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I was across the street from the Pentagon that day. We could smell the jet fuel burning and see bits of people’s clothes and luggage blowing around in the air, above the fire.

Anyone who tells you that a plane never hit the Pentagon is misinformed or a liar. I saw it. We all saw it, right before it hit, flying fast and low, not in the normal flight path, and we heard it hit and we felt the rumble of the explosion.

Later, during the evacuation, there were school busses full of what my brother called “the walking wounded”— people with minor injuries. Broken wrists or needing stitches, stuff like that. He said it’s easier to put them on a bus and drive to the hospital, and treat them in the parking lot, than to fill up the ER. He is a shock trauma doctor with military background and was activated to go to NYC but sent home right off, which is when we all knew they would not find many survivors. Otherwise, why send home the doctors?

We lived with fighter jets circling for weeks. Our house is just across the park from the Vice President’s house. The jets made big, sweeping circles all day, all night. They shook the windows each time they went overhead, and the dogs hid under my bed.

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I was 13, in my 8th grade religion class when the teacher informed us that someone “deliberately crashed a plane in the world trade center”.  NYC is 2 hours away, we knew the towers.  She put the TV on and we watched the whole thing live and when we saw the first tower collapse we were all dimissed right after.  I walked home and didnt move from my TV screen.


Sidenote: I work for an airline and I was in Boston yesterday working.  Two flights left Boston and instead of landing on the west coast, went to NYC instead on 9/11/11.  Those employees relive it everyday, it’s all they could talk to me about.  Hearing their stories makes it seem unreal.

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I was 12 and in 7th grade. I was home sick from school that day with a sinus infection.  I remember watching The Today Show when the first plane hit then screaming for my mom. They let out all the schools early that day but I never moved from in front of the tv.

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I was at work.  When I heard the news of the planes hitting the towers, I couldn’t remember if my Aunt and cousin worked in the Towers, or in one of the other buildings.  My sister called from Florida and said she couldn’t get through to anyone, but confirmed that they both worked at the Trade Center.

My cousin had called and left a message on my vmail that she was in Brazil on business and was not at her desk in the Deutche Bank building which was one of the buildings that was destroyed.

My Aunt was on the 68th floor of the South Tower; she was there for the first attack on the Trade Center years before.  We didn’t know the entire day if she had survived.

At 7:30 pm, she walked off a NJT train as she normally did.  She and her fellow co-workers walked the 68 flights down to the street, as she ran from the building, the tower collapsed.  She said that she was disrupted earlier that morning, and had not changed into here brand new shoes under her desk, yet, and still had on the sneakers she used to walk to/from the trains. They walked from there to Penn Station and waited for hours to get back home.  Cell phones were not working, phone service in total was almost non-existant that day.  No one could find out anything.

My Aunt is a strong woman who was able to move on from that horrible day; unfortunately, she has said, that many of those who worked for her never have been the same.  She ultimately left her position and took early retirement, after she helped a transition team relocate the offices.





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I was a junior in high school. I worked in the office during third period. Just as I left to go pick up the first group of attendance sheets, a girl I knew came in the front door and said “Oh my God, they’re bombing New York City” This girl was a NOTORIOUS liar, so I just kind of shrugged it off and thought “wow that’s a really crappy story to make up”….and then I turned the corner to the teacher’s lounge and the TV was on.

For the rest of that hour, all I did was run notes everywhere from parents calling the school to pass along messages to their kids. Most people had no idea anything had happened. I walked into my 4th period English class and only one other person had heard anything had happened, but our teacher refused to let us watch the news. One of my friends was having a panic attack because her sister was in NYC and she couldn’t get ahold of her. For whatever reason, they chose not to end school early, but a bunch of police came and hung out in the parking lot.

I had to work after school and my boss kept going on and on and on about how this would be the start of World War III and that they were going to lock the city down and impose curfews and ration fuel and electricity….it was crazy. 

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@dkacerek:  That’s amazing. Your aunt is certainly very strong.

 I was in 9th grade and would have been 13. When the planes hit I was in gym class, which had no TV. There was no announcement made. When switching classes, a friend told me what happened. I went into biology where I was told nothing important was going on and that we would not be watching the news coverage. During that class is when the towers fell. Then I went to English class, dropped my stuff off and went to lunch. At lunch, all most of us knew (same group of kids for all the classes) was that the towers were hit with planes. We also made note of how a low flying plane went past us out the window. When I got back, the teacher turned off the tv and asked us to write about our thoughts for the days events. Well I had none because I still didn’t know what was going on. Later we heard in Spanish class that a plane crashed in PA. The news charted the path on a map and mentioned how all other flights had been grounded at that time. The low flying plane we saw was that flight 93.

I remember going to the gas station with my dad later that night. We listened to Bush speak as we pumped gas with everyone else in town lined up and waiting for their turn before prices surged.

A few years ago a friend and I decided to take the long, scenic route home from DC and he saw the sign for the 93 memorial. What a shame it is. They really deserve a real memorial.

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Sugar bee

I was in 7th grade in English. A lot of kids were getting dismissed because our school was about 30 minutes from logan airport. I didn’t know what happened until I got home from school that day. 

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I live in the UK and i remember i was off school that day ill. I remember sitting watching TV with my mum when the programme was interupted for a breaking news story. We watched the towers fall live on TV. Even our school in the UK ended early that day.

I was really into painting when i was younger so i went and got a canvas and painted my emotions in oil and called it 9/11. My parents got the oil painting framed and sits proudly on their hallway wall. When they were getting it framed a guy offered to buy it because of what i stood for but i couldnt bear to let me interpritation of that day be sold.

I was watching a documentary last night about the guy who ‘rode’ down the tower and survived-very emotional

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I was at work, and someone put the TV on.  I’ve been to the WTC a million times, and the thought of all the people that work and go thru those buildings….. I started crying when the second tower was hit.

At the time I lived in Baltimore.  I had a lot of friends that worked up on Capitol Hill, so i was terrified for them. 

One of the lawyers that I talked to everyday was on the train and his normal place to get off was the WTC.  He was running late that day, thank god. Another lawyer I know very well had his best friend since 1st grade killed in the towers, he was a fireman. 

My brother is a Police officer in NY, not in the city, but he did go into the city to try to help out.

Ex-FI was was stationed in Germany, he was frantically trying to get in touch with me, and finally did.  My work kept us all day, and I remember driving home, it was sunny and a really nice day, there was no one on the roads.  It was so quiet. 

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I was in 9th grade, in my first period class and I remember exactly where I was sitting when a teacher came in and whispered into my teachers ear. Immediately he asked me and my friend to go to the school office and grab a few things from the secretary— as we walked into the office, the TVs were on and no one was making a sound. 

My husband was 19 and had been in the military for almost two years at that point. He said he immediately called his commanding officer and they began training. He was deployed a couple of years after, changing his life forever.  9th grade me had no idea how much 9-11 would make an impact on my life. 

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@jpalm13:  that just gave me chills, that you saw Flight 93 go by. 


@fishbone:  I can’t imagine how you even begin to process everything you saw. 


@dkacerek:  wow, so glad your aunt is ok! 


I was 13, in eighth grade. My family homeschooled and had a dairy farm, so I was outside doing chores that morning. I still remember looking up as I finished feeding calves and thinking what a beautiful day it was. I walked up to the barn, and our milkman was there going on about some bomb in NYC. We all went inside and turned on the tv just in time to watch the 2nd tower collapse. It’s weird the little things that I remember – I can’t remember my thoughts at the moment (other than thinking it wasn’t a live shot – that maybe we were watching the first tower fall again?) but I will always remember our milkman’s face as we watched. 

I was very lucky in that no one close to us was severely affected by that day. But even now, 11 years later, I still get that little spark of fear any time a plane flies over a little louder and closer than I think they should – and I live close to an airport so it happens on a weekly basis. 

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I was in 9th grade sitting in choir class, when the principal came over the loud speaker and told us that the world trade center was on fire. My teacher turned on the TV at that point and we saw everything unravel. Some people went home early, but I stayed… I remember being terrified to go outside out of fear that bombs would just start randomly dropping. I remember being glued to the TV for days watching the coverage and crying for the victims. I didn’t fully understand how much those events would impact our lives, but I knew things wouldn’t be the same. 

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I had just gotten home from work and was laying in bed watching the Today Show.  Watching the 2nd plane live was surreal.  Like many of you, I cried for several days and still tear up from time to time.  I visited the Memorial last year shortly after it opened.  It was a very humbling experience.  Hard to believe it’s been 11 years now.  

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