight…has anyone else caught it?

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kobieta:  love that show! I can’t remember if I finished season 2 or not 

ETA- the Jessica and crazy guy season! I did finish it 🙂

Can’t wait for season 3

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Last nights episode recap

the Mormons: we can officially add salsa dancing to another thing they don’t do in Rexberg…that gathering was pitiful…I commend Josh for trying to take her dancing but Aleksandra really wants  to pop lock and drop it… Not cha cha to left and to the right….I don’t think she knows what she wants from life  , she’s still trying to figure herself out. I feel that if she marries Josh she’ll be trapped and love won’t be enough to save them

carolina and Fernando: this douche…first my HD TV didn’t do him any justice last night..he was looking all sorts of wrong to me but hey if carolina loves it…he had alot of nerve trying to make her feel bad about being jealous when he isn’t mr faithful…i have a feeling the k1application delay is mostly his fault…

Stella got her groove 2.0 and mr ping ping: first of all her family is fricking rude…there is one thing to ask questions out of concern but they are trying my last nerve with these stupid questions they keep asking….it’s none of ur damn business if he’s had 1night stands Or how many women’s he’s slept with. are y’all planing a 3some that you need to be all uP In his std status? .devar is better than me..I would have said something not so nice… Secondly..why are they surprised that he would want to help out his family? most immigrants do..it’s a cultural thing…he shouldn’t have said he’d give tem 90% cuz trust that is not realistic..but some monthly assistance isn’t bad!! melanie stop acting like you didn’t know he was helping them out before ugh…


Mr AARP and his adoptive daughter ..in my opinion Mark wants a do-over …it has bothered him all these years that he couldn’t make it work with his ex..so he’s trying the same formula with a different model…unfortunately this one is immature and needs a lot of hand holding..I don’t see this working out long term even if they do tie the knot


Ms cry me a river 2015: Loren gets on my nerves..so immature..Yes it sucks his family misses him, grandma sick, dad doesn’t feel like fishing, brothers having a breakdown..but to turn around and make it all bout you is ridiculous… She’s suppose to be encouraging him and telling him when his green card is approved and they save money they will visit …and her family enables her behavior…I hope she doesn’t drive him away with her drama queen antics…

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shadybaby4ever:  hahahaha, I love the recap! I missed last nights episode but I love this show.

i can’t stand Melanie’s pig faced sister Bev. Ok, that’s really mean, but she is so rude. Sister number 2 isn’t much better. I thought Devar and Melanie seemed legit but now I’m not so sure. 

I like Noon but Kyle seems not ready for marriage. What is he thinking bringing her to live in that nasty apartment! Ugh. 

Alexsandra is my favourite and Josh seems so sweet. And naive. His parents are kind of prune-like in the sense that all the fun is sucked out of everything (but I’m a drinking, dancing heathen so what do I know). I’m hoping that if they work out, they can meet in the middle somewhere.

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kobieta:  LOVE married at first sight. Just like this show…. addicting. 

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