(Closed) 90 days to get in shape…HELP!

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@happyonceagain—Omgosh the WII  fitness is awesome! We bought it at Gamestop for Xmas used for $150 regular price is $199.  I cant believe we’ve been missing out all these years.We got bowling and Fiance got baseball and its such a good workout. The first day we got it we bowled for a couple hours (so addicting) and the next day we were totally feeling it in our thighs and buns!!! Its fun to do together as a couple! Its the best investment we’ve made yet.  I got the Daisy Fuentes Pilates, it has mini exercise sessions (yoga stretches too woohoo)  and the game actually knows when you are going too slow and it will tell you if you are.  Its so worth it, we tried to get it on ebay for cheaper but got frustrated but the $150 is so worth it!

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Honestly, the P90x system is AWESOME!  There’s 3 levels actually, the typical P90x which is what most boys and people in the infomercial are doing, a “doubles” version which is the standard p90x plus added cardio, and then there’s the “lean.”  You get kicked into great shape, and it’s more cardio intense. So instead of chin ups and pushups you do more cadio, abs, kickboxing,a and workouts designed to tone you up and shed the pounds.

I highly rec it. I’m on day 3 after a 5 month break from working out due to a car accident… and ya, day 1 kicked my butt. I was really sore day 2, but it’s only going to get better. By week two you’ll be doing much better… 

The program is designed to get your body over a period of 4 weeks to adapt to the workout and increase in stamina and strength, and then just when you start getting used to is, your workouts change around and your body once again has to adjust…

Honestly, it worth the hour to start or end the day.  AND, once you know the workout I always hit skip when I’m done so I don’t have to listen to his explenations or have the long breaks between exercises.  I don’t skip the real breaks… but I get it down to like 45 min.  And, by the time I get in my car, go to the gym, and get a decent work out in, and get home it’s much much longer than that!


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THIRTY DAY SHRED by Jillian Michaels.  It works!!

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You are awesome!!!

Congratulations on how far you have come. I know it has been really hard for you. I am really out of shape too. Yesterday, I decided to purchase some Sketchers Shape Ups. They are the Optimizer ones. They are supposed to help me get in shape. I wore them yesterday and they are very comfortable. They do work the muscles they say they do and even though I have only worn them once, I do feel where they have worked. They say they will help you to lose weight. I am a bit skeptical about that part; however, I think that because they are so comfortable, they will encourage me to walk and that will help me to lose weight. I can’t tell you for sure that this is going to work, but I suggest that you give it a try. It does seem plausible.

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I heard the 30 day shred is good.

Drink lots of water, and the best way for me to lose weight is cut the carbs. I’m not doing that now, because I’m working on longterm weight loss. I think in her book she has you really cut carbs the last 7 days before an event. Also cutting out the sodium will prevent bloating.

Otherwise switch to whole wheat and brown rice.

Good Luck!! Keep us updated!

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Lot of good advice in here, not sure how much I can add, but here’s some helpful things to remember:

Losing weight is a matter of eating less calories than you burn.  People seem to forget this fact with these fad diets.  If you cut out all carbs but still eat a ton of fat and protein, more than your body burns, you will still gain weight.

Diet is more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight.  You can usually cut more calories out of your diet than you can burn while exercising, especially for a person like you who doesn’t like exercising.

If you do exercise, which you should, don’t fall into that trap of thinking, “I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes, I can now eat that slice of cheesecake.”  That slice of cheesecake with toppings probably had way more calories than you burned from being on the treadmill.  That’s why so many people who train for a marathon to lose weight end up staying the same weight or even GAINING weight.

A trick for not eating so much at a meal is to first eat all your vegetables and drink two glasses of water first.  This will fill you up and make you less likely to eat the “bad” stuff.

Cut out flavored drinks like soda, juice and stuff like Vitamin Water.  If you workout, don’t drink Gatorade unless you’re really pushing yourself for well over an hour.  You’ll be amazed by how many calories you can cut out that you won’t miss.

Make sure you get enough protein (chicken, fish, lean cuts of beef, turkey, etc.)

Good luck!


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ZUMBA is the best!  I have tried a bunch of workouts including 30 day shed and p90x but zumba is the most effective, most fun and you get a bride body,  Who wants to look like a freaking gladiator like the p90x girls….

I gained 10-15 pounds in college which does not sound like a lot but on a petite girl it was,  I worked out during those years and every once in a while would cut out pop etc.

With ZUMBA a lost all the college weight with miniumal dieting.  I still eat fast food and drink pop on the weekends but since ZUMBA burns between 500-1000 calories in one class you really can’t not eat and still survive the class.

ditch the workout and join the ZUMBA party

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I LOVE ZUMBA TOO! Great workout and lots of fun! It’s over before you know it 🙂

…then again I am a dance instructor!

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Run…..at least that’s what works for me as far as toning my legs, butt and even my tummy get’s much flatter but as for the arms, you’ll have to lift some weights.


Btw, congrats on such a huge weight loss!!!!

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