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Sugar bee
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People who don’t give enough room when stopped on hills – I have a manual and a pretty steep hill on the way to my apartment, and people edge up RIGHT behind me at stop signs. Um, when I try to go forward on this ridiculous incline, I’m gonna need a little roll-back room! Even my friend’s automatic goes backwards trying to get up this hill!

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Helper bee
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People that do a complete stop when the light is yellow. Hello keep going cause I can still make it under the yellow light.

When I have my signal light on to move over to the next lane and the car on the next lane speeds up. Then I miss my damn turn.

People that are in front of me and are constantly putting on their brakes.

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Bumble bee
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Tailgaters. Seriously, getting right up my ass doesn’t make me go faster. It actuallly slows me down because I’m getting stressed out and worried about what’ll happen if I have to brake. (Even worse when they do it with their high beams on.)

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Busy bee
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@ricangen81:  People that do a complete stop when the light is yellow. Hello keep going cause I can still make it under the yellow light.

I’m so guilty of this. I get scared to death of possibly running a yellow light as it turns red and then have another car hit me. Better safe than sorry.

One thing that annoys me is when I need to make a turn and there’s a bigger SUV or truck or something next to my little subcompact blocking my view so I can’t see the road.  So then I inch up a little farther to see around them, and they inch up right along with me. Grrrrrr…..GET THE EFF OUT OF MY WAY!

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Bumble bee
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I’m annoyed by drivers who don’t use their signal to change lanes especially on the freeway. If someone behind me changes lanes and doesn’t signal how am I suppose to know they’re moving over. If I want to change lanes and look into the rear view mirror, see it’s clear put my signal on there they are no signal moving into the same lane. C’mon people just because no one is behind you doesn’t mean the person in FRONT may want the same lane as you. Dumbass!!! This is how accident’s happen. I use my signal all the time no matter if it’s midnight and no one around. I think drivers don’t keep the habit and get to relaxed about not using it.

Ok, rant over til I think of another one!!!

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Busy bee
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People who turn their blinkers on AFTER getting into a left/right turn only lane… OBVIOUSLY you’re turning, but the blinker should’ve been used when you were getting into that lane in the first place!  And also when someone passes or gets in front of me, only to go slower than I’m going.  WTF was the point of passing me?

There are soooo many other driving things that bug me. I kind of hate all other drivers when I’m on the road. 

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Honey bee

Oh, I have tons of these:

People who drive slow in the fast lane

People who cut you off, only to go slow (I don’t care if they cut me off and then speed up, just don’t slow me down!)

People who don’t use turn signals

People who don’t understand 4 way stops– the first one there goes first, unless more than one car gets there at the same time, in which case, the car to the most right goes first. (Nobody knows this, I understand, but they really should!)

People who speed down a 25mph street residential neighborhood where kids are playing

There’s more, but I don’t need to get myself too worked up 😉

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